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Разработка урока по теме «Good and evil»
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Grade: 10
Theme: “Good and evil”
Goals: • To encourage students to develop an ability to find detailed information
• To develop critical thinking skills via discussion
The learners will be able to: enrich their vocabulary
find detailed information
retell the text
Type of the lesson: lesson of using knowledge and skills
Materials: teacher prepared worksheets, СD, posters, colourful stickers

Procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment. Greeting
II. Presentation of the theme. Tasks of the lesson.
The students are given segments of the pictures and they should match the pictures. (картинки разрезаются)

The students are divided into groups according their segments of pictures.
III. Pre-reading task:
Look at the titles of the stories. Using the pictures and key words make up a story.
Group A: Jane Eyre (a writer, live, kind uncle, evil aunt, a boarding school, cruel headmaster, governess)
Group B: Dracula (count, Dracula’s castle, avoid, during the day, no reflection, mirror, animal,
Group C: Lord of the flies (schoolboys, survive, plane crash, 2 leaders, a shelter, hunt, kill, the beast)
Group D: The Hobbit (band of drawers, adventure, creature, prison, solve a riddle, magic ring, invisible)
-Students present their stories
IV. Listen and read the text and compare their stories with original
Jane Eyre
Jane, an orphan, is sent to live with her kind uncle, but he soon dies. Jane can’t stand living with her evil aunt. At the age of ten, she is sent away to a boarding school with a cruel headmaster. Later she becomes a teacher at her school but decides to live and becomes a governess at Thornfield Manor, a big house in the countryside. Here she meets the moody but fascinating Mr.Rochester-a man with a dark secret that will bring them close to disaster.
Lawyer Jonathan Harker travels to Count Dracula’s castle in Eastern Europe to take the Count some papers to sign for a house he wants to buy in England. The Count is charming at first, but as time goes by, Jonathan discovers some strange things. Why does the Count avoid seeing Jonathan during the day, and why does he have no reflection in the mirror? How can he crawl down the wall like an animal? The Count leaves Jonathan as a prisoner and disappears. In England, Jonathan's fiancée is followed by a large, mysterious “wolf”. The wolf has jumped off a ship from Eastern Europe.
Lord of the flies
A group of schoolboys survive when their plane crashes on an island. Ralph becomes their leader, and the boys work together to build a shelter and gather food and water to stay alive. Jack takes charge of a group hunting animals. Some of the younger children say they have been chased by a strange beast. Jack promises to kill the beast, but Ralph wants to concentrate on getting off the island. Some boys go with Jack, and the others stay with Ralph. Here begins a classic battle of good versus evil.
The Hobbit
Bilbo Baggins enjoys living an ordinary life. This change forever when Gandalf the Wizard persuades him to join a band of dwarves. They go on an adventure to get back a lost kingdom and treasure. Bilbo meets many characters, both good and evil, along the way. Gollum, a nasty creature, traps Bilbo in a cave, but offers to free him if he can solve a riddle. Bilbo managers to escape after he finds Collum's magic ring. This makes him invisible.
V. Vocabulary work. Work in pairs
Each learner chooses four new words from the text that they have just read. In pairs, learners compare their four words.
Explain or translate any the words.
- Pairs join to make groups of four. Learners compare words and translate or explain if possible, as before.

VI. Work in groups. Fill in the story frame.
Story frame
The story takes place __________________
______________ is a character of the story
Who ________________________________
Another characters of the story are ______________
Who ______________________________________
And _______________________________________
The end of the story __________________________
VI. Presentation of the story using Story frame
Criteria of assessment
VII. Wall quiz
Each group makes questions.
Pin up the questions around the room and ask students to walk around the room trying to find the answers. The winning team is the first to find all the answers.

VIII. Feedback and overall results. Reflection

Story frame
The story takes place ______________________________________________________
___________________________________________________ is a character of the story.
Who ___________________________________________________________________.
Another characters of the story are ___________________________________________.
Who ___________________________________________________________________.
And ____________________________________________________________________.
The end of the story _______________________________________________________.
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