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Enjoy English
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The aims:
- To memorize and retain in memory the language material they have learnt.
- To develop pupils’ intellect; to develop communicative skills and abilities; to stimulate pupils’ interest and their power of thinking in the foreign language.
- To bring up feeling of respect in relationship between pupils.

Visual aids: computer, interactive board, slides, cards

Procedure of the game

Teacher: Good morning, dear pupils and our guests! We are glad to see you at our competition “Enjoy English”. You are welcome! We hope that you’ll enjoy the game. Two teams will take part in it. The first team is “Eagles” and the second team is “Tulpar”. Let’s greet them and wish them good luck.

And now let me introduce our judges.

Dear judges, we ask you not to be too critical and forgive our participants the mistakes that they may make.

Now it’s high time to start our game. The game has 6 rounds.
1. Coloured dream
2. Riddles
3. Friendly numbers
4. Crazy questions
5. Proverbs
6. Verbs
So, let’s begin our game.

The 1st round “Coloured dream”
Look at the interactive board, please. You see colourful squares with letters. I say one of colours; you must find it and write down the letter on it. Finally you get one word and you must translate it into Russian and Kazakh.
Orange, white, red, blue, pink, violet, green, blue, yellow (clue: beautiful – красивый – әдемі)

The 2nd round “Riddles”
1. My home is in a nice cool pond,
Of croaking and jumping I am very fond. (frog – лягушка – бақа)
2. I have a round face and two large eyes,
That can see in the dark; they call me wise. (оwl – сова – үкі)
3. I have six legs, my coat is green,
I’m very best hopper you’ve ever seen. (grasshopper – кузнечик – шегіртке)
4. One face, two hands.
It goes yet stands. (clock – часы – сағат)

The 3rd round “Friendly numbers”
I’ll give you a sheet of paper, which has numbered alphabet. On the interactive board you see numbers, you must change numbers to the letters according to the numbered alphabet. Finally you get the word which you must translate into Russian and Kazakh.
The 4th round “Crazy questions”
In this stage you must choose the correct answer and make up word from the letters in brackets and give its Russian and Kazakh equivalents. (clue: book – книга – кітап)
1. Which is smaller?
- a mouse (b)
- a fox (l)
- a hare (a)
2. Which can run faster?
- a zebra (s)
- a bear (k)
- a lion (o)
3. Can a penguin swim?
- yes ®
- no (o)
- sometimes (e)
4. Can a tiger swim?
- yes (k)
- no (m)
- sometimes (u)

The 5th round “Proverbs”
Each team must guess the hidden word in the proverb and translate it into Russian and Kazakh.
1. Health is above _____ (wealth – богатство – байлық)
2. Everything is good in its ____ (season – сезон – мезгіл)
3. Habit is a second _____ (nature – природа – табиғат)
4. East or West home is _____ (best – самый лучший – ең жақсы)
5. Never put off till ____ what you can do today. (tomorrow –завтра – ертең)
6. Better late than _____ (never – никогда – ешқашан)

The 6th round “Verbs”
Give the Past Simple form of these verbs

Regular verbs
Irregular verbs

Dear friends, our game comes to the end. Thank you for your active participation. I hope you enjoyed our game. Now, judges, tell us scores of teams and who is winner.

My best congratulations, winners! Thank you for the game. I wish you every joy that you can wish.
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