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Урок по английскому языку в 9ом классе"Practising present forms of verbs of obligation speaking about their family rules and past forms of v
Level: Intermediate

Lesson Aims: By the end of the lesson, students will have better practiced the use of the verbs expressing obligation and permission in the past

Personal Aims: to practice with the students the tasks connected with guided discovery, to improve the work with MFP.

New Cutting Edge Intermediate
p.114-115 adapted

Flipchart containing pictures, useful language, answers to the exercises

Assumptions (what do the students already know, what will be new, difficult, etc.)
The students generally know the vocabulary on law and are familiar with most of modal verbs use. They also practiced guided discovery tasks, and were successful in working out the rules.

Anticipated Problems .
The SS may find challenging doing written practice where several correct answers for one item are possible.

Provide the SS with clear explanation of the use of TL and explain that in any language the same idea may be expressed in differently

Lesson Procedure

1.Stage Aim:
To set up the context for further activities


Lead in. Further work with TL.
T shows SS the set of rules of A.Einstein for his wife and asks to try to guess who wrote it for whom. 1. You must
-clean my laundry.
-make me three meals daily.
-make sure that my sleep and work rooms are always tidy, in particular the desk- which is for my use only.
2. You must do without all personal relations from me, as long as their maintenance for social reasons is not required. In particular you must not expect that
-I stay at home with you.
-I go out or go away with you.
3. You commit yourself expressly to accept that:
-You will receive neither tenderness nor any reproaches from me.
-You must stop speaking to me immediately if I request it.
-You must leave my sleep and/or work room immediately without contradiction, if I request it.
-You commit yourself to not lower me, neither by words nor by actions, in the eyes of my children.

Pair work. FB plenary

Interaction T-SS, S-S
Time 3 min

2. Stage aim:
To practice present forms of verbs of obligation speaking about their family rules

Semi-controlled speaking practice. SS discuss the rules in their families. ( In 3s) FB as a whole class. H/O

Interaction T-SS, S-S
Time 5 min

3.Stage aim:
To practice past forms of verbs of obligation

T asks SS to read the
texts (on handouts) (p.114) on strange laws in the past and match them with the pictures. Pair work. Plenary check.

Interaction T-SS, S-S
Time 8 min

4. Stage aim:
To provide the link between speaking and controlled writing practice of TL

Pair work. SS answer the questions:
What exactly were the laws in each case?
Can you imagine any possible reasons for these laws?
Which of these laws do you find the funniest/ the strangest/ the most unfair?

Interaction T-SS, S-S
Time 4 min

5. Stage aim:
To use TL in controlled writing practice

Controlled writing practice.
T gives SS hand outs. (p.115, ex,1)The task is to write the past forms of the verbs expressing obligation and say which three do not have past forms.
FB SS underline the examples of these verbs in the texts.

Interaction T-SS, SSS
Time 5 min

6.Stage aim:
To encourage SS to work out the rule of the use of TL

T shows the rule on IWB. Work on MFP.

Interaction T-S
Time 5 min

7. Stage aim:
To check how well SS can operate the skills got .

Semi-controlled writing practice. SS do ex. 1 p.115 from the course book.
Pair check. Then SS listen and check as a whole group. T 11.4
Interaction T-SS, SSS

Time 10 min
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