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Job Description
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The theme: Job Description -
The aims: - to enrich students knowledge aboutproffesions;
- To develop students views of choosing professions;
- To develop interest in learning English, to improve their pronunciation skills;
- To develop students skills and habits in dialogue and monologue speech through asking questions;
The method: explanation, group work, question - answer
The type of the lesson: mixed
The visual aids: pictures, cards, crossword:
The procedure of the lesson:
I Organization moment
a) greeting
b) The student’s on duty report
II Warm up
‘ The people of Kazakhstan should use equally three language: Kazakh, Russian and English’ N.A Nazarbaev
III Checing home task
IY New lesson
Let us begin our new lesson. The theme of thr lesson ‘ Job description’ We’ ll sesk about different professions
First of all let’s work with new words of the lesson
Actor driver
Doctor model
Sailor musician
Waiter hairdresser
Singer baker
Cook sculptor
Builder scientist
Painter banker etc.

Y Топтық жұмыс
Ой шақыру стратегиясы
1. Why do people have to work?
2. What are the most dangerous jobs?
3. What kinds of jobs do you enjoy most?

Working with proverbs.

а) What do you want to be? ( writing an essay)
б) Деңгейліктапсырма

What do you already know about jobs? Working in groups.
Talk about what you know. Get together with a group of students to talk about what you already know about jobs Here are some questions to help you get started:

1Әрбіртопөздерінеберілгенсұрақтарғасәйкесплакатбетінеөзойларын «топтастыру» бейнелеутапсырылады. Топжұмыстарыаяқталысыментоптарөзарабағалаужүргізуүшінкритерийлерұсынады. Мысалы: тақырыптыңашылуы, түсіндіруі, безендірілуі.

Бағалауөлшемдері --------------------- 1 - топ ------ 2 - топ

2. Working with new words ( showing presentation)
Actor driver
Doctor model
Sailor musician
Waiter hairdresser
Singer baker
Cook sculptor
Builder scientist
Painter banker

3. What do you want to be? ( writing an essay)(жекежұмыс)

4. Working with book
Ex. 1. Match the pictures to the sentences.
a ----- e ----- I ------
b ----- f ----- j ------
c ----- g ----- k ------
d ----- h ----- l ------

5. Warm up.
Are you tired? Let’s have a rest! Stand up, please.
With my foot, I tap, tap, tap
With my hands, I clap, clap, clap
Right foot first, left foot then
Round and round and back again.

6. Discussion
• What do you think? It is easy to choose a profession?
• When we speak about profession we use such words as 'trade', occupation'.
Who can explain the differences between them?
• Who can help you to make the right choice of a job.
• And what is the best way to prepare for any job?
• Have you made up your mind what to be in the future?

7. Working with proverbs
Have a look at proverbs again and try to explain how you understand this or
that proverb. Take it in turn.

V. Бекіту
a) Деңгейліктапсырма
б) Бесжолдыөлең
Writing a sinkwein poem about profession.
VI. Бағалау
Giving marks

Оқушыныңаты - жөні: ______________
Career Words
Read each sentence and write the correct word on the line. Choose from the careers in the box.

1. This person helps uphold the laws. _____________________
2. This person drives trucks that carry things we need. _____________________
3. This person cleans and fixes your teeth. _____________________
4. This person works in a school and helps people learn. _____________________
5. This person helps grow the food we eat. _____________________
6. This person works in a hospital or a doctor’s office. _____________________

truck driver
police officer

II деңгей (сурет)

Job interview

Good morning,
Why do you want to work
with us at camp Elisabeth?
What experience do you have?

What are the most important (5) ________ you should have working with children?
Are there any questions do you want to ask me?
Yes, (7) ___________.
I'll be (8) __________ with you next week.
You are welcome.

Good morning,
I’d like to work with children and get some
(3) ______________.
I (4) ____________ working at a School Club. I’ve helped the youth to organize sport events, parties and trips to various places.
The (6) ___________ for this Job – patience and enthusiasm. Also I have to be careful.
Will I get the answer to my appointment?

Thank you very much.
Expressions for filling in
Certainly, enjoy, getting in touch, important thing qualities, take a seat, thank you, work experience

YI Crossword
1.’I decide cases in a court law ‘ a judge
2.’These figures suggest that you are paying too much tax’ an accountant
3 ‘If you let me have your manuscript by the end of the may’ a publisher
4.’ You should go to the chemist;s and buy this medicin ’ a doctor
5’Do you want the bedroom shelves made of oak’ a capinter
6 ‘I love my audience .Ilove sining’ asinger
7. ‘I design and draw plans foe new buildings’ an architect
8. ‘I mbeginner,but I knowthe law Kazakhstan by heart’ a lawyer
9. ‘I speak three language because I meet different nationalities’ an interpreter
10 ‘I have the most modern plane I fly it easly’ a pilot
11. ‘I drive a car and earn my living’ a taxi driver
12. ‘I shallbuild a new hotel next year’ a builder
13.’ I prepared a turkey for Thanksgiving day’ a cook
14. ‘I work on shifts’I look sick people in hospital’ a nurse.
YII Dialogue with the pupils
YIII Conclusion
Giving marks
Giving home task ex 11; 12;15 p 86
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