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Environmental protection
Сынып Пәні: ағылшын тілі.
Пән мұғалімі: Берикханова Назигуль Абайхановна;Бітербаева Дария Мәдениетқызы
Сабақ тақырыбы Environmental protection

Сілтеме Ағылшын тілі. Т. Аяпова, З. Әбділдаева, Ж. Тұтбаева, Д. Ұқпаев, Ж. Кұрманбаева;
Мақсаты Қоршаған ортаны қорғау тақырыбына байланысты мәтіндерді оқу, түсіну.
Міндеттері 1. Қоршаған ортаны қорғау жолдарын түрлі жұмыстар арқылы оқушының білімін жетілдіру,түсіндіру,білім-білік дағдыларын қалыптастыру, алған білімдерін шығармашылық жұмыстар арқылы пысықтау және ауызекі сөйлеу барысында танып, ұтымды қолдануға үйрету;
2. Оқушының тіл байлығы мен дүниетанымын дамытып, шығармашылық қабілеттерін ұштау;
3.Бір-бірінің пікірін тыңдап, қарсылық пікірге ұстамдылықпен, мәдениеттілікпен жауап беруге, шыдамдылыққа тәрбиелеу.

Күтілетін нәтиже Қоршаған ортаны қорғау туралы түсінік алады, түсінеді,түсіндіреді.
Топтық жұмыс арқылы оқушылар арасында жақсы қарым-қатынас орнайды, белсенді жұмыс істеуге дағдыланады.
Сабақтың түрі Жаңа тақырыпты түсіндіру.
Көрнекіліктер мен құрал-жабдықтар Оқулық, таратпа материалдар, видео,тірек-сызбалар,интерактивті тақта,флипчарт,маркер, стикер, оқулық, жазу дәптері,т.б.
Әдіс-тәсілдер Жұптық, топтық жұмыс, диалог, сын тұрғысынан ойлау, өзіндік бағалау, жеті модульды ықпалдастыру.
Сабақтың барысы
1. Teacher: Dear boys and girls, I'm very glad to see you. I hope you are fine. So let's begin our lesson.
Look at the epigraph of our lesson. What do you think about this quotation? Do you agree with it? What does....Mean in Kazakh?
The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.
Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Өз жерін жойған Ұлт, өзін жояды.
Yes, you are right. Today we are going to talk about the environmental problems. Today you can demonstrate your knowledge about the ecology on our planet. Today we shall continue speaking about ecology.
2. What do you know and what do you want to know about environment?
What I know What I want to know What I learned
Environment pollution, pollute, contaminate, shrink, promote, implement, potable,
uncrowned, rural, pollution-causing, pollutants, invention, soil, existence, pesticide, to grow, crops, to ruin,
1. What is environmental pollution?
2. Can pollution be stopped immediately?
3. Why are the seas in a danger?
4. How should we protect the environment?
5. Why is air pollution a serious problem?

1. Environmental pollution is when we release harmful substances in our environment.
2. We shall be able to control the weather.
3. Pollution will shorten our life.. 4. Pollution is causing many illnesses.
5. To plant more trees.

3 min Practice makes perfect. Let’s do some tasks to brush up our vocabulary. Match the words with their definitions. Let’s begin with the words. You are divided into two groups and each group has its own task.
1.extinct a. a person who kills wildlife illegally
2.pollution b. an electricity generation station which uses radioactive fuel to drive the generators
3.ozone layer c. no longer existing, as an animal species
4.poacher d. the damage done to air, water or soil by the addition of harmful chemicals
5.habitat e. the part of the Earth which contains all the living creatures
6.biosphere f. the process of treating paper, plastic and metals so that they can be used again
7. acid rain g. the raising of the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere caused by the burning of fossil fuels and increased amount of gases such as carbon dioxide
8.nuclear power station h. the natural environment of a plant or animal
9.endangered species i. the act of cutting down large areas of forest
10. recycling j. a species which is in danger of becoming extinct
11.global warming k. rain that contains acid from industrial waste
12.deforestation l. a layer of the chemical ozone in the earth’s atmosphere that block harmful rays from the sun
Keys: 1.c; 2.d; 3.l; 4.a; 5.h; 6.e; 7.k; 8.b; 9.j; 10.f; 11.g; 12.i
4. Let’s watch the video. ("The Earth Song" by Michael Jackson) It has made a great impression on me.
While watching the video, you should fill the table, where you can express your personal opinions about some methods we have used during our lesson.
What can you say about this video?
Which of them do you find useful?
P: I agree with you. Nowadays people understand how important it is to solve environmental problems. One of them is pollution in its many forms: water pollution, air pollution, nuclear pollution. There is no ocean or sea which is not used as a dump. They are used for dumping industrial and nuclear waste. This poison kills fish and sea animals.P: I’d like to add that many rivers and lakes are poisoned too. Factories and plants produce a lot of waste and pour it into rivers. In such places the birds and animals leave their habitats and many plants die..
5. Students of the school № 8 ask you a question, in the form of on-line. Please be careful. It was written for all of us.

