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Places in a town
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Plan of the lesson
Date: February, 04. 2014
Grade: 5 “Ә”
Theme: Places in a town
Aim: talk about names of places and things you can do in your town using the modal verb “can”, develop the logical and critical thinking fluency in learning 63% of the new material. Widen the vocabulary and informative competency. Motivate and get interested in learning the new material well by a successful person.
Objectives: keep in following the time limits of the technological map.
Aids: an interactive board, tasks, papers with the text, video “Astana is my city”.

Lesson procedure
I. Org. moment.
• Greeting.
• Present the aim the lesson and the stages of the lesson according to “Spoken language-1”
Be attentive and try to gain your time!
9 students must get 4-5 “+” marks in order to get 63 % .
• Leader’s motivating words

II. Counter questions. Questions to the materials of previous theme.
Check the knowledge of the previous theme by the matrix of student’s seats.
• Match A with B


can B
1. computers a. swim
2. cats b. speak
3. birds c. do a lot of things
4. dogs d. check spellings
5. robots e. fly
6. people f. see in the dark

• Make sentences using the structure can… but can’t…

+ -
Ann swim ski
Joe play the guitar dance
Mel sing draw
Sadie ride a horse speak Chinese
Barney play football cook
Lee stand on his head dive
Mark jump fly
Students get “+”, “_” marks by their answers.
III. Key words
• Work with the 7 new words.
1. shopping centre - You can go to a lot of different shops here - сауда орталығы
2. Internet café -You can have a drink here and write an email - ғаламтор кафесі
3. Surf (the Net) - use the Internet - ғаламторды шолу
4. go for a walk - серуендеу
5. go bowling - play a game in which players roll heavy balls along a special track towards a group of pins - боулингке бару
6. sports centre - You can swim and play basketball here - спорт орталығы
7. aquarium - You can watch fish here - аквариум
• Students:
- write the new words in their copybooks and memorize them in 30 seconds
- write the hidden words on the paper in 30 seconds
- change the paper with a partner and check each other
Students who have 6-7 words get “+” mark.

III. Reading
• Read the text in 3 minutes. Be ready to answer the questions about the text.

Visit Exeter!
Hi! My name is Joe. I want to tell you about my town. Exeter is the most beautiful town for me because I live here and I love it very much. It’s an interesting town because you can do many things here. On Sunday I can visit the aquarium and watch fish there. I like fish. I can see a shark at the aquarium. My mother Mrs. Kelly likes to go shopping at the Guildhall shopping centre. She can buy a new dress at the shopping centre. My brother Lee usually goes to an Internet café because he likes to surf the Net. He can write an email at the Internet café. My father Mr. Kelly always goes swimming at the sports centre. He can get some exercise at the sports centre. I often go for a walk in the park with my family. We can walk with our dog in the park. And we sometimes go bowling at the Exeter Megabowl. We can meet our friends at the Exeter Megabowl.

• Comprehension check
Check the comprehension by the matrix of student’s seats.

1. What can Joe visit on Sunday?
2. What can Joe do at the aquarium?
3. Where does Mrs. Kelly like to go shopping?
4. What can Mrs. Kelly do at the shopping centre?
5. What does Lee like to do?
6. Where does Lee usually go?
7. What can Lee do at the Internet café?
8. Where does Mr. Kelly go swimming?
9. What can Mr. Kelly do at the sports centre?
10. Where does Joe often go with his family?
11. What can they do in the park?
12. Where do they sometimes go?
13. What can they do at the Exeter Megabowl?
Students get “+”, “_” marks by their answers.
IV. Ask questions on critical thinking.
Ask questions by the matrix of student’s seats.
• True or false?
1. Joe wants to tell us about his school.
2. He lives in Canada.
3. He loves his town very much.
4. Exeter isn’t the most beautiful town for Joe.
5. It’s a boring town .
6. On Monday Joe can visit the aquarium.
7. He can see a shark at the aquarium.
8. Mrs. Kelly likes to go shopping at the sports centre.
9. Lee likes to surf the Net.
10. Lee can write an email at the shopping centre.
11. Mr. Kelly always goes swimming at the sports centre.
12. Mr. Kelly can get some exercise at the Internet café.
13. They can walk with their dog at the Exeter Megabowl.
Students get “+”, “_” marks by their answers.

VI. Thematic vocabulary
Write 25 words on the theme “Places in a town” in 5 minutes. Try to use all the words you know! It can be a verb, a noun and an adjective.
Don’t syncopate the word. Write the word clearly.
You can get “+” mark if you write 24-25 words.
You can get “-” mark if you don’t write 24-25 words.
change the paper with their partner and check each other
VII. Reflection
Watch a short video “Astana is my city”. Make sentences using the new words about the places in Astana.
VIII. Assessment
4-5 “+” marks – “5”
3 “+” marks – “4”
2 “+” marks – “3”
1 “+” mark – “2”
IX. Home task
Those students who get less than 4 “+” marks open their diaries and write the home task.
Write a short composition “Visit Astana!” using the new words.
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