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Form 2 ''A''
The theme: ''Toys''

Communicative competences:
to develop pupils” skills in speaking, reading, writing and using active vocabulary
Cultural competences:
to engage pupils’ interest in learning English to develop pupils’ imagination
Language material:
a song, questions, answers, names of colors, names of toys and numerals.

Equipment: pictures, cards, crosswords, tape.

Structural competences: to check pupils’ knowledge of the lexics and structures understudy

Procedure of the lesson

I. Organizing moment.
a) Greeting
Good afternoon,children!
Good afternoon,teacher!
How are you?
We are fine,thank you and you?
I am fine, thank you.
Teacher: Dear children! We are going to have an unusual lesson today.We shall travel to the World of the English language.You will see the Queen of the English language . During your journey you will speak about toys, animals, colours. You are to pass the steps and only then you`ll see the Queen.
II. Teacher: Let's begin the first step. You can see a beautiful flower. Each leaf has it's own colour. Let's name the colours of flowers' leaves.
Teacher: What colour is this leaf?
Pupil: It is a yellow leaf.
Teacher: What colour is this leaf?
Pupil: It is a brown leaf.
Teacher: Very good. Thank you.
III. Teacher: Do you like to sing songs. Let’s sing a song about colours: A song “I see…”
I see green, I see yellow
I see that funny fellow
I see black, I see white
I see this and that and that
I see pink, I see brown
I stand up and I sit down
I see red, I see blue
I see you and you and you
IV. Teacher: Well done! You are good singers. And now we are on the second step.
Teacher: Do you know the name of the toys? Let’s see
Teacher: What is it?
Pupil: It is a ...
Teacher: What is it?
Pupil: It is a ...
Teacher: Children let’s count them.
Pupil: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Teacher: How many kittens can you see?
Pupil: Two kittens.
Teacher: How many dogs can you see?
Pupil: One dog.
Teacher: Is it a big dog?
Pupil: Yes, it is / No, it isn’t
Teacher: Is it funny?
Pupil: Yes, it is / No, it isn’t
Teacher: Is it big or small?
Pupil: It is big.
Teacher: What colour is the dog?
Pupil: It is brown.
Teacher: Is the dog yellow ?
Pupil: Yes, it is / No, it isn’t
Teacher: I see you know the names of colours and toys.
V. Teacher: Аnother step of our lesson is to solve the crossword. You must give a translation of the
pictures in Kazakh, in Russian and then write it only in English.

Kazakh Russian English
Қоян Заяц Hare
Арыстан Лев Lion
Жолбарыс Тигр Tiger
Маймыл Обезьяна Monkey
Мысық Кошка Cat
Піл Слон Elephant
Жылқы Лошадка Horse

Teacher: a hare, a lion, a tiger, a monkey, a cat, an elephant, a horse they are all animals.
Teacher: What is the Russian for animal? What is the Kazakh for animal?
Pupil: Аң
Pupil: Животное
VI. Teacher: We pass to the next step. I need two groups:
I have cards, choose one ( red or green).
We have divided the class into two teams.
You will be Greens and you will be Reds. I’ll give you broken words and your task is to make up the words.
Now let’s begin. Who will be the first?

Broken words
1. gir dile
2. croco rse
3. ele key
4. mon phant
5. ho ger
6. ti affe

VII. Teacher: Oh! How nice you are!
Let’s play a game “Crosses and Zeroes’. You should make up sentences or word combinations using the following words.
Monkey Bear duck
Wolf Fox Cow
tiger Horse Bird

VIII. Teacher: Let’s pass on the next step.
Teacher: I know you can count you find the numerals in this picture? You are to find the necessary numerals. Your task is to stick the card into the right place.
What numeral is it ?
Where is numeral two?

Teacher: Oh! How nice you are! You are clever boys and girls.
IX. Teacher: Dear children! Look at the blackboard. You can see a Castle of the Queen. But we can’t see the Queen because the gate is closed. We must open it. For this you are to answer the questions using the cards. I want you to work in pairs. Your partner should answer the questions.
Questions. Answer
1. What is your name? 1. Her/his name is...
2. How old are you? 2. She/he is...
3. Have you got a pet? 3. She/he has got...
4. What pet have you got? 4. She/he has got...
5. What colour is it? 5. It is ...
6. Is it big or small? 6. It is big/small
7. Do you like to play with it? 7. She/he likes/doesn’t like Let’s share the information with the guests. You should use the 3-d person singular.
Teacher: It was interesting. Thank you.
Teacher: Do you want to see the Queen?
Pupil: Yes, we do. It’s high time to see our Queen.(Заходит королева)
Queen: Good afternoon, dear children and guests!
Pupil: Good afternoon!
Queen: How are you?
Pupil: We are fine, thanks.

Queen:I’m glad to see you. You are clever boys and girls. You have demonstrated that you can speak, write and read in English.

I wish you
New things to learn, new friends to meet.
New songs to sing , new books to read.
New things to see, new things to hear,
New things to do in English lesson all year.

Teacher: Dear children! Our travel has finished. You have been so active today and I’ll put you good and excelent marks. And I’d like to tell one more secret of a good work.

No English - No job
No job - No money
No money - No fun
What’s the conclusion?
It’s no illusion?
Let’s study English!
Thank you! Good bye!
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