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A sound mind and a sound body.
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Lesson plan
Level: 5th
Duration: 45 min.
Theme: A sound mind and a sound body.
The objectives:
I. Language competence:
• To revise the grammar material from the previous lesson
• Students will use the forms in communication tasks
II. Communicative competence:
• To develop pupils’ skills in hearing, reading, speaking and writing
• Students will work in groups to share information
• Students will do structured practice with flash-cards
III. Cultural competence:
• To extend students’ knowledge of the world they live in
• To teach pupils how to keep fit

I. Org moment

II. Brainstorming
Today our lesson is devoted to a very important problem. Look at the active board and say what the theme of our lesson is:
-Sports & games
Summing up your assessments we can draw the theme of our lesson. It is “A sound mind in a sound body”.
III. Jumbled proverbs
Today we are going to speak about how to keep fit and to be healthy. Try to answer my question
where we can find advice how to be healthy. Of course in sayings and proverbs.
Now I’d like you to review proverbs about health. Divide into 3 teams. Each team will get a card with 4 proverbs about health but the words are mixed up. You must put the words into the right order.
- Good health is above wealth.
- An apple a day keeps a doctor away.
- Early to bed and early rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
- A sound mind in a sound body.
And now try to find Russian and Kazakh equivalents of these English proverbs.
IV. Guess a crossword
And we’ve started to speak about our health I suggest you to guess a crossword which helps us to review the topical vocabulary.

V. Make a conclusion
We’ve already said that proverbs and sayings can give us good advice how to be healthy and to keep fit. But I’d you make your own conclusions how to keep our health. Divide into 3 groups. I’ll give you cards with expressions try to describe them in one sentence (or make a conclusion)
1. Get up early and go to bed in time.
Wash your hands before you eat
Never smoke
(Conclusion: good habits make us healthy)
2. Too little food makes us thin.
Too much food makes us fat.
Eat healthy food.
(Conclusion: Eating healthy food makes us healthy)
3. Take a cold shower.
Go for a walk regularly.
Take regular exercises.
(Conclusion: Make us lead the healthy way of living.)
VI. Speaking practice
Of course sports and different games help us to save and keep our good health.
Look at the active board. What do you see there?
-Different kinds of sports and games.
Can you name them using the structures: I can play… and I like to play…..
VII. Writing practice
We’ve said about different kinds of sport and games. Now tell us about your favorite sport using the suggested structures. Work in pairs.

I like to go in for sport. I like to play… very much, but I don’t like to play… . I can play… and… well. I want to… with my friends. My mother likes to play …, but she doesn’t like to play. My father likes to play…, and we can play … very well. My friends and I like to play … in summer and we can play it very well. We also like to play… in winter and we can do it very well. I like to go to the … to play … . my friends and I usually go to the … to play … .
VIII. Warm-up. Olympic rings game.
Look at the active board. There are rings. Put these rings in the right order on the desk. Work in groups. In order to check your answers look at the active board.

This is the symbol of the Olympic Games. These colors are symbolic. Think and try to match the color and the continent.
The blue is Europe.
The black is Africa.
The red is America.
The yellow is Asia.
The green is Australia.

And now let’s play a game. Take colored rings. Listen to me and raise the ring you hear.
Ready, steady, go!
Run to the green ring.
Hop to the red ring.
Swim to the blue ring.
Go to the yellow ring.
Turn to the black ring.
Jump to the blue ring.

IX. Reflection
At the end of our lesson I wonder if you like our lesson. And we’ll express our felling in a such way. There are cards of two colors. If you like the lessons take the card of the green and stick it on the branch and if you don’t like the lesson take the card of the red color and stick it on the branch.
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