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Разработка урока "What nice weather"
2014-03-28, 8:21 PM
Theme: «What nice weather! »
1. Educational: to master new lexis and its use in speech; to enrich pupils’ knowledge.
2. Developing: to develop pupils’ skills and habits in monologue speech through asking questions; to develop pupils’ listening, speaking, thinking abilities; to speak about weather, seasons of the year.
3. Bringing – up: to teach notice the natural phenomena; to increase the interest in the subjects.
Aids of the lesson: an interactive board, a computer, pictures, diagrams, cards.
Type of the lesson: interactive lesson.
The procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment. (Greeting, talk with the student on duty)
II. Phonetic drill.
Запись на доске: [w], [ð] Look at the blackboard.
What sound are they? Can you pronounce them? Who can name the words with these sounds?
We, when, where, why, what, were, white, week, wet, water, wax ….
Thank you. Who can name the words with the sound: [ð]
That, this, these, those, them, their, they, weather…..
We’ll begin our lesson with training your pronunciation. Let’s start lesson with a drill.
When the weather is wet
We must not fret,
When the weather is cold
We must not scold.
When the weather is warm
We must not storm,
But be thankful together
Whatever the weather.
(Read the poem after me.)
III. New lesson
- Let’s remember all seasons and months.
Spring (March, April, May).
Summer (June, July, August).
Autumn (September, October, November).
Winter (December, January, February).
- Let’s remember weather words.
Snow, wind, rain, sunny, cloudy, warm, hot, cold, cool, thunder, lightning, bright, fog.

1. The strategy “Association”.
- Let’s think the word seasons.

2. Listening.
Today the seasons have come to our lesson to see what you know about them. Now the seasons will introduce themselves and you must listen them attentively, because then they’ll ask you some questions.
Spring. Hello, boys and girls! My first name is spring. My surname is Green. I have three children. My children’s names are March, April, and May.
-What’s my first name?
-What’s my surname?
-Name my children. That’s right. Thank you.
Summer. . Hello, boys and girls! I’m Summer Bright! I have got long days and short nights. I’m very hot and fine. I have three months. Do you know them?
Autumn. Hello, my friends. My full name is Autumn Yellow. My months are September, October, November. They are kind, because they give you many fruits and vegetables. I have nice gold dress on. I am beautiful season.
-What I am like?
-What colour is my dress?
-What are my months like and why?
Winter. . Hello, boys and girls! I’m very glad to see you. I’m Winter Cold. My friends are December, January and February. My days are short and my nights are long. I’m cold and white. There is much snow on the ground on the trees. I love children. They love me too because they can ski, skate and play snowballs.
-What is the winter like?
-Name my friends.
3. Complete the puzzle.
 Беда у всех Танюш, Марин
Веснушки. Виновата … (spring).
 Шапку на уши плотнее надвиньте,
Ведь холод настал с названием … (winter).
 Любуюсь я листьев желтых полетом,
Пора золотая зовется … (autumn).
p r i n g
i n t e r
u t u m n
u m m e r
s n o
r a i n
 Нас от жары спасает панама
Она в разгаре, наше … (summer).
 Полюбуйтесь-ка сосною,
Ее снегуркой сделал … (snow).
 Из берегов выходит Рейн,
Неделю льет сильнейший … (rain).
 Характер погоды капризен
В любое время года - (season).

4. Translation.
Teacher: Translate the following sentences from English into Russian:
1. The weather is dreadful.
2. It is warm outside.
3. There are clouds today.
4. It pours every day.
5. It is only 5 degrees below zero.
6. I think spring will be cold.
7. There will be a storm tomorrow.
8. If there is frost schoolchildren will not go to school.
9. It is going to be sunny.
10. I am freezing.
5. Rhymes.
Find miss rhymes.
Sing cold old spring
Not hot right sun
All snow three tree
One bright know ball
IV. Conclusion of the lesson
1. Riddles
- This month brings the snow,
Makes our feet and fingers glow. (January).
- Cold month brings us skating.
The New Year we are waiting. (December).
- This month snows again,
And sometimes it brings us rain. (February).
- Red brings us joy
And fun for every girl and boy. (November).
- This month brings sunny days and winds,
So we know that spring begins. (March).
- This month brings much fruit,
Then to gather them is good. (October).
- This month brings the primrose sweet,
We are daises at our feet. (April).
- This warm month brings us school,
Days are shorter, nights are cool. (September).
- This month brings flowers, joys and grass
And the holiday for us. (May).
- This month brings us golden corn,
Then the harvest home is born. (August)
- This hot month brings apples and cherries,
And a lot of other berries. (July).
- This month brings tulips, lilies, roses,
Fills the children’s hands with posies. (June).

V. Home – task.
Write short essay about your favourite season.
VI. Evaluation.
The lesson is over! Good-bye!
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