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The best profession is my future profession
Конкурс на тему «The best profession is my future profession»
Разработка выступления

Part I
- Hello (boys)
- How do you do (girls)
- We are glad to be on this stage and introduce ourselves.
- We are students of school 66
- Our team is called
(all) – Milky way!
- Let me introduce my friends
… -a dreamer
… - a realist
… - an optimist
… - and me, their friend
- Today we will speak about our roads
- dream roads
- ourselves and roads
- because in the nearest future we are going to be road experts, designers and builders
- Milky way is nota road but a road is a part of Milky way
- and we would like it to be perfect.

2. – But sometimes the reality on our roads is terrible.

-Oh, my god! (girl)
- Don’t drive so fast! (boy)
- 40 kilometers per hour! (boy)
- Be careful! (girl)
(all) – Press the brakes!

- We are sure in future the roads will be different.

- Oh, what a nice view! Look.
-What a nice song! Listen. (girls sing - One way ticket…)
- Girls, stop shouting. Let me have a …
- Enjoy your life and a perfect road. (girls)

- We are sure in future road builders will be respected and loved like film stars.
(making a photo) (background – our heroes)
- Are they famous politicians?
- No
- Are they successful businessmen?
- No
- I guess! That one looks like Robert Peterson and the other one like Taylor Lotner, the stars of «Twilight».
- You are crazy! How can you compare these boys with those ones. They are road builders. Listen.
- (boys) We are glad to inform you that the new road, connecting the South-East of our city with Maikuduk is so perfect that it will take you only 5 minutes to get to «Blue ponds» from the cinema Sari-Arka.
- Drive without any hesitation. Good luck.

Part II

- (all) Glad to see you again.
- Now you’ll be witnesses of a very important moment in our life. We are at a city transport committee. We want to get some money for realizing of our road project.
- So you say, you’ve got an excellent project. (illustrations)
- Yes, we have. In order to get some experience and knowledge we have been to Japan, Germany. We went to the USA, to the UK. They say that the roads in these countries are perfect.
- We spoke to the best road designers. We managed to get some secret information, saw machines and equipment for road building and brought with us examples of road materials.
- I see you’ve learnt much. Why are you sure your work will be successful?
- If you look at this screen you’ll see that the secret of success is simple –
1. Perfect materials
2. Perfect design
3. Responsible workers
4. Perfect control
5. Enough amount of money
6. Perfect schedule of work
- I am sure that roads can’t make life of people better. There are more important things than this one.
- You are mistaken. Here is a diagram that proves that our profession and our work are important. We made a survey of 200 people. We analyzed the answers. Having good roads
1. 90% of them get to work in time and do more of what they have to do
2. 70% - avoid nervous diseases
3. 80% - avoid road accidents
4. 50% - keep in good mood
5. 60% - sleep a little or relax
6. 50% - think positively about city’s authorities
7. 70% - enjoy the nature outside or music inside the vehicle
8. 30% - read
9. 70% - make business calls
10. 60% - thank a driver for good service
- Well, you made me believe that the road needs your experts and your profession is one of the best.
- That’s right. But there is one problem.
- This occupation is not for everyone. It’s for people who are
- And we are those ones who have these traits of character.
- Some wonna be glorious actors,
Some wonna be famous designers,
Some wonna fly, some wonna sing,
We wonna build roads to live.
Live at a speed you’ve never lived before.
Drive with a joy you’ve never had before.
Drive with a wind you’ve never felt before.
Roads for life, you needn’t any more.

Автор Кисель Л.Г., учитель СОШ № 66
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