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demonstrative lesson: CANADA
The theme of the lesson: Geographical position of Canada. Fractional Numerals.
The aim of the lesson: for the student A) to read and answer the questions concerning the theme;
for the student cool to develop associative and critical thinking through doing different tasks;
for the student C) to speak about Canada, consolidate the knowledge and express their opinions.
The type of the lesson: Getting new knowledge, discussion, evaluation.
The form of the lesson: Individual, pair and group work.
The methods of teaching: Brainstorming, guessing the theme, group work, evaluation, presentation of posters, conversation, working with tasks of different levels, cinquain.
Intersubject connection: Kazakh, Russian, Geography, History.
The visual aids: Computer, IB, presentations, a map of the world, CD, questions, tasks of different levels.
Expecting Objectives: at the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to:
• speak about geographical position of Canada;
• use thematically vocabulary in oral speech.
• develop their speaking and listening skills.
• evaluate their participation at the lesson.
• use Fractional Numerals in their speech.

Org. moment: Talk with the pupil on duty. Talking about the weather.

Warm up:
Let us begin our lesson with wishes to each other. I wish you kindness, you wish me kindness, we wish each other kindness. If it is difficult, I will help you.
I am glad to see that you are in high spirits. I hope the lesson will be interesting and fascinating.

Checking the homework: T. At previous lessons you have spoken a lot about international partnership of Kazakhstan.
Let's speak about it. Everyone should make up only one sentence. But don't repeat the sentences of your friends. Let's start! (Work in a chain.)

Imagine you have a chance to visit any country you want. Look at the map of the world and choose a country. And say why you would like to visit this or that country.
Guessing game:
Look at the board. You see some pictures. (slide 1) Please, try to guess the theme of our lesson. Than we will determine the aims of the lesson. During our lesson we will complete the table. Let us complete the first column.
I know I have learnt I want to know

Group work: I want to divide you into three groups concerning the themes of our lesson. You will work with the text and make a poster.
For the 1st group-“Geography of Canada”;
For the 2nd group- “Climate of Canada”;
For the 3rd group- “About population of Canada”
Let us return to our table and complete the second column:
I know I have learnt I want to know
Speaking: Let's speak. I want you answer a question: Would you like to go to Canada? Why? What is your opinion?
Let us return to the table and complete the third column:
I know I have learnt I want to know
Revision of Numerals: find numerals and write them on the board. Say what kind of numeral it is.
Card №1
Canada ranks fourth in land area. Its area is 9,984,670 square kilometers.
The population of Canada is 29 million people.
Today Canada is an independent federative state, consisting of 10 provinces and 2 territories.
Card №2
The story of Canada goes back over 400 years.
The French were the first settlers to this country.
In 1759 Canada became a part of the British Empire.
In 1931 became independent from Britain.
Card №3
Canada is slightly less than three-fifths as large as Russia and slightly smaller than Europe. French is the language spoken today by about one fifth of its people.
So today about two-thirds of the people of Canada speak only English.

Conclusion: Let us come back to the table and make a conclusion:
Before the lesson we know …
During the lesson we have learnt …
Next time we want to know …

Homework: To learn the words, to retell about geographical position of Canada. SBp.128 Unit 14 task

Reflection: Method “ Target”
Students evaluate themselves and glue the stickers concerning their marks.
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