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Олимпиада по английскому языку в 5 классе
Olympiad. Form 5

I. Listening
Listen to the text and complete the sentences.
1.Joe came home at …
a)a quarter to four b)a quarter past four c)four o’clock d)four fifteen
2.Joe came home later because …
a)it rained b)he was tired c)he went on foot d)the bus was not on time
3.Joe played football …
a)in the park b)in the sports hall c)on the school field d)in the backyard
4.They had football practice indoors because it was too … to play outside.
a)windy b)cold c)hot d)wet
5.Joe would like his mother to wash his …
a)socks and shorts b)a T-shirt and shorts c)socks and a T-shirt d)shorts only
6.Joe’s next football match is on the …
a)2nd of March b)12th of March 3)15th of March 4)18th of March
7.Joe has to pay the teacher by the …
a)12th of March b)15th of March c)18th of March d)20th of March
8.The team photo will cost Joe …
a) 2.25 b)4.50 c)6.75 d)nothing
9.Joe doesn’t have to do his … homework as he did it yesterday.
a)Science b)History c)Maths d)PE
10.Joe must do his … homework by tomorrow.
a)Science b)History c)Maths d)nothing

II. Grammar
Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.
1. Where’re my trainers?
a) It’s on the desk b) This is in room 12.
c) They’re on the stairs d) That’s under the bed
2. I haven’t got ______ tissues in my bag.
a) some b) the c) an d) any
3. There is ________orange on the table.
a) an b) some c) a d) the
4. My brother _________ like vegetables.
a) don’t b) doesn’t c) isn’t d) hasn’t
5. I usually have a _________ at lunchtime.
a) apple juice b) meat c) sandwich d) burgers
6. Kitty usually _________ at half past five.
a) get up b) doesn’t get up c) don’t get up d) gets up
7. Sharks _______ in the sea.
a) lives b) live c) leave d) life
8. Andy and Alice ________ in aliens.
a) believes b) doesn’t believe c) don’t believe d) aren’t believe
9. We sometimes ________ steak and chips for dinner.
a) have got b) eats d) has d) have
10. Does Dr. Jekyll __________ glasses?
a) wear b) has c) carry d) uses
11. A: Who are those people? B: ______ teachers.
a) They’re b) They c) Their d) The
12. He can swim _____ he can’t dive.
a) and b) so c) because d) but
13. I don’t like vegetables. Do you like_______?
a) it b) these c) them d) they
14. Joe isn’t _________ to his teacher at the moment.
a) watching b) listening c) dreaming d) looking
15. I’m going to the dentist ________________.
a) every day b) next Monday c) sometimes d) never
16. ______there a shower in the bathroom?
a) Is b) Are c) Do d) Has
17. There’s _______bread on the table in the kitchen.
a) a b) some c) an d) any
18. A: - Is there any milk in the fridge? B: ____________
a) No, there isn’t b) No, there aren’t c) No, it isn’t d) Yes, there are
19. _______Joe_______ curry?
a) Must….see b) Can….cook c) Is….buy d) Does…. clean
20. Joe and Sadie live at number 18, Park Road. That’s ______house
a) their b) they’re c) there d) these
21. Look! Somebody ____________ the door of your car.
a) open b) opens c) are opening d) is opening
22. What ____________ to do on you holidays next summer?
a) are you doing b) are you going c) will you d) do you do
23. What ________ we do at the lesson tomorrow?
a) are b) have c) shall d) are going
24. Pupils __________ be late for school. It’s a rule for everyone!
a) mustn’t b) can’t c) won’t d) don’t
25. __________ do you go to the computer club?
a) Where b) Who c) What sort d) When

III. Vocabulary

1. A: Joe’s class are having a chemistry test now. B: ______________?
a) How many? b) What’s score?
c) Is it difficult? d) Are they dreaming?
2. The weather’s fine! It’s really______.
a) cloudy b) windy c) cold d) sunny
3. A: I’m thirsty. B: ______________?
a) Why don’t we go to the cinema? b) Let’s have a drink
c) Shall we go for a walk? d) Shall we go to bed?
4. Listen! Is Sadie singing in the shower?
a) Yes, I can hear her b) No, she can’t see you
c) Yes, the shower is too loud d) Yes, she is playing the piano
5. What vegetables do you like?
a) Onions and cheese b) Tomatoes and peppers
c) Mushrooms and sardines d) Salad and steak
6. Kazakhstan is a _________.
a) nationality b) country c) language d) city
7. Mel is a singer in a school ________.
a) band b) team c) drama club d) sports center
8. My favorite possession is_______.
a) my computer game b) my bike c) my room d) my lunchbox
9. He’s got a friendly face.
a)Yes, he’s a nice person b) You are right, he’s tired
c) Yes, he is dangerous d) Yes, he is angry
10. A: I’ve got a new computer game. B: ________________?
a) How are you? b) Are they exciting?
c) What’s it like? d) Is he interesting?
11. They always live in groups in the sea. They are very kind and intelligent.
a) wolves b) gorillas c) lions d) dolphins
12. My best friend plays a lot of sport. He’s very ______.
a) lazy b) helpful c) energetic d) funny
13. My aunt’s children are my _____________.
a) brothers b) parents c) cousins d) uncles
14. I am __________. Can I eat those sandwiches.
a) hungry b) in a hurry c) tired d) cold
15. What does he like?
a) He’s tall and thin b) He’s like his father c) He can read d) Tomato ketchup
16. A: ________ are you here? B: Because, I’m on holiday.
a) where b) why c) when d) who
17. I often help my parents with their _______.
a) homework b) home c) housework d) shops
18. What time do you ______ get up?
a) never b) always c) nearly d) all
19. I haven’t got straight hair. It’s _______.
a) dark b) long c) curly d) fair
20. I want to play tennis now. Where is my _______?
a) surfboard b) trainers c) CD player d) racket

IV. Reading. Read the text
When babies are six weeks old, they can’t stand, they can’t walk and they can’t talk. They can see their mother’s face, but they can’t see different colors.
At the age of two, children can usually walk and talk and they can stand on one foot. When they are three years old, they can draw lines and circles, but they can’t usually read or write. At the age of four, they can often write their name.
At the age of five, they can usually say about 2,000 words. They can say their address and their telephone number. They can often use a computer. When they are six years old, they can ride a bike, and they can usually read. But of course all children are different!
Chose the right answer to the following questions:
1.When babies are six weeks old they can_________ .
a) stand b) walk c) see mother’s face d) see different colors
2. At the age of two children can’t _________.
a) read and write b) talk c) walk d) stand on one foot
3. At the age of three children can usually __________.
a) draw lines or circles b) read c) write d) write their name
4. When children are five or six they can’t usually ____________.
a) say 2000 words b) say their address
c) say their telephone number d) drive a car
5. Children are ___________ .
a) difficult b) different c) dangerous d) strange

Total: 60 points

II. Grammar
1. c
2. d
3. a
4. b
5. c
6. d
7. b
8. c
9. d
10. a
11. a
12. d
13. c
14. b
15. b
16. a
17. b
18. a
19. b
20. a
21. d
22. b
23. c
24. a
25. d
25 points III. Vocabulary
1. c
2. d
3. b
4. a
5. b
6. b
7. a
8. b
9. a
10. c
11. d
12. c
13. c
14. a
15. d
16. b
17. c
18. b
19. c
20. d
20 points
IV. Reading
1. c
2. a
3. a
4. d
5. b 5 points
Total: 60 points
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