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''We are all different but we are friends.''
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The theme: ''We are all different but we are friends.''

Language Competences
Structural : to teach students to express their opinions on the theme understudy and discuss the current events, to revise lexical and grammatical material on the theme.

Communicative : to develop skills of unprepared speech, reading, writing and listening
to maintain the skills of evaluation.

Cultural: to cultivate love and interest to the English language , respect each other
to teach students to work creatively.

Language material: active vocabulary, poems, song, questions, answers

Accessories: posters with adjectives, cards with tasks and questions, slides on the interactive board, students’ presentations about friends.

The procedure of the lesson:

1. Teacher: Good morning, dear pupils! Good morning dear teachers, I'm glad to see your smiling faces. Are you ready to work? We have guests at our lesson today. So, I hope that you'll show how diligent you are. The theme of the lesson is: ''We are all different but we are friends.'' I wish you luck.

2. T: Before we start our discussion , let’s name the adjectives which we use describing our friends Take the cards and name the adjectives describing a person's appearance, then adjectives describing a person's character and adjectives describing other qualities.
T.: As you know we can't describe a person's character and appearance without adjectives. Look at the list of adjectives and drive them into three 3 categories:

attractive lonely mysterious clever pleasant
boring modest strong polite shy
educated smart progressive careless fat
fragile attentive curious honest lazy
independent slim young great free
unhappy stupid wicked wise dull
famous short tall thin lovely
noble serious sad slow brave
greedy ugly small poor tidy
bouncy cheerful gloomy stern firm

The cards are given to the student s and on the interactive board the task is shown.
The students read the adjectives and give their answers.

3. . T.: Let's analyze your characters. We’ll see your personal features of the character/Let's have a psychological test. I would like you to come up to my desk and choose your favorite color. Stick it opposite your name. Now look at the description of the character that corresponds your color.
RED-brave, energetic, happy
BLUE-kind, calm, mean
GREEN – jealous, sociable, lazy
BLACK-mean, happy, dishonest
PURPLE- imaginative, loyal, shy
YELLOW- funny, serious, loyal, shy
WHITE – honest, sociable, lazy
PINK-cheerful, noble, attractive
Would you like to add another adjectives ?
( Students express their points of view, they are to agree or disagree and they add some adjectives about them/)
P1:My name is Sabina. Really , I am brave, energetic, happy. But I am serious in everything and smart at my lessons. They say I am rather sociable.
P2: My name is Valeria .I agree with the nouns given, but I am various , I like a lot of things, I am vivid . .My clothes are bright and unusual etc.

4. T: We are really different but we are friends, we are classmates and friends / The real friendship joins us. Your task is to match the parts of the proverbs, read and translate.

1 .Old friends and old wine are best.
2 .Old friends are best.
3 .He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.
4. When a friend asks , there is no tomorrow.
5. The road to a friend’s house is never long.
6. They are rich who have true friends.
7.Change your pleasures, but not your friends.

5. T:In our group all students are different and have various hobbies and interests.
Timur is going to speak about his friend Sergey. The presentation is shown on the board.

P:Lucky are the people who have friends. I am happy to have lots of friends. I want to tell you about my friend. His name is Sergey. We are classmates and have been studying together for five years. We have the same interests. Sergey likes to spend his free time in a gym. He adores sport. They say sport gives energy and strength , it helps him to keep his body fit . Sergey goes in for taekwondo for 8 years and has won a lot of medals. He takes part in many different competitions in our city and abroad. His collection consists of gold and silver medals. I know my friend can rely on me I won’t let him down.
T: Dear students let’s give 2 stars and 1 wish for the presentation shown . Students work in groups writing their wishes.
T:By the way ,what do you know about Timur’s hobby? Would you like to ask questions
to him?
( 1. Why do you prefer to go in for tennis? 2. How long have you been going to your tennis club? 3. Are you going to continue the sport career? 4. What is your ,, blue’’ dream?)

6. T: Tennis is one of the summer kinds of sport. What are the winter sports? Name them please . Why is the Russian city Sochi so popular today ? What is held there?
Students give their answers. The slides about the Olympic games are on the board/.
Then the teacher asks the questions about Denis Ten.
7. T : It’s time for another presentation.. Fariza is ready to speak. The presentation is on the board.
P ;I am sociable, so I have many friends, but there is only one person I can call my best friend. Her name is Sabina. I think, she is my best friend, because we have much in common: the same interests and attitude to life. My friend has a habit to chat online. Sometimes she can be a real chatter- box. Sabina attends football matches for supporting our team.
T: Dear students let’s give 2 stars and 1 wish for the presentation shown .
Students work in groups writing their wishes.
8. T: All students in our group are talented, some of them are good sportsmen and the other are brilliants students. One girl can speak English/ and is the best from the best at the lessons of Russian. Do you know her? What is her name? –Valeria.
P: I am pleased to hear that. I ‘ like to recite the poem ,My friend’’ by Charles Town.

Around the corner I have a friend
In this great city that has no end
Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,
And before I know it a year is gone
And I never see my old friend’s face,
For life is a swift and terrible race.
He knows I like him just as well.
As in the days when I rang his bell.
And he rang mine but we were younger
And now we are busy tired men.
Tired of playing a foolish game.
Tired of trying to make a name.
,,Tomorrow “ I say! I will call on Jim
Just to show that I’m thinking of him
But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes
And the distance between us grows and grows.
And that is what we get and deserve in the end
Around the corner , a vanished friend.

T; One guy adores the lessons of the Russian literature. He knows a lot of poems by heart.
Who is he? – Alex.
P: I have prepared the Russian version of the poem ,My friend’’. The translation was done by my elder friend.
У каждого в жизни имеется друг
В том городе , что не имеет конца
И каждый потом поймёт , это вдруг
Что не помнит он старого друга лица
Ещё в детстве играли от прочих в сторонке...
А жизнь- это что? Это быстрая гонка...
Забываем звонить, забываем писать.
И всё говорим себе снова и снова,
Что завтра услышим мы друга родного,
Но завтра придёт , новый день настаёт.
А расстояние растёт и растёт...
У каждого в жизни имеется друг,
И дружба – это огромное счастье.
И если забудешь об этом ты вдруг,
То может случится большое несчастье.

T: Let’s appreciate the answers. ( students make 3 claps.)
9. The teacher suggests the pupils to solve the puzzles about other students of the group. The statements are based on the students’ interests .
T: One girl in our group has a lot of diplomas, she is the active participant of the concerts held in our city. She has attended her dancing club since the first grade.
And this girl is slim and sympathetic. Her hobby is swimming. The third girl is unusual in appearance and has the great variety of hobbies. She is skilful in everything:
Students speak about the girls, describing their personal qualities and relations in class.

10.T: Thank you very much. You proved, you are real friends . I think it’s high time to sing a song .The students sing a song ,,We are friends…”

If you have many friends
Then you have many games
And you have many games
And you have many things to do
But if friend is in need
We will help him indeed
And be near with him everywhere .
Make him laugh and be happy
Because friendship is important.

I am your friend
You are my friend
And then our days are bright
We are friends
And we are
Happy every day and night

If every friend gives his hand
What a strength there will be
If every friend plants a flower
How many flowers there will be.

11. The evaluating stage of the lesson.
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