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разработка урока по англ яз Let's go to Hollywood in our mind!
2014-06-16, 9:09 PM
«Let’s go to Hollywood in our mind»
1. Образовательные: изучить историю возникновения и развития киноиндустрии в США, новые лексические единицы по теме кино, тренировать навыки аудирования, устной речи на английском языке.
2. Развивающие: развитие лингво-страноведческих компетенций учащихся
3. Воспитательные: мотивировать детей на изучение иностранного языка, воспитывать чувство прекрасного, способствовать расширению кругозора учащихся.
Методы обучения: словесный, наглядный, практический.
Формы организации познавательной деятельности: групповая.
Межпредметные связи: русский язык, история.
Средства обучения: электронная презентация в Power Point, видеофрагменты, песня
I.Organization moment.
T. Good afternoon, everybody! I’m very glad to see you.
II. Warm up: Today we have unusual lesson. I hope you’ll be very active at our lesson.
I’d like you to listen to the song of American group “Flipsyde” and answer my question.
What is the song about and therefore what are we going to speak about?
T. Yes, you are completely right. So, we are going to speak about the most exciting and glamorous place in the world-Hollywood. Our lesson is called “Let’s go to Hollywood in our mind”.
First of all let’s divide into 2 teams. 1 team-HOLLYWOOD 2 team-SUNSET HILLS
TASK 1. Information about Hollywood.
Dear pupils, your home task was to read about Hollywood.
OK. I prepared the Hollywood quiz. Read and choose the right answer.
1. Hollywood is
a. a suburb of LA. b. a city in California c. the name of a film studio.
2. Hollywood is
a. the capital of the USA. b. a world famous resort. c. the capital of world movie production.
3. Disney, Universal, Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount, Columbia and MGM are the names of
a. the most successful companies in the world. b. famous people. C. the largest film studios.
4. An Oscar is a. a man's name b. the name of a famous film award. C. the name of a famous actor.
5. Most Hollywood stars live a. in New York b. in or near LA. c. in Hollywood.
6. Beverly Hills is famous for
a. its architecture. B. the celebrity homes found there c. its restaurants and shops.
T. Well done.
7. Hollywood Boulevard is famous for …
a. its architecture b. the celebrity homes found there c. its shops and restaurants
8. the place where you can see a lot of stars is called…
a. The Walk of Fame b. The Great White Way c. the red carpet
TASK 2. Sightseeings of LA (раздаточный материал №1)
T. Now I’ll give you shits of papers with the names of LA’s sightseeing. You have to match the names with the pictures and give some information about this place.
P 1. This is Hollywood. It is the suburb of Los Angeles. Hollywood is the capital of world movie production. The biggest and most successful film studios- Disney, Universal, Fox, Warner, Bros, Columbia- are here. These are star factories. A lot of famous stars have been through the gates of these studios.
P.2 This is a huge shopping mall, called Hollywood and Highland. There is the Kodak Theatre, where the Oscars take place. Every year, usually in February, celebrities are sure to come for the most important event in show biz: Oscar Night. On that day the prestigious Academy Awards, called “the Oscars” are presented for year’s best achievements in the film world.
P. 3 Malibu is the most beautiful and glamorous city in America. It is known for its beautiful beach. Here celebrities can look at the ocean from the windows of their multi-million-dollars homes.
P. 4 This is Beverly Hills. It is situated near Los Angeles. Most movie stars live here and they can feel safe: the Beverly Hills police are sure to turn up seconds after a call.
P. 5 This is Los Angeles, it is also called L.A. It’s the second largest American city. It is situated in the state of California. Its population is 3,598 000. It’s one of the most beautiful and richest cities of America.
P.6 This is the Walk of Fame in Hollywood Boulevard. You can see there bronze stars set in the sidewalk and you can read the names of the people who made Hollywood famous : film directors, producers, camera operators, actors, actresses and musicians. The Walk of Fame is the most unusual monument to talent and success in the world. The tradition started in the late 1950s and now there are more than 2,500 stars in the sidewalk. Every year twenty new celebrities get their stars, but a star isn’t cheap. It costs about 40,000 dollars to install and look after one.
T. Thank you. You gave right and full answers.
TASK 3. SING A SONG AND DISCUSSING Soundtrack (видеоприложение The Titanic )
You have seen a lot of interesting and popular films with Hollywood stars. What films do you like most of all?
P: As for me I like comedies. My favorite comedian actor is Jim Kerry. These films are funny. They make me laugh. Comedies are a good way to relax.
P: I like films which are full of fights and adventures. They are dynamic, dramatic and full of special effects. My favorite actor is…
You will hear a soundtrack to a very popular Hollywood film. You are to discuss and tell us as much information as you can about the song such as the title of the film, the singer, the authors of the music and the words. You may even sing the song to win. (each group give information in turns)
The Titanic, Исполнитель песни: Селин Дион (Celine Dion)
Автор текста песни: Уилл Дженнингс (Will Jennings)
Автор музыки песни: Джеймс Хорнер (James Horner)
P: I liked Titanic very much. Titanic is a film by James Cameron, an American director. As soon as it appeared on the screens, it became extremely popular. The scene that grabbed me the most was one of sinking of the Titanic. It is so true to life, magnificent and horrible at the same time. The music of James Horner created a special atmosphere in the film. It is full of new special effects. Both the ship and the ocean are virtual, created by computers. The love-story about Jack and Rose, a young poor artist and a 17 – year old girl from the upper society is very touching. Titanic was really worth eleven “Oscar” awards. Critics say the film has opened a new era in the film production. I think they are right.
MUSICAL PAUSE. Now dear children let’s listen to a very nice song “The Big Bang” by Laura and Madiyar.
TASK 4. Actors (раздаточный материал №2).
T. When we speak about Hollywood, we imagine famous actors and actresses. I’m sure that you know many Hollywood actors and actresses. Now I give you next task.
Give their names and match them to the films they have played in.
1. Johnny Depp "Суинни-Тодд: демон-парикмахер с Флит Стрит" Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
2. William Bradley «Brad» Pitt
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
3. Marilyn Monroe
How to Marry a Millionaire
4. Angelina Jolie Voight
Gone in Sixty Seconds
5. Scarlett Johansson
The Island
6. Patric Swayze
7. Milla Jovovich The Fifth Element
8. Robert Thomas Pattinson
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

TASK 5. Advantages or disadvantages? (раздаточный материал №3).
T. Each profession has its advantages and disadvantages. So does the profession of actors and actresses. Now look at the blackboard. Here you can see the sentences. Read them and say if it is advantage or disadvantage and explain it.
1. You earn a lot of money.
2. You always must think about your appearance.
3. You have a lot of fans.
4. You can’t be just yourself.
5. You always must play on the public.
6. You mustn’t show how tired you are.
7. You are always in public’s attention.
8. You lead glamorous life.
9. You have many temptations.
10. Everybody wants to know about your private life.
VII. Dancing. Girls and boys prepared for us a very good dance-FLASH MOB “What does the fox say”!
(танец в исполнении 7и класса)
Thank you so much you are very good dancers!
Reflection: So I hope you like our today’s lesson.
What is new you have learned today?
What did you like/dislike on the lesson?
I’m very satisfied with your work today. Thank you. I want to give you excellent and good marks.
If you liked our lesson, show me the merry faces if you didn’t like – the sad ones. Goodbye! See you later.
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