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Разработка урока по английскому языку "My Home"
Date: 23\12\2015
Grade: 5 B
Teacher: D.N.Nurmukhambetova
Time: 45 minutes
Theme: “My Home”
Goal: make a lesson plan using techniques (smart blackboard) that encourage pupils to speak using a given lexical theme.
Practical: 1) to present a new theme “My Home”.
2) to present a new vocabulary (to present and to master the words:).
3) to train the pronunciation of the words.
4) to have a practice, using a lot of interesting and funny tasks.
5) to present a topic “My Home”
6) to offer pupils the comprehension task “My Home” (Listening ).
7) to check pupils’ knowledge;
8) to master pupils’ knowledge on the theme “My Home”
9) to revise pupils’ knowledge on the theme “My Home”
Developmental: 1) to develop the listening skills.
2) to develop pronunciation skills.
3) to develop the speaking skills (oral speech, monologue).
4) to develop writing skills.
5) to develop critical thinking.
6) to develop creative abilities.
7) to develop memory, attention.
8) to develop communicative abilities in the form questions, answers.
9) to develop skills of using computer technologies (smart blackboard).
Upbringing: 1) to keep a discipline.
2) to bring up the fondness of the language.
3) to bring up the mutual respect and understanding.
4) to bring up a sense of collective ( class work, group work).
5) to teach to be interested in English.
Equipment: text-book, copybooks, visual aids (pictures, cards with tasks, tests), computer technologies (smart blackboard presentation “My Home”).
Stages of the lesson
1) Organizational moment.
2) Warm-up.
3) Check h\t.
4) The theme “My home”
5) Practice (Exercises).
6) Physical activity.
7) Revision of prepositions.
8) Practice (Exercises).
9) Test yourself.
10) Organizional game.
11) Conclusion (H/w, marks)

Homework: 1) vocabulary (learn by heart the words on the theme “My Home”
2) “My Room” draw a picture of your own room.

Stage Time Interaction Teacher's activities Pupil's activities Notes

2. Warm-up.

3.Check h\t.

4. The theme “My Home”

5. Practice

6. Physical activity.

7.Revision of prepositions.

8.Revision of constructions There is\there are

9.Organizational game.

10. Conclusion.
Home work.
Marks and result of the lesson.

5 min

5 min

5 min

7 min

5 min

3 min

7 min

5 min

5 min T-CL







Individual work
Pair work

P1, P2-CL





Group work




Good afternoon, dear colleagues and girls! I'm glad to see you, sit down, please. Welcome to the English lesson in the 5-th grade. During our lesson we’re going to do the definite types of tasks using the interactive program.
At our lesson we’ll get acquainted with new words and ,we’re going to speak, read, translate, play do many interesting and funny exercises. I hope you’ll be attentive and active and our lesson will be interesting and merry. Are you ready? O’K. Let’s start our lesson! At the beginning I’ve some questions to you. Be attentive, please. If you know the answer raise your hand, please.
How are you today?
I’m fine, thanks.
Where are you from?
Where do you live?
What is your address?
Do you live at house or at flat?
Is your house\flat big or small?
Please look at the board, I want you to show some video, after watching video you should name the topic of today's lesson.
What do you think about this video?
What about we will speaking today?
Yes its right, the theme of our lesson today is “My Home”
Today at the our lesson came a guest, her name is Carol. SLIDE2
She invites us to her apartment, which is on the 6 th floor. If you want to go on a visit to Carol, you should do some tasks on each floor. To Carols apartment we will move on this elevator.
At first please before our work, find on your desks, such check list. Everybody has this check list, look at it. During the lesson you will give marks to yourselves.
FlOOR1And now we are on the ground floor, lets do the first task. You should listen to the speaker, and repeat after him. Ok lets start.
[w] Wall, wardrobe, window
[e] Bed, set, shelf
[ð] The, that, there
[r] Run, running, there is, there are
[ou] stove, home, own
[tʃ] Chair, armchair, kitchen
Well – done! And now fill in your check lists results. If you had some problems with your pronunciation circle zero, if you didn’t have problems with your pronunciation circle number 1.
Are you ready?
We are moving to the next floor.
FLOOR2On the second floor we will check your home task.
In this task we must compare the word with the picture.
Take the card №1.
a carpet
a window
a table
a computer
a chair
a wardrobe

