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Keep warm!
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Theme: Keep warm!
Objectives: pupils will be able to:
a) to enlarge pupils knowledge using the new words
b) to develop pupil’s critical thinking ability
c) to teach pupil to be healthy and clearly
Methods:RWST structure, question –answer.
Types of the lesson: mixed lesson
Visual aids: picture with new words
The Procedure of the lesson
• Organization moment
Teacher: Who is on duty today? -- Pupil: I am on duty today.
T.: Whois absent?-- P.: _____________________.
T.: What day is it today? -- P.: It’s the _______________.
T.: What day of the week is it today?
II. To check up home tasks
Ex 3 read the text Ex6 to learn by heart
What weather like today?
What was the weather yesterday?
Realization of meaning Ass-n work

A bad headache a cough

A sore throat ?

Exercise 1 Container. Use these words to complete the expressions below.
A——— of toothpaste a ——-of oil
a ———of milk a——–of water
a ———of juice a——-of tissues
Packet, can, tube, glass, package, jar.
Angry ашулы Happy бақытты Tired шаршаған Cold суық Ill ауру, сырқат адам
Tuesday 14th I feel better today. Yesterday was terrible. I felt fine all morning, but in the afternoon I began to feel really ill. I was hot, then cold. I had a headache. I felt tired and I felt sick. I finally decided to go home. I arrived home at two o'clock and went straight to bed. I took 2 aspirins and had a hot drink. I slept until this morning – 18 hours in all. May be it was flu. Today I feel better, but I'm staying in bed. I'm enjoying the rest and this book's very good.
VI Practice Question answer
When did she begin to feel ill? What was the matter? Did she have a headache in the morning?
How long did she sleep? How does she feel today? Why is she staying in bed?
VII. ConclusionExercise3 Look at the sentences below. They are mixed up. Can you match them and make sentences.Example: When I’m angry, I don’t talk.When I’m ill, I go to the doctor. VIII.Home task Exercise 6 read the text and translate into KazakhEvaliation I’ll give you good marks for A,L and M. The high time for the bell the lesson is over , good-bye pupils! See you tomorrow!
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