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открытый урок в 5 классе
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Lesson Plan “Join the Smile Club”
Grade: 5
The theme of the lesson: Modal verb «should», Vocabulary: «Food», «Weather».
Pupil’s book Way Ahead 4 p. 33 “Join the Smile Club”
The aim of the lesson: students will be able to use modal verb “should” in speech
Educational: see the difference between the verbs “must” and “should”, learn the Smile club rules – using sentences with the modals as advice, Future Simple
Bringing up: students will be able to work in pairs, in groups, respect the classmates, the foreign language and their native language, see the differences and similarities of them
Developing: students will be able to improve their speaking skills, reading and writing skills, develop their memory and attention, ability to use their knowledge in different situations
Short term plan
1. Greeting. Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. Who is on duty today? What date is it today? What day of the week is it today? Look at the window! What’s the weather like today? Look at the blackboard! What are we going to speak about? Today we shall speak about your smile.
2. Please smile at each other. Is your smile good? Yes, it’s very kind and beautiful. Let’s sing a song about smile. Repeat after me: t-t-trouble, bubble, isn’t, just, vanish, just to SMILE
3. It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E.
It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E.
So smile at any trouble, it will vanish like a bubble.
It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E.
Checking the homework.
Revision: In the west, in the east, in the north, in the south it’s cloudy, sunny, cold, warm, hot, rainy, snowy, windy, cool.
The pupils put the cards –pictures on the blackboard.
• It will be hot in the South.
• It will be cold in the North.
• It will be rainy in the West.
• It will be windy in the East.
• It will be cloudy in the West.
• It will be sunny in the South.
• It will be snowy in the North.
• It will be warm in the West.
• It will be cool in the East.
4. The weatherman. Who will be the weatherman? Ask him questions.
5. Running dictation. The hat is yellow. The cat is black.
The example is given. In pairs, the learners make a weather forecast for tomorrow. The text is written on the sheet of paper in the corridor. The students must run towards it, read the sentence, remember it and then run to his or her partner and dictate the sentence. The partner writes sentence by sentence. All the sentences are about the weather forecast.
Let’s check your dictations. Who was the first? Whose dictation was correct?
6. CD-ROM unit 6 Game A, Game B Way Ahead 4
7. Physical exercises. Point to the blackboard.
Point to the door
Point to the window
Point to the floor.
8. Look at the blackboard. (There are pictures of people smiling) Now, tell me please, whose smile is the best? Why? What must you do to have a beautiful smile? (Teeth- тiс) What doctor takes care of your teeth? Whose father is a dentist? Open your Pupil Books at page 33.
9. Listening. Tape. Listen to the disc and try to understand. Point to the person who is speaking. Play the disc again.
10. Reading. Jack, Becky, dentist and author. Four students read and four are acting out what they hear.
11. Ex. 2 p.33
12. On the blackboard: eat, drink, should, shouldn’t
Should or shouldn’t? Do you agree? Or not? Apples, sugar, biscuits, tomatoes, meat, lemon, chocolate, milk, water, cola, bread, butter, ice-cream, sweets, carrots
13.Evaluation. Conclusion: summary (review) evaluation of objective:
How are you after the lesson? What was difficult, easy? Was it interesting? What new information have you got? What can/can’t you do after the lesson? What should you do to improve your knowledge?
14.Homework WB ex 1 p 33
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