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Welcome to Disneyland!
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Date: 13.03.2012
Grade: 6 “A”
Theme of the lesson: Welcome to Disneyland!
The aims of the lesson:
1. To introduce pupils with the world of Disneyland, to give information about it. To practice and consolidate Present Perfect Tense.
2. To develop pupils’ oral and written communication skills and habits through doing different kinds of exercises. To improve pronunciation and translation; to motivate group work.
3. To give an aesthetic bringing up. To arouse pupils’ interest to Art.
Equipments: textbook, workbook, interactive board, slides, poster, cards.
Type of the lesson: mixed
Methods of teaching: presentation, question – answer, warm-up, games, individual work, claster.

Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
a) Greeting
b) Duty’s report
c) Marking absentees
Good afternoon, dear pupils! I am glad to see you. How are you today? I hope you are all right. Today we have an unusual lesson. I hope that our lesson will be successfully and you enjoy it.
II. Checking up the home task
Firstly, I want to check your home tasks. I hope that you are ready. Your home task was exercise 1 at page 222. You must write positive sentences using Present Perfect Tense.
III. Presentation of the new material
a) Epigraph
“To all who come to this happy place: Welcome! Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America, with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to the entire world.”
b) Warm – up

Exercise 1, page 153
Before you read the text answer the questions.
1. Have you ever heard about Disneyland?
2. Have you ever been to Disneyland?
3. Do you want to go there?

c) Vocabulary and pronunciation

той, салтанат
акр (0,405 га)

d) Work on the text
Exercise 2 (A), page 154
“To all who come to this happy place - welcome!
Disneyland is your land”

Walt Disney said these words above on July 17, 1955 at the opening ceremony of his park.
Disneyland is a place where people find both happiness and knowledge.
Walt Disney told his friends a story about how, on Saturdays, he took his two daughters to parks and playgrounds. It was Walt Disney who created such a park. His “magical little park” twenty years later became the Magic Kingdom. He turned 160 acres of dusty orange place into the happiest place on the earth.

e) Post reading exercises

Exercise 2 (B), page 154
Read the words and write them under the right column.


Exercise 3(A), page 155
Comprehension check. Answer the questions.
1. How old is Disneyland?
2. What kind of place is Disneyland?
3. Who created this park?
4. Whom did he take to parks and playgrounds?
5. Is it a big park?

Exercise 3 ©, page 155
Read and write the words.

a) [ə:ɵ] – earth
b) [‘hӕpi] – happy
c) [pa:k] – park
d) [leit] – late
e) [‘serimәni] – ceremony

f) Physical exercise
I think you are pretty tired, children. Let’s do some physical exercises.
Hands up!
Hands down!
Hands on hips
Sit down.
Stand up!
Hands to sides.
Bent left.
Bent right.
Thank you very much, children. I hope that you relax a bit and ready to continue our work.
g) Listening and understanding
Exercise 6, page 155
Listen to the story and write True (T) or False (F)
The story of Tokyo Disneyland actually began in 1955. Tokyo Disneyland welcomes guests to 32 attractions in five themed lands. It’s place where children are happy.
1. The story of Tokyo Disneyland began in 1955. T
2. There are 32 parks there. F
3. It’s a place where children are happy. T
h) Games
I. Puzzle. Answer the questions.
1. Who created Disneyland?
2. Translate the words “happy place” into Kazakh
3. When was the first Disneyland opened?
4. Name Disneyland characters
5. In which cities you can visit Disneyland?
6. What is the English for «шаңды»?

II. Re-order the words to write sentences.
1. an/I’ve/exam/English/taken/just
2. computer game/He’s/played/never/a
3. climbed/ever/a/have/mountain/you?
4. Has/cat/your/kittens/ever/had?
5. I’ve/invited/a sleepover/just/my friend/to
6. a/She’s/job/never/had
7. ever/Indian food/Has/eaten/he?
8. her hairstyle/changed/She’s

IV. Conclusion
Finish the claster.

V. Home task
1. Exercise 11, page 156
Read and translate the text.

2. Exercise 13, page 156
Match the Kazakh word with the English word.

VI. Evaluation
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