a flower

Please take the card №2
The second task, you must write the names of these rooms.
Ok. Right you are. Very well.
Take your check lists and don’t forget about your results.
And we are on the third floor. Now here we will learn new .Now I will show you the picture, you must repeat after me.
Repeat after me.
A sofa
A television set (TV)
A floor
A wall
A bed
A window shades
Now take the card №3. Lets read this words.
Ok good for you now please glue this card in your vocabulary.
So, girls!Let’s have a rest! Let’s move together. I want to offer you one interesting and funny exercise.Now you must find the words in our classroom.
Ok.Now translate please into English these words.
Now the next task will be. If I will name the word in singular form,you must clap,if I say the word in plural form you must stamp.
Now take your check list and write down your result. If you translated the word you can circle 1, if you didn’t translate the word you circle zero.
Now we are moving to the 4th floor.
Here we will revise prepositions of place. I give you 1 minute to repeat the prepositions.
I am taking an apple, and this box. Now I will change the location of the apple, and you must say to me where is apple, by using prepositions. Rise your hands please.
Now lets do this exercise on your cards.
Take the card №4. In this task you must write the number. Listen to my sentences attentively. The 1 st sentence. Are you ready? Lets check it.
1.The pink kitten is under the house.
2. The pink kitten is in the house.
3.The pink kitten is behind the house.
4. The pink kitten is _on__ the house.
5. The pink kitten is in front of the house.
6.The pink kitten is near the house.

Are you ready? Ok good for you. Now lets translate. Ok take your check lists and count your right sentences.
Lets move to the next floor.
Ok now lets revise the constructions There is\There are.
Look at the screen! There’s a rule on the screen. (правило) Let’s revise that grammar material. Конструкция there is (there are) сообщает о месте нахождения того или иного предмета, лица, информация о которых еще неизвестна. Предложения согласно правилу с конструкцией there is/ there are переводятся с конца. Перед исчисляемым существительным в ед. числе употребляется артикль а, во множ.числе артикль отсутствует.
Возьмите карточку под номером 5.
А теперь давайте вспомним, как называются наши «змейки».
There is – конструкция для единственного числа. There are – конструкция для множественного числа.
Now take the card #5
In this task you must? Put/the constructions,and then we will translate these sentences, but you will translate to each other.
There is a big sofa in the living room.
There are pictures on the wall.
Is there a table in the kitchen?
There are flowers on the table.
There is a bed in the bedroom.
Is there sofa in the living room?
Ok good for you, write your results.

We are arrived on the last floor. Here is Carol. Now your last task describe, two rooms of Carols apartment.
Now I give two full rooms, you must place this furniture. But you should follow to these suggestions.
There is a cat in the living room.
There is a flower on the table.
There are pictures on the wall.
There is a sofa near the window.
There is a table in front of the window.
There is a TV on the table.
There is a carpet on the floor.

There are pictures on the wall.
There is bed near the window.
There is a table near the door.
There is a computer on the table.
There is a carpet on the floor.
There is a book on the table.
There is a wardrobe near the door.
Ok now please the first group go to the board, and describe your room.
The second group please.
Girls!Let’s make a conclusion:
- What was the theme of our lesson?
- What kind of new words have you learnt today?
- Did you like our lesson?
- What task did you like most of all?
Ok now please take these circles, and draw your smile show you felt ourselves at our lesson today.
Thanks for your answers.
Open your diaries, please, and write down your homework. 1) You must learn your new words about home.
2) Draw your own room.
Work with check lists. You have 30 seconds. Sum up your points. How many points have you got? Who didn’t make any mistakes? Who has got 20 points? (на интер.доске результаты 19-20 points – Excellent!17-18 points –Very good!15-16 points – Satisfactory!. . .-14 points – Try again!)
Give me your diaries; I'll put your marks. Thanks for a lesson.
It was interesting for
me. You were attentive and active. I hope all knowledge which you got at our lesson today, you’ll use in your practice (speech).
Thank you very much. The lesson is over. Good-bye!

Good afternoon, teacher!

I am fine.
I am very well.
I am so-so.

May be about home,flat.

Pupils repeat, read the

Pupils work at the board.

Pupils compares words with pictures.

Pupils work in pairs and make up the dialogue.

Pupils work individually with cards.

Pupils listen to the text.

Pupils work with sentences.

Pupils answers at the board.

Pupils write down their h/w.

Cards with tasks.

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