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What should we do?
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Date: 16.02.2016
Grade: 7b
Theme: What should we do?
a) to introduce with new vocabulary on the theme illness and injures
b) to explain new grammar theme: should and shouldn`t
c) to develop their reading, auding, writing, speaking skills
The type: demonstrative lesson
Visual aids: cards, computer, CD-disk, dictionary, Active studio board, poster, stickers
The methods: question-answer, individual, group and pair work
The procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment: Day, date, month, attendance
II. Checking up hometask: Asking exercise 4a p 95
1. Jodie has to leave the house at 7.30
2. Martin has to do the washing after dinner
3. I go out at the weekend but I have to stay at home during the week
4. My grandfather can`t hear very well so you have to shout when you talk to him
5. Sally`s a nurse. She often has to work at night
6. A lot of British schoolchildren have to wear a uniform
III. Diving into the group: I`ll give you shapes: a pink star , a orange square, a yellow circle
IV. Presentation of the new theme: What should we do? The method: YIN YANG
Introduction of new vocabulary on the theme: Illness and injures
1.She feels sick-
2. He`s broken his leg-
3.Ow! I`ve hurt my finger.
4. I`ve got a sore throat
5.She`s having an injection
6. She`s just fainted
7. He`s go earache
8. Here`s the first-aid box
V. Doing lexical exercises: Exercise1 p 96.Listen and check:
1-e, 2-a,3-d, 4-g, 5-b, 6-f, 7-h,8-c
VI.Try this:You`ld answer in group finding 8 words for parts of body:
Answers: hand, eyes, arm, hair, nose, teeth, mouth, face
You`ld to think of other words to substitute in some of these sentences, for example:
1. He`s broken his arm/leg/nose
2. I`ve hurt my hand / back/knee
3. I`ve got a sore foot/ leg/ finger
VII. Presentation of key grammar: Should, shouldn`t
We use should and shouldn`t +verb to ask for and to give advice-Өтініш білдіргенде және ақыл-кеңес бергенде қолданамыз.
VIII. Practice: Exercise 4 p 97
1. You should go to the dentist
2. We should do her to the hospital
3. You should take a first – aid box
4. You shouldn`t sit in front of the TV for hours
5. You shouldn`t eat those chips, then
6. You shouldn`t play football in sandals
IX. Singing a song: My bonny lies over the ocean
X. Presentation and reading: What should we do? Look at the photo. What was Happened?-The woman has just fainted.
XII. Doing lexical exercises: Exercise 2 b p 97
1.False. A women has just fainted
2. False. He wants to phone for an ambulance
3-5. True
6. False. She doesn`t follow his advice
7. False. She feels a bit sick
8. True
XIII. Working with active studio. Doing grammar exercises
XIV. Consolidation of the lesson by asking questions
XV. Writing: Consolidate the lesson by the method: YIN YANG
XVI. Giving up hometask: Ex 1, 2 workbook
XVII. Giving up marks
XVIII. The end of the Lesson
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