Please answer, to our question how we can help Mother Earth.
(The letter from Mother Earth)
My dear children
I am dying, and I want to take one last opportunity to tell you how much I love you and how much your actions have hurt me.
I gave life to your parents and their parents before them. I provided you with the food you needed, with fresh water and with clean air to breathe.
The rivers and seas are my life blood. You have clogged my arteries with your untreated sewage and with chemicals from your factories. This has killed so much of the sea life which was there for your benefit.
You have been greedy. You have overfished and overhunted, putting at risk your food supplies and endangering some of my most beautiful creatures - the whales.
I can no longer breathe because you have cut down so many of my life-giving trees. Without their vital oxygen we will all die, but you put profit before our very lives, and my tears have now turned to acid rain.
My face is marked and scarred by your bombs and guns and my body is the burial ground for the victims of your wars.
I have said good bye to the many old friends who will soon be joined by others: the tiger, the elephant, the rhinoceros and the panda. Unless you act now to mend your ways, they will be joined by you and me.
Please help me!
6. How we can help Mother Earth? I have prepared for you the scheme скеим which is called Fishbone.
I’d like to remind you what it is. It’s a special scheme that helps us to structure the text. The main problems are put in the head, upper bones are used for reasons (why the problem exists), and lower bones are used for facts proving the existence of the reasons. Facts give the problem clear outlines. Your notes should be short. Use key words, contractions and exact details from the text. In the end you should come to the conclusion (or find possible ways to solve the problem) and put it in its tail. You will choose one representative from each group to announce the answers.
Now I’d like to ask you question. I’ll appreciate all your answers. Я буду благодарна за все ваши ответы.
What do people do and what must they do to protect nature from further pollution, to keep the earth clean, to keep people healthy?
Қорытынды- Solution 1
We have to find alternative ways to make energy. People should use clean energy, such as wind, solar and wave power, which don’t emit greenhouse gases. People can actively cooperate in solving ecological problems. People plant gardens, future forests. Some ecologically harmful plants must be removed from the city. Work in groups and brainstorm the ideas.
Причины - Reasons 1 Reasons for this problems are because we make the pollution, like driving cars, throwing garbage anywhere.
Факты- Facts 1 Pollution hurts every living being on Earth. Pollution is causing many illnesses.
Қорытынды - Solution 2 Green zone must be created. Pollution control systems must be introduced.Every city must begin the clean air campaign. They take part in Bird Day and Forest Day. At schools there are new lessons in ecology.Причины - Reasons 1 Regular people throwing garbage on land and release harmful substances in our environment.Факты –Facts 1 Pollution will shorten our life .Humans are biggest producers of pollution.
7. Let’s watch the video and sing a song together «I saved the world today"
8. it’s time to conclusion. Children fill the table what you have learned today.
"Six Thinking Hats" can help you think better - with its practical and uniquely positive approach to making decisions and exploring new ideas. It is an approach that thousands of business managers, educators, and government leaders around the world have already adopted with great success.
And now let's finish the lesson with the help of six hats.
Each student gives his opinion about the lesson
Ақ қалпақ – Today in class we repeated the vocabulary answered the letter, watched videos, listen to music and sang a song.
Сары қалпақ- I really liked the lesson on environmental protection. Pupils were also active. I got a lot of useful information
Қара қалпақ- All very vast topic is not possible to pass in one lesson.
Қызыл қалпақ- Great. Fine.That's perfect . I really enjoyed with this lesson. Thank you for the lesson.
Жасыл қалпақ – I have an idea .I want to find a solution to this problem together with your students.
Көк қалпақ – барлық айтылған ойларды тұжырымдайды, қорытынды жасайды.
9. Your home task is on the screen. Write an essay entitled “Environmental problems of our region”. (200 -250 words).
Please, write down your homework.
Use the following the plan.
1. Make an introduction (state the problem)
2. Express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for it
3. Express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for it
4. Make a conclusion restating your opinion
10. We’ll have to stop now. I’d like to thank you for good work at the lesson. All of you worked very well. I give excellent marks to..., good- to :, etc. I wish you good luck.
The lesson is over. Goodbye!
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