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Revision "Our school"
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Short - term plan.
Date December, 21 Class 3 "A" (1 group)
Theme of the lesson: Revision "Our school"
Objectives and tasks:
- to summarize pupils’ knowledge on the theme "Our school"
- to strengthen grammar "Ordinal numbers", have / has, there is / are.
- to develop reading, speaking, writing and listening skills.
- to bring up attention and curiosity
- to form positive motivation for learning English
- speak about their school, timetable, favourite subjects
- use learnt vocabulary for writing "Cinquain"
Modules New approaches to teaching and learning.
Learning to think critically.
Assessment for and of learning.
Using ICT in teaching and learning.
Teaching talented and gifted children.
Responding to age – related differences in teaching and learning.
Management and leadership of learning.
Teaching aids Interactive board, presentation, cards for dividing into groups, lists of paper, markers, evaluation list, cards with numbers, physical minute - song, picture of the basket

Stages Teacher’s activity Pupils’ activity Time
minutes Reflection to the students’ work
1. Organizing moment.
Warm - up. Creating a friendly atmosphere in class.

Dividing into three groups "English", "Art" and "Literature"
The theme and the aims of the lesson.

2. Evocation "Brainstorming"
Group work

3. Realization of meaning.
Group work with posters "My school", "My timetable", "My favourite subject"

4. Physical minute.

5. Reflection of the theme.
Pair work. Method "Cinquain".
1. Greeting. Attendance. Date.
Repeat the following poem after me.
Maths and Nature Study,
Literature and Handicraft,
Kazakh and Russian,
Music and Art
We study at school,
That's great and cool!
Teacher hands out cards with the names of these subjects.

Look at the picture. Can you say me the theme and aims of the lesson.
You are right our theme is School. And today we go on talking about our school life. We will revise your school timetable, speak about your favourite subjects, make our own poems and draw posters.
But I have a surprise for you. We will travel over the country "Magic school".
2. Let's begin our journey. The first station "English" How many new words have you learnt? Write down as many words as you can on the theme "My school" . Don't use your textbooks.
Teacher counts the words and write them down on the evaluation list.

3. The second station is Art. Do you like to draw?
Each group has its own assignment, the first group reflects the theme "My school", the second team - "My timetable" and the third - "My favourite subject". Please reflect your theme using pictures and speak on the theme. Don't forget about rules of working in a group.
Teacher writes down the marks on the evaluation list.

4. Are you tired? Do you want to run and jump, dance and swim? How do you think what station will be next?
Well done!

5. The fourth station is Literature. We will make poems and strategy "Cinquain" will help us in it. Look at the board, let's review stages of cinquain. Greeting. Pupils answer the questions.
Repeat the poem all together.

Pupils divide into three groups.

Pupils make suggestions on the theme and aims of the lesson.

Pupils write down words.

Pupils present their work.

- Yes!

Pupils work with posters, then present their work.
After each presentation other two groups evaluate the team which presented its poster.

Pupils dance, run and jump.

Pupils write cinquains, then read them.











Reflection of the lesson
The basket of ideas and wishes

Evaluation. T asks the questions
What have you learnt? What have you done? What did you like and dislike? What was interesting new for you?
Teacher evaluates pupils and put marks. Ps answer the questions in written form and make conclusions 5
Workbook p 48 - 50 Write down an assignment.
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