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Political system of Great Britain
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Lesson 64


Date: 08.05.15 (7a)
11.05.15 (7bv) Grade: 7 Abenova А.

critical thinking
The Theme: Political system of Great Britain.

Aim Presentation of the lesson about Political system of Great Britain, by teach new theme, by taking new words and grammar rules. To develop the pupils habits of the oral speech, to develop pupils creative and logical abilities, understanding reading and writing, grammar and lexical skills. To bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom.
Objectives By the end of the lesson the students must be able to speak about this topic, comparing thing, to identifying language structure
Key ideas Development of critical thinking, management and leadership in education promotes self-regulation, motivation and responsibility for their own learning
Methods and Techniques Discussion, individual and pair, group work, question- answer
The type of the lesson Generalization and systematization of knowledge on the topic
Resources Board, cards with new words, pens, stickers, markers, glue, tasks, poster, pictures, power point
The procedure of the lesson
I. Org. moment.
Get ready for the lesson, please! I am waiting for you to be quiet.
Good afternoon, boys and girls! I am glad to see you!
– How are you? Are you fine? All of you here? Who is absent?
– Let’s begin our lesson.

Warm – up.
Rule, represent, royal, guard, apartments, Buckingham palace, government, the Prime Minister, leader, party.
II. Basic of the lesson.
- The topic of our lesson is “Political system of Great Britain.”. - Today we’ll speak about Government. Open your copybooks and write down the date and the theme.

Checking homework. What was your home task?

Realization of meaning.
Activity 1 – Speaking.
• Who is the head of the UK?
• Who is the head of the government?
• What houses does the parliament consist of?
• Who chooses the members of the House of Commons?
• Who chooses the members of the House of Lords?

Activity 2 – New words.
Queen – королева King – король Sign – подписывать Influence – влияние Speech – речь
Coach – кресло Government – государство To divide – делить To elect- избирать Member – член
Activity 3 – Reading. (group work)
The work with the text. The fixation of new lexic
• Reading of the teacher.
• Read the text. Some words are not formed. You must make words of the letters.
• Read the sentence and say who will translate it. And then he translatre this sentence, read next and ask somebody to translate it.
• Make the cluster of the information from the text.

The British Parliament and Her Majesty’s Government
The Queen
Britain is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch. Until the seventeenth century, kings and queens of England had political power. But now the Queen is the only Head of State in a ceremonial sense. She isngs (signs) new laws and sees the Prime Minister every week, but has no direct aiiolctlp (political) eeuicnlfn (influence). She reigns, but doesn’t rule. One of her most important official functions is the State opening of Parliament. In this traditional ceremony, the Queen rides in a gold aohcc (coach) from Buckingham Palace to the House of Parliament each year and reads a speech. But the Queen doesn’t write the eehcps (speech).It’s written by the government ministers and only it’s read aloud by her. The Prime Minister is the virtual ruler of the country.
Britain’s Parliament is eiiddvd (divided) into two houses. Both of these are in the Palace of Westminster in London. The British Parliament works in a large building called the Palace of Westminster (The Houses of Parliament). The House of Commons is for eeedtcl (elected) members of Parliament. The House of Commons is made up of 650 elected members. The House of Lords is for non-elected members. The House of Lords has more than 1000 members.

Let's relax and do a very plain gymnastics for our necks.
- Look at the ceiling,
- Look at the floor,
- Look at the window,
- Look at the door.

Activity 4 – Answer the questions.
• Is Britain a monarchy? What are the duties of the Queen? Who rules the country?
What is the supreme legislative authority in Britain?

Activity 5 – Writing.
The British Parliament works in a large building, called………. .
The House of Commons is made up of ….. members.
The House of Lords has more than …….. members.
Britain is a parliamentary democracy with ………. .
The Queen is the only ……………… of State .
The Queen signs new ……… and sees the ……………. every week .
III. Reflection.
You have worked well today. Let’s remember what we have done at the lesson.
What new have you learnt at the lesson?
Open your diary, please. Your homework is to find information about the House of Parliament.
Your marks. “The lesson is over. Goodbye!”
Thank you for the lesson. My dear friends, you are the smartest,
the nicest, the merriest.
You are the best.
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