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The plan of the lesson
2016-02-23, 10:49 AM
The plan of the lesson
Date: 15.02.16
Grade: 5
The theme: We love the world.
Type of the lesson: Lesson of learning to understand that we should not pollute our world and the environment and that we should take care of the nature.
- Learning to say what problems we have and answer why we have them.
- Developing pupils speaking, enrichment of a lexicon by introducing new words.
- Learning to answer questions (Why? Because…).
The aim of the lesson: Disclose children’s interest to study English, knowing and being able to use different words to explain the situation about our environment, about our nature and all the problems people have concerning pollution.

The aids of the lesson: New words, a table, a game about the use of water.
1. Introduction.
- Good afternoon, children!
- Good afternoon, teacher!
- How are you?
- We are fine!
- How’s the weather outside?
- It’s (…)
- Great, thank you! 2 minutes

1. Checking up the homework. 10 minutes

2. Warm up.
Tell me please what do you think, how can we protect the environment and the nature that surround us? 3 minutes
3. Presentation.
Pupils, on today's lesson we will learn how to say what problems we have about our environment and the nature and how we can protect them.
New words: throw away, protect, nature, caviar, factory, forest, mountain, destroy, bomb. Write down the new words, please. 5 minutes
Phonetic drill
Pupils let us say a tongue twister together:
Willie Wilder went wild while we went wading in the water.
- Вилли Вилдер сошел с ума пока, мы переходили через реку. 3 minutes
4. Practice.
Open your books, please on page 164 and look at exercise 1.
Make up an interview with your neighbor.
Open your books on page 166 and read the text. 5 minutes
Open your copybooks on page 164 and write exercise 4 down.
Write down exercise 7 and 8 into your copybooks.
Let’s play a game! How much uses of water can you name?
The person with the highest number of points wins and will get a good mark. 10 minutes
5. Giving the home task: p-161, ex.8.

Answer the questions. 2 minutes

6. Conclusion.
- Children, your work today was great! We learned new words, spoke about the environment and the nature.

Questions for children.
- Do you like today’s lesson?
- Why do you like this lesson?
- What have we learned? 3 minutes

7. Giving marks.
Ok, very good. The lesson is over! Good-bye! 2 minutes
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