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Intellectual game «I know English»
Сулейманова Ляззат Абдрахмановна
учитель английского языка
ОСШ-лицея №4 с ДМЦ г. Талгар
Intellectual game «I know English»
Grade: 6 “A”, “B”, “C”
Objectives and tasks: to brush up vocabulary and grammar on the learnt themes in the 5 – th and 6 – th form; to develop speaking and grammar skills; to form positive motivation for learning English.
New approaches to teaching and learning.
Learning to think critically.
Assessment for and of learning.
Using ICT in teaching and learning.
Teaching talented and gifted children.
Responding to age – related differences in teaching and learning.
Management and leadership of learning.
Teaching aids: two cubes (one with colours, the other with numbers ), presentation, cards with assignments, lists of paper, felt – tip pens

Plan of the competition:
Greeting. Good afternoon, boys and girls. I am glad to see you here. Today we have a special lesson. We will have a competition “I know English”. Today we will see how much and how well you know English.
And I would like to present our Jury.
And our participants.
The first round. Let's begin our game from acquaintance. Please introduce yourself.
Participants introduce themselves.
The second round. Vocabulary.
We have two cubes. One cube is colored that means the theme, and the other is numbered. It means how many words you must say on the theme. Throw cubes. Look at the slide. (blue – Jobs, green – Family, white – Food, red – Irregular verbs, Purple – Adjectives, yellow – Animals).
E. g. I Know __7__ jobs: _____, ______, _____, ____, ____, _____, ______.
Participants throw cubes and say words.
The third round. Vocabulary Questions.
Next assignment will be interesting for you. It's not simple. You must read sentences very attentive and write correct answer.
Cards “Food” - Yes / No (5 questions)
Cards “Family” - 5 questions
Participants choose the card and do the assignment.
The fourth round. Grammar.
Look at the slide . Colour means grammar theme (blue – Present Simple, green – Past Simple, white – Comparison forms of adjectives, red – Pronouns, Purple – Verb “to be”, yellow – Numbers ) and number means the number of the question.
Participants throw cubes and answer the questions.
The fifth round. You are creative and modern!!!
You have a card with assignment. Please show us it as creative as you can (make the dialogue or sing the song, you can play the perfomance). You can invite your friends to help you with the presentation.
Pupils present their creative role – plays or dialogues on the given theme.
Reflection. The jury announces results of the competition. Participants give their opinions about the game what they like or dislike, what was interesting and useful for them.
Congratulations of the participants.

Appendix 1.
blue – Jobs
green – Family
white – Food
red – Irregular verbs
Purple – Adjectives
yellow – Animals

Appendix 2. Cards with answers.
Card 1 “Food”.
1. People can live without food. - No
2. Sweets and cookies are tasty things. - Yes
3. People can make cheese from milk. - Yes
4. Coffee is a fruit drink. - No
5. You thank your mother after every meal. - Yes
Card 2 “Food”.
1. People can make ice – cream from tomatoes. - No
2. Oranges are fruit. - Yes
3. Bananas grow in Russia. - No
4. You drink coffee when you are thirsty. - No
5. You can make vegetable salad without fruit. - Yes
Card 3 “Food”.
1. A lot of fruit grow on trees. - Yes
2. Eggs come from animals. - No
3. Chips are fried potatoes. - Yes
4. You can make jam without fruit. - No
5. People can live without water. - No
Card 1 “Family”
1. Your mother's son is my …... (brother)
2. Your aunt's mother is my ….. .(grandmother)
3. Your father's daughter is my …. . (sister)
4. Your father's mother is my …. . (grandmother)
5. Your sister's brother is my …. (brother)
Card 2 “Family”
1. Your brother's father is my … . (my father)
2. Your cousin's father is my …. . (my uncle)
3. Your sister's sister is my … . (sister)
4. Your aunt's son is my … (cousin).
5. Your mother’s brother is my …. (uncle)
Card 3 “Family”
1. Your mother's grandfather is my ….. (great – grandfather)
2. Your sister's father is my ….. (father)
3. Your uncle's daughter is my … (cousin)
4. Your brother's sister is my … (sister)
5. Your mother's sister is my …. (aunt)
Appendix 3.
Blue - “Present Simple”
1) My brother ______ to school every day.
a) go b) goes c) went
2) My sisters _______ in Moscow.
a) live b) lives c) lived
3) I ________________ English every day.
a) study b) studies c) studied
4) Ann and I often ______ our mother.
a) helps b) helped c) help
5) Ann ______ in New York.
a) live b) lives c) not live
6) I don't ________ milk in the evening.
a) drink b) drank c) drinks
Green – Past Simple
1) I _______ a nice picture yesterday.
a) see b) saw c) sees
2) Granny _______ a letter to us last year.
a) wrote b) write c) writed
3) I _______ my juice yesterday.
a) drank not b) drink c) didn't drink
4) Tom ______ a present yesterday.
a) got b) getted c) gets
5) We ______ five lessons yesterday.
a) have b) has c) had
6) Tom _______ in the sea last summer.
a) swimmed b) swam c) swims
White - Comparison forms of adjectives
1) That’s ________ film I’ve ever seen.
a) the goodest b) better c) the best
2) Your coat seems a lot ______ than mine.
a) the worst b) badder c) worse d) baddest
3) A whale is …… than a dolphin.
a) Longer b) the longest c) long
4) He is ________ student in class.
a) brilliant b) brillianter c) the brilliantest d) the most brilliant
5) It is ________ dish I’ve ever eaten.
a) tasty b) tastier c) the tastiest d) the most tasty
6) She is _________ than her friend.
a) tall b) taller c) the tallest d) more taller
Red – Pronouns
1) Выберите верное местоимение. Where is John? - _____ is in the kitchen.
a) they b) we c) he d) I e) she
2) Выберите верное местоимение. I have ______ books at home.
a) any b) some c) no
3) There is not _______ water in the bottle.
a) any b) some c) no
4) My friend didn’t make ______ mistakes.
a) many b) much c) a lot of
5) There isn’t ______ milk in the bottle.
a) many b) much c) a lot of
6) – How is ______ son?
- Feeling well. Thank you.
a) yours b) your c) his d) my
Purple – Verb “to be”
1) I ____ at school yesterday.
a) am b) is c) are d) was e) were
2) My friends _____ very good and kind.
a) am b) is c) are d) was e) were
3) They ______ in London last year.
a) am b) is c) are d) was e) were
4) Ann ____ my sister.
a) am b) is c) are d) was e) were
5) What ____ your mother?
a) am b) is c) are d) was e) were
6) I ____ glad to see you.
a) am b) is c) are d) was e) were
Yellow – Numbers
1)Выберите порядковое числительное:
a) ten b) ninth c) oneth d) twenty e) hundreds
2) Выберите правильный вариант числительного: We go to school at a quarter to eight.
a) 8.15 b) 8. 10 c) 7. 30 d) 7. 45 e) 8. 45
3) Выберите правильный вариант чтения даты «8 / 3»
a) the eighth of March b) the eight of March c) the eighth March
4) Выберите правильный вариант числительного:
His birthday is on ___________ of August.
a) the forth b) fourth c) forth d) the fourth e) the fours
5) Выберите правильный вариант числительного. Open your books ______.
a) on twenty – one page c) on page twenty - one
b) twenty first page d) at the twentieth first
6) One hundred minus forty – six is ________.
a) fifty – five b) forty – four c) seventy d) sixty e) fifty – four
Appendix 4.
At school.
You are happy. You have visited London.
You are going to make a cake.
Holiday activities.
My summer holidays.
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