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Intellectual Game "What? Where? When?"
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Intellectual Game “WHAT? WHERE? WHEN?” Task: teach pupils to treat to the nature carefully Aims: teach pupils to use their vocabulary learn to love our Planet make thrifty use of natural resources Procedure of lesson • Get acquainted with the lesson theme • Divide the class into two groups • Start the game Questions “WHAT?” 1. This is a big country. It is washed by the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. It is famous for its popular CINEMA LAND. It has many beautiful sightseeing such as Broadway, the Statue of Liberty. What country is it? (The USA) 2. Guess the riddle: what can speak every language in the world? It can repeat the words or sounds. It can be heard everywhere in the world. What is it? (an echo) 3. This is a dangerous thing. But when we use it at home it can help us to cook food. And if we use it in the nature it can damage harm to it. What is it? (a fire) 4. It has no legs, it has no tongue, it cannot speak but it goes away every day. What is it? (time) 5. This is a round thing. Every car has it. It can move on it. What is it? (wheel) 6. This is water. It flows through the whole city. The city’s name is London. What water is it? (Thames) 7. This is an Italian dish. The Italians like it best of all. What dish is it? (spaghetti) 8. People grow it in the fields. In autumn they gather it and in the factory they make bread from it. What is it? (wheat) 9. It is called “black gold”. It lies in the ground. People take it from the ground and make petrol. What is it? (oil) 10. This is a person who rules as the Head of the country. He helps his country to develop successfully. What person is it? (President) Questions “WHERE?” 1. These animals are very strong and beautiful. Their color can be black and sometimes dark- brown. Their name is panther. Where does it live? (jungles) 2. The most beautiful statue in the world is the Statue of Liberty. Where is it? (New York) 3. There is the most beautiful and the highest bridge in the world. It is called MILLOW BRIDGE. Where is it? (France) 4. This is the greatest bridge among all the bridges in the world. It was built through Akasie Strait. It had been built for 10 years, from 1988 till 1998. Where is this bridge? (Japan) 5. This bridge has got the name of BANPOH. It is situated in Seul. It is an architectural masterpiece. Another name of this bridge is FOUNTAIN- BRIDGE. Where is this bridge? (Korea) 6. It is a rainy weather. It rains all day long. Where does the bird sit in a rainy day? On what branch? (wet branch) 7. Guess the riddle. There is some water. Where does it stay like a column? (in a glass) 8. Guess the riddle. Where (in what place) the stones are always wet? (in sea) 9. Where can we see the nests of a stork? (roof) 10. We know many kinds of mushrooms. Where do they grow? (under trees) Questions “WHEN?” 1. The leaves begin to appear in the trees. The flowers begin to blossom. The birds begin to sing a lot, When does it happen? (in spring) 2. You remember that long ago London had had a Great Fire. During this fire a lot of buildings and houses were burnt out. When was it? (1666) 3. Guess the riddle. When can we see animals and they are not dangerous for us? And where? (ZOO) 4. What should you do when you are in a strange place and see a strange person there? (go away) 5. You see the dirty streets, papers on the ground, you see trash in the yards. When do we see it? What word do we use? (pollution) 6. When does the Earth shake all the buildings and houses, destroys them and leave people without shelter? (earthquake) 7. Guess the riddle. When can we see the full MOON? (at night) 8. Guess the riddle. When cats close their eyes but don’t sleep? (when eat) 9. Think and say. When do balloons fly? (full of air) 10. Think and say. When the anthills close their doors? (sunset) Crossword E N V I R O N M E N T Questions for the crossword: 1. Who lives on the Planet? 2. What water is called Sary- Agash? 3. The world has such _______ as Volga, Lena, Syr- Daria? 4. What creatures inhabit our Planet? 5. The place where you can find a lot of trees? 6. What people research the space/ 7. Russians, Koreans, Spanish, Uzbeks are… 8. Nature is (шедевр) of our Planet. 9. What is the main problem in our world? 10. Atlantic, Pacific, Indian…What is it? 11. What should people do for our Planet to _____ pollution? Answers to the crossword: 1. People 2. Mineral 3. River 4. Animals 5. Forest 6. Cosmonauts 7. Nations 8. Masterpiece 9. Ecology 10. Ocean 11. Stop
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