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Lesson plan
ENGLISH III term 8 grade

The theme of the lesson “Clementine”
The aims of the lesson: 1. To develop students listening comprehension through vocabulary and listening activities.
2. To form critical thinking skills.
3. To stimulate interest in the topic by drawing upon prior knowledge about the topic.
4. To practice the use of the Past Simple Tense.
5. To create motivation and memorable experiences.
6. Give insight into culture.
Learning outcomes: 1. Students will be able to talk about the content of the song, using topical vocabulary.
2. SWBA to ask and answer the questions on the theme.
3. SWBA to do presentations about the song.
The main idea of the lesson: Teaching through songs.
Resources: CD, active board, cards, grammar chart.
Equipment: Flipchart, sheets of paper.
Exercises Teachers activity Students activity
I. Org. moment 1. Greeting of teacher
2. Lets wish each other something good. 1. S-s greet the teacher
2. S-s say each other wishes. 1 min.
Discussing of criteria of assessment
II. Forming groups Lets form groups s-s make up sentences and form 3 groups : (her lips were as red as Rubies, her hair was as yellow as Gold,
Her eyes were as bright as Diamonds)
1. Gold
2. Rubies
3. Diamonds 4 min.
III. Goal setting T. suggests s-s to watch video “Gold rush in California”
listen to the song and guess the topic of the lesson. S-s watch the video “Gold Rush in California”, listen to the song “Clementine” and try to guess the topic of the lesson 2 min.
IV. Warm up. T. suggests in groups 5 min.
V.Pre listening task . T. uses a strategy” Ant-hill” Match the words that are closely related:
A miner- forty-niner
Shoes- number 9… 5 min.
VI. Pre-listening Vocabulary T. suggests s-s to match the words to their definitions. S-s work on the active board, matching the words to the definitions: S-s in groups match the words to the definitions.
Cavern- a cave
Canyon- a steep valley
Excavating- digging
Forty-niner- someone who went to California during the Gold Rush of 1849…

5 min.
VII. Listening T. suggests to listen to the song and fill in the missing words in blanks.( cavern, excavating, forty-niner, Clementine, dreadful sorry, number nine, herring, topses, drove she ducklings, splinter, foaming brine,ruby, alas,missed, little.. In a _________in a canyon
_______________for a mine
Dwelt a miner_____________
And his daughter Clementine.
Chorus: Oh, my darling, _________
Oh, my darling ____________
You are lost and gone forever
II. Light she was and like a fairy
And her shoes were_______________
________boxes without____________
___________were for Clementine.
Students fill in the missing words and sing the song “Oh, my darling, Clementine”.
5 min.
IX. Assessment
Pair work T: Make each-other assessment in pairs on the assessment cards.
The text for correctly assessment is written on the active board. S-s assess their works in pairs.
Assessment sheet
Matching the words” 1-5 words
5-10 words
10-17 words

1 point 2 points 3 points

“Questions-answers” (Муравейник) Finding correctly
Finding incorrectly

1 point
0 points
Vocabulary matching 1 -5word
5-9 words

1 point 2 points

Completing missing words 1-3 mistake
4-6 mistakes
7 and over mistakes

3 points 1 point
0 points

Comprehension check 1 mistake
2 mistakes
3 and over mistakes

4 point
1 point

0 points

Summary points 14 points –
7 -10 points-
6 points

Mark “5”
Mark “4”

Mark “3”

Students name:
1 min.
X. Grammar revision S-s find verbs in the Past Indefinite Tense in the text.
Dwell-dwelt, be-was-were, drive-drove, fall-fell, strike-struck, lose- lost, miss-missed, kiss- kissed, forget- forgot. 3 min.
X. Comprehension check.
Group work. T: you have 6 sentences, the same for each group.
Read them and say are they true or false. S-s work in three groups. 1. In a cavern lived a miner with his daughter Clementine.
2. Her shoes were #7.
3. She drove ducklings to the water every morning.
She fell into the foaming brine.
The narrator was a swimmer.
He didn’t miss Clementine.
5 min.
Assessment in groups. Correctly sentences are written on the active board. S-s assess group works using a strategy “Konveyer” 1 min.
XI.Physical exercises Lets play the game “ Where were you? What did you buy?” for training the past Simple tense and for relaxation S-s: Where were you and what did you buy?
S2: I was in the shop. I bought a Bike, moving as he rides a bike. 4 min.

XII. Follow-up T. suggests s-s to answer the questions. Answer the questions:
-Where did Clementine and her father live?
-What did Clementine do every morning at 9 oclock?... 5 min.
XII. Work on the project. T: prepare some presentations about Clementine and Narrator. S-s work in 2 groups:
1 group: about Clementine
2 group: about Narrator.
5 min.
Assessment Assess the presentations using “smiles” Use “smiles” to assess presentations of groups

XIII. Evaluation XIV. Conclusion Give your feedback Discuss the summary points.
Take the stickers and express their opinion about lesson. “2 stars and 1 wish” 2 min.
Task for confident student T: A confident student prepared a report about Gold Rush in California. 1 min.
Summary points Count summary points and put themselves marks
Home task. Your homework will be to learn the song “Clementine” by heart
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