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The essay "My Kazakhstan - my pride!" (dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakh
The essay "My Kazakhstan - my pride!"
(dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

My name is Alena. I was born in the village with the pleasant name "Nezhinka". This village with this amazing name has its own legend. Once long ago there was a bai who lived on the bank of the Ishim. He has the only daughter named Erke, who was very spoiled. The years went by, Erke grew up and fell in love with a local poor shepherd. But the father did not allow them to marry. Then the daughter in desperation, jumped into the river and drowned. The father grieved for the rest of his life...Every year in the spring couples like to come to this place. That's why this village was named "Nezhinka". I love my village.
My Motherland - Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a multinational, independent state. 2016 is a big anniversary – 25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For twenty-five years, the country has made significant progress.
It became a sovereign country and the people have voluntarily chosen the first President. The Kazakh language has acquired the status of a state language. This is an achievement.
My Kazakhstan! I'm proud to say these words. I was born here. I never cease to be amazed how nicely coexist in our country people of different nationalities, speaking different languages, professing different religions. Many people say that our country is not rich enough. But that does not prevent me to love Kazakhstan. But I totally disagree! The main wealth of our Motherland – the earth. The vast, vast square expanse of fertile, unused land is our wealth. The most beautiful thing in the world of homeland. Each person has a homeland. He loves his land, mountains, sea, rivers. He loves and preserves their traditions and customs.
Our state received sovereignty and freedom during centuries of struggle. Thousands of people fought for the independence of our country, many died for the future of their homeland. For many centuries, our land was a battlefield, many people wanted to capture this country. Very much blood has been shed. People of those times saw death and injustice, sorrow and misery. Our country has experienced many difficulties. The Kazakh people suffered hunger, war, but kept the strength of spirit and pride for their country. But they did not give up. Thanks to them, I live in the state, free and independent. All this thanks to the unity, the solidarity of the people and the shared belief in a brighter future. I have to remember these people and be proud of true patriots of their country.
I am a citizen of Kazakhstan. No matter what nationality I am. I study with children of different nationalities in my school. I don't notice the hair color and eye shape. We live in friendship. My peers are not offended when they are called Kazakh or Russian names. And no one divides children according to their nationalities in my school. We live as one happy family. We go to each other's homes, spend happy holidays, give gifts. I'm Russian, but I respect the culture and traditions of other nationalities. Since childhood I was taught to respect the history and identity of other peoples living on the territory of our country. Our President is doing everything for us that we would need to have a happy future.
Thanks to N. A. Nazarbayev we now live in a prosperous, educated and free country. And each of us can confidently think about tomorrow. The last time Kazakhstan holds a firm place on the world stage in all spheres of activities. We succeed in sport, the economy, our country enjoys peace. The task of the country at the moment is to get into the top 50 developed countries. I am sure that Kazakhstan will continue a great nation and rich country.
Our task is to be patriots, protect our country, work, study for the benefit of the state. Because Kazakhstan is our common home, our Motherland! We are proud that we were born and live in Kazakhstan. It is a country with its new capital Astana. The pride of Astana is Baiterek. He stands in the center of the city, with a height of 103 meters. Astana is now a city of the future, the city of dreams. Every day it is growing and thriving more and more. Astana appearance looks like a new city of the XXI century.
Astana - the center of business in Kazakhstan. No wonder so many people in our country want to live there. I know many people who have moved or want to move to live and work in the capital.
I'm part of the vast country — the Republic of Kazakhstan. I love my country.
I can be proud of it. First, Kazakhstan is a land where a man stepped into space. Secondly, Kazakhstan is the first country in the world that voluntarily renounced nuclear weapons. Thirdly, Kazakhstan is the first country in the world, who organized the Congress of leaders of world religions. Fourth, Kazakhstan is a country where a Summit of the OSCE (Organization for security and cooperation in Europe). And such examples — thousands! My country is growing rapidly, it is independent and respected by other states. We openly look to the future!
Every person on the planet feels a sense of pride for their country, their people and country, their land and history. And today we should remember the past, know the present, to build a bright future.
I think that life is manifested patriotism is not the fiery speeches from the podium, and at the usual planting of a tree near your school or your house, to not throw the tickets on the ground, leaving the bus. And even in a good school, because it is a measure of human responsibility. So we are all patriots of our country, we love, respect and cherish my country.
Patriotism is a manifestation of love not only strong and beautiful, great and mighty country, a country that is going through hard times: poverty, misunderstandings, contention, or military conflicts. I believe that nowadays the education of patriotism, citizenship, responsibility for the fate of their country is one of the most important tasks of education. Modern society needs patriots, intellectually and spiritually developed people, love their Homeland, honor the traditions of our grandfathers and great grandfathers, able at any moment to sacrifice in the name of saving other people's lives (their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, wives, children), sacred to the worship of the attributes of state power.
I want my Motherland to be in the first rows of the world, that is why we must do our best to help it. It concerns everybody no matter if you are a pupil, or a worker, or the President himself. We mustn’t give way to terrorism as we are a peaceful country. We are the country of the eternal values. But one remember just one thing that is the truth for all that Motherland is given once as life not twice for all!
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