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Interacting with other students outside Aktobe via Internet.
2014-05-04, 1:06 PM
Title of lesson Interacting with other students outside Aktobe via Internet.
By Volodina S.M., school-gymnasium # 2 Aktobe
Student Profile students who are in the 10 grade. They are between 16 and 17
years old.
Class Profile eighteen students in a two-hour class.
Target Language Verb TO BE to talk about introductions (name / age / origin) + SIMPLE PRESENT of the verbs ‘like’, ‘enjoy’ and ‘hate’ followed by gerund form to talk about likes & dislikes.
Target Content 1. Students will show the ability to introduce themselves so that other students outside Aktobe can get to know them.
2. Students will learn how to invite other students to start using -ING so that they can keep in touch and share their experiences in English.
Objectives Content Objectives: students will demonstrate an understanding of introductions in English and they will also identify not only their likes and dislikes but those of their classmates as they listen to each other.
Culture Objectives: students will have the chance to share their own ‘culture’ by talking about their own likes and dislikes with those students who live in different areas of the world and, therefore, who may have different ‘cultures’, tastes, likes and dislikes.
Learning Strategy: students will show the ability to work independently and also cooperatively in small groups and then as a whole group to complete assigned tasks.
Language Objectives: students will use the Simple Present of the verb to be to introduce themselves. They will also use the Simple Present of the following verbs to talk about likes & dislikes: like, enjoy and hate.
Learner Autonomy: students will have the autonomy to choose what they want to share with their peers and how they want to invite colleagues to interact with them. Throughout this activity the students plan, monitor and evaluate their own learning. The teacher sets the tasks and the students come up with the resources to accomplish them.
Materials 1. A handout where students first work individually and write a short text about themselves. Like this:
Use this information to write a short text about you:
• Name
• Origin
• Age
• Likes & dislikes
2. A camera or a camcorder to record their introductions and presentation (invitation).
Source http://www.elyricsworld.com/single_ladies_lyrics_beyonce.html
Procedure This is an activity which integrates all the fours skills: students start with writing and then reading when it’s time for peer correction/feedback. Then, they move on to speaking and listening as they start talking about themselves and listening to their peers’ introductions. In the second part of this activity, they work in groups and they themselves resort to their different learning styles to accomplish their task (in this case, it involved music, body movement, singing, and writing). In the end, they came up with a written activity which was sung (and danced!)
Task # 1
(15/20 min.) Students receive a handout and are asked to write a short text introducing themselves. Then, they sit in pairs, exchange texts and work on peer feedback. Teacher monitors and helps them as much as necessary.
Task # 2
(15/20 min.) One by one, students are invited to come to the front of the room and use their texts as the basis for their introductions. As a listening task, the teacher asks the other students to pay attention to their peers as they talk about their likes and dislikes and write down things they and the speaker have in common. The speakers are recorded.
Task # 3
(5 min.) After the recording is over, the teacher asks students what they found out about their peers and with whom they share things in common when it comes to their likes and dislikes.
Task # 4
(30 min.) Now it’s time for students to work in small groups and start discussing a creative way to invite other students outside Aktobe to interact with them using the Internet. Here, they can choose and decide what they want to do: they could work with collage, mimics, music, drawing, role play etc.
Task # 5
(15 min.) The groups present their ideas and the whole class decides which idea they like better and vote. In this case, as they are really into music and there were more girls than boys in the group, the idea of changing Beyoncé’s lyrics to suit their purpose won.
Task # 5
(30 min.) As a group, we make the final changes / corrections and rehearse how to sing and dance it. For homework, each student takes a copy of the final version of the lyrics home to rehearse it a little more.
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