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Урок английского языка "Is sport exciting or dangerous?"
2013-06-20, 10:36 AM

Theme: Is sport exciting or dangerous? Спорт увлекателен или опасен?
Educative aim: the students will enrich their topical vocabulary with new words (types of extreme sports); the students will be able to speak about sport in Britain and Kazakhstan and sport preferences; the students will read about extreme sports;
Developing aim: to develop the pupils’ speaking skill;
Up-bringing aim: to develop the pupils’ logical thinking.

I. Brainstorming.
– Good morning, class. How are you today? What date is it today? Let’s begin our lesson with a new theme. Do you like sport? What kinds of sports do you know? How do you think: sport is exciting or dangerous?
 Do you like sport?
 Do you prefer going in for sports or watching it on TV?
 What kinds of sports are popular in Kazakhstan?
 What national English sports do you know?

II. Vocabulary.
– Match the definition and the name of the sport.
1) It is the sport of riding a small sort of boat with a sail (wind-surfing).
2) It's the sport in which acrobats and gymnasts jump up and down to perform exercises on a sheet of material tightly stretched to a metal frame (trampoiling).
3) It's jumping from an airplane with a parachute (parachuting).
4) It is the sport of climbing mountains (mountaineering).
– What's common about the following sports? (Motor-racing, climbing, scuba-diving, gliding, mountaineering, windsurfing)
– Which of the groups do you think is the riskiest? Write as many activities as you can in each group.
Adventure sports Ordinary sports Everyday activities

III. Reading.
– Read the article about the riskiest sports. What do you find most surprising?
Bungee jumping is jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building or bridge.
Skydiving, also known as parachuting, is the activity of performing acrobatics during free fall.
Snowboarding – an activity or sport of standing on a short wide board and moving very fast down a hill covered with snow.
Ice diving – an extreme sport in which you dive through a hole into a very cold sea that has ice on the top.
White water rafting – a sport or activity of moving a rubber boat through water and round rocks in a river that is flowing very fast.
Scuba diving is a sport or activity of swimming underwater with a scuba.
Surfing – a sport or activity of standing on a long flat board and moving across waves in the sea.

IV. Production.
– Are you for sport or against it?
Sport is good because
• it makes …
• it helps … Sport is bad because
• it needs …
• it’s not …

V. Home task – write in your copybook about the activity you like.
• I like ...
• I started to learn … when I was …
• I think that …
• I visit (go, do, play) …… every.... (two times a week)…
• … helps me (makes me)…
• I wish … (to take part…, won cups, medals… )
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