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“School Life”
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Lesson Plan “School Life”
Grade 4
I. Language competence:
to teach students to use the lexis on theme "School"
to teach students to use the modal verb "must" ;
to teach students to express their own thoughts and discuss about their own school;
to teach students to use English expressions of location
II. Communicative competence:
to develop students' skills in reading, speaking, writing :
to develop pupils' oral speech;
III. Cultural competence:
to teach students about obligation and necessity of study at school;
to teach students to analyze the result of their mutual work;
to let children to understand about the value of friendship and to teach to appreciate it;
to develop creative abilities and imagination of the student
Visual aids: Computer, Active board, School tools.

Procedure of the lesson

I. Org.moment
T: Good morning, children! How are you? Smile a while, and others smile, and you can see miles of smiles. Now give a smile to your friends, me and our guests. Thank you very much. Take your seats. Today at the lesson we will read, write, sing a song, play a game, of course, speak English and talk about school and friendship.

II. Warm-up

If a white chalk chalks on a black blackboard,
Will a black chalk on a white blackboard?

III. Speaking practice: (a boy enters the classroom)
T: Why are you late?
P1: I overslept.
T: Oh, you are always late. Why are you always late?
P1: I don't want to study. School is boring. I have to get up early, do lessons and so 11 years. I'd better stay at home. I have a computer and IPad. They can teach me everything.
T: Oh, what a pity! Children, do you agree with him? Daulet prefers to stay at home and not to study. Is he right?
(Children express their thoughts about the advantages of school)

IV. Working on lexics (use of modal verb “must”)
T: Children, let's help him. Are you his friends? We should change his mind about school. School is fun, isn't it? He needs your help. First, let's check his bag. Now, please, Daulet, open your bag, what do you have there?
T: What is it? Cola, telephone, sweets. Exercise-books aren't in a good condition.
Children, what do you need for school? What do you must take with you?
When you go to school you must take with you............
(Children come to Daulet and give school tools)
a rubber
a ruler
a glue
a sharpener
colour pencils
felt-tip pens
a dictionary

IV. Reading practice
Thank you. How clever of you! Now look at the whiteboard. There is a rhyme with gaps. Let's fill in the blanks. What else do we need at the lesson?
Whiteboards and blackboards
And desks for my friends.
Books in my schoolbag
And coloured felt-tip pens.
What do you sit on?
I sit on a chair.
Where can you see Britain?
On the map over there.
What’s in the corner?
There’s a rubbish-bin.
Chewing gum and waste paper
All go there in.
Hello, hello! School has begun!
Hello, hello! Isn’t it fun?

V. Game "Field of wonders"
Spin the wheel, count the number of spaces in the game and name the subject where you land and say what do you do at this lesson?

VI. Writing practice:
-We have said about school things and subjects. Let's say about our school. Do you like your school? I'll divide you into 2 teams, the first team describes the school and the second team writes about your favorite subjects. Both teams can draw pictures.
The 1st team:
We want to tell you about our school. Specialized school # is about 100 years old and we like it very much. It has 3 floors. On the ground floor there is a canteen, an assembly hall, a library, a gym, a workshop for boys, a cloak room and outside there is a new stadium. The yard of the school is large and there are many flowers in summer and autumn. On the first floor there is an English recreation where different parties and concerts are held. There are also Maths, Kazakh language, computer, biology, history classes on the first and second floors.
The 2nd team:
We study at specialized school #2. It is very big school .At school we learn different subjects. But best of all I like English. We have English on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We are in the 4th form, now we know different songs, poems in English, we can speak, write and read in English. Our school is the best. We are proud of it.

VII. Conclusion:
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