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Class: 6

The theme of the lesson: “Travelling”

The aims of the lesson: 1.to review active vocabulary, grammar.2. to introduce students with new theme, grammar, to develop speaking skills by speaking.3. to grow up students to be interested in other countries.

Visual aids: posters, videos, grammar cards


Plan of the lesson

I. Organisation moment:

a) Greeting

b) Tasks of the lesson

II. A warm up:

Before starting our unusual lesson I want to show you a film about a new day. Please look at the board and try to sing this beautiful song! A wish you a good time now and during the whole day!

III. Checking up:

Home task: posters about Disneyland

IV. A Game:

Today we will go travelling. Bit before going, what should we do? Yes, you are right! We should pack our suitcases and take all the necessary things.

Firstly I began to pack a suitcase and on a chair you should repeat my word and add your words.

Teacher: I pack my suitcase and I will take an umbrella with me.

Student 1: I pack my suitcase and I will take an umbrella and a T- shirt with me.

Student 2: I pack my suitcase and I will take an umbrella, a T- shirt and a ……

V. New theme:

Why do people travel? On which way of transport can we travel? What cities would you like to travel? Why?

Well done, thanks, and now I want to offer you to travel to the country of

Present Continuous:

Students watch the video about the present continuous.

VI. Grammar Practice:

Level 1:

Use the verbs in the list to complete the sentences. Используя глаголы из списка заполните предложения по смыслу.

eat go fly watch do sing write work

1. Listen! Somebody … a nice song.

2. I … to London next week.

3. I …. a letter to my friend Pam now.

4. I’m very tired. We … hard these days.

5. Jane …. a delicious cake with maple syrup.

Level 2:

Write questions and negatives. Напишите предложения в отрицательной и вопросительной формах.

1. She is reading a book now.

2. We are listening to music.

3. They are going to wash the car.

4. He is cleaning his bedroom now.

5. They are swimming in the river.

Level 3:

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of Present Сontinuous. Вставьте глаголы в скобке в правильную форму Present Continuous.

1. Be quiet! Mum … (sleep).

2. What … you … (do) now?

3. The dog … (play) with a ball.

4. I … (watch) TV. I’m listening to music.

5. The children … (drink) milk in the kitchen

VII. Relaxing:

Let’s sing a song about Present Continuous!

VIII.Giving Home task: to write a summary about your future trip, to make a sinkwein with the word “Travelling
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