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Разработка урока английского языка по теме «Мир животных» в 8 классе.
2016-12-17, 10:51 PM
Разработка урока английского языка по теме «Мир животных» в 8 классе.
Цель: Закрепление и активизация ранее изученной тематической лексики, развитие умения аудирования с пониманием основной идеи и определенной информации. Задачи: 1. Обобщить и закрепить ранее изученную лексику по теме «Животные». 2. Развивать грамматические навыки, навыки монологической и диалогической речи, аудирования, зрительную память, творческие способности учащихся, логическое мышление, воображение и внимание, тренировать умение детей использовать свои знания в игре.
3. Воспитывать интерес к английскому языку, доброту, чувство ответственности друг перед другом; прививать любовь и заботу к животным.
Формы работы на уроке: групповая, парная, индивидуальная.
Тип урока: урок-соревнование.
Ресурсы: доска, мел, раздаточный дидактический материал, картинки, компьютер, интерактивная доска, презентация.

Remember... All animals need love and care just as you do! Don't hurt them!
Ход урока 1. Organization moment. Greeting. Good morning, friends and guests! I am glad to see you. You will have a competition between two teams. At the competition you will guess riddles, make up sentences to learn more about animals, tell stories about wild and domestic animals, recite a poem, guess the crossword and read the text. I think that you will enjoy our competition.
2.Phonetic drill.
But before the competition let`s train our tongues. Look at the Star Board, listen to the tape and repeat the poem.
Little monkey in the tree, Monkey jumps from limb to limb
This is what he says to me, While I chatter back to him:
«They, they, they. «Thee, thee, thee
Thee, thee, thee» They, they, they».

3. Speaking. Мотивация учащихся (Слайд 2)
T: I have got a very beautiful picture for you. What do you see on it?
P: A river, a forest, maintains, the blue sky, grass…
T: What is wrong with this picture?
P: There aren’t any animals on it.
T: We live in a world that is full of the beauty of nature. Animals are the part of that natural world. People often treat animals more like things than living, feeling beings. Very many animals are endangered. To save them we should get much information about them. The topic of our lesson is “The animals' World.”
4.Основная часть
T: Now, we’ll play together. Let`s divide into two groups. Name your teams. The first group, what`s your name? The second group, what`s your name?

1.Vocabulary and pronunciation.
To make our lesson successful let’s revise the learned words on the theme.
(See the presentation)

2. Riddles.
I’ll read riddles about animals and you will give me your answer in turns, OK?
Приложение 1
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12

T: 1) It is big. It is brown. It likes honey. It sleeps in winter. Who is it?
P: A bear.

T: 2) It is a bird. It is nice. It is blue, red, yellow and green. It can fly and talk. Who is it?
P: A parrot.

T: 3) It is a bird. It is not a hen. It can fly. It says “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” Who is it?
P: A cock.

T: 4) This animal can be black, grey, white or red. It lives in the house. It can catch a grey mouse. It likes meat, fish and milk. It can run, jump, climb and walk.
P: A cat.

T: 5) This animal lives at home or in the street. It is a man's friend. It can run, but can’t fly and climb. It is very clever and friendly.
P: A dog.

T: 6) This animal is very big. It is grey and sometimes white. It has a very long nose. It lives in India and Africa. It likes to eat leaves and grass. Who is it?
P: An elephant.

T: 7) It is little. It is not a fish. This animal lives in the river or near the water. It is green. It can jump and swim. Who is it?
P: A frog.

T: 8) Who has the longest neck? It’s the tallest animal.
It likes to eat leaves and grass.
P: A giraffe.

T: 9) It lives in Australia. It likes to eat leaves and grass.
It has got a pouch on its stomach. It carries its baby in the porch.
Its tail is very strong. It can jump up to 26 feet, who is it?
P: A kangaroo.

T: 10) This animal is not very big. It can walk and run. It likes to swing through the branches. It likes to eat leaves, bananas. It is very funny. Who is it?
P: A monkey.

T: 11) This animal is not very big, but strong. It is grey and very dangerous .
It likes to eat meat, like goats and sheep. It can run and jump.
Come to the forest and see me. Who is it?
P: A wolf.

T: 12) Who is it?
P: A zebra.

3. Let’s play animals' category game. Look at the active board.
What categories of animals do you know?
What species of animals do you know?

T: My dears, look at the screen. You must match and fill the scheme with names of animals. You can use only these words.
1 group: horses, crocodiles, pigs, sharks, sheep, dolphins, cows, fish, goats, whales.
2 group: bears, cats, hedgehogs, guinea-pig, squirrel, dogs, wolves, hamsters, hares, rats.

4. Put the words into three groups.

Key: Habitats - jungle, forest, ocean, river, desert, mountain.
Characteristics – wild, rare, fast, strong, endangered.
Words to describe actions – protect, hunt, extinct, save, destroy, pollute.

5. Word Halves. T: Now make up words in «Word Halves». Captains, take cards, and when the group is ready, raise your hands (1 min.). Gr 1, Gr 2.
pan sect
koa mal
in da
mam on Key: panda, koala, insect, mammal, body, bear, liоn.
bo ar
be dy
li la

6.Game «Actors».
You know that animals are good actors. Lots of them work in circus. And what about you? Can you be an actor? Let us see. There are some cards here. Come to the blackboard take a card with the name of the animal. Don’t read it for us, just show. And we’ll try to guess your animal.
7.Physical minute. (Физкультминутка 2 мин.) Dear, guests. Do you like our actors? I think they are perfect. And I’m sure it’s time to have a rest and sing a song.
8. Checking the homework.
T: Let's check your homework. But let’s continue speaking about pets and animals. You must make a dialogue about your favorite animal. Who wants to act it out? Now begin. P1-2, 3-4, 5-6: (отвечают парами)

- Hello!
- Hello!
- How are you?
- Good.
- Let's talk on the topic "My favorite animal"
- OK.
- What animal do you like?
- A tiger.
- Tell me about it.
- Tiger. It's the biggest cat. They have striped skin. Tiger is a beautiful and noble animal. And what animal do you like?
- I like panda. Because it's black-white, funny, clever. It likes to eat bamboo.
- Bye.
- Bye.

- Hello!
- Hello!
- What is your favorite animal?
- My favorite animal is a cat!
- Why do you like a cat?
- Because, he is little and beautiful! What is your favorite animal?
- My favorite animal is a dog!
- Why do you like a dog?
- Because, a dog is the best friend for a man!
- Goodbye!
- Good bye!

- Hi!
- Hi!
- Do you like animals?
- Yes, I like animals very much.
- What is your favorite animal?
- A cat. And you?
- I very like monkeys, but I haven’t got any monkey.
- At home I have аcat. She is white. My cat is very beautiful and she loves to play.

9.Grammar practice.
Let`s compare the animals using degrees of comparison! Look at the example!
Who is more beautiful? D__G C__T

10. Making up sentences.
Look at the Star Board. Make up sentences from these words to learn more about animals.
1. Lives, the, tortoise, life, the longest (The tortoise lives the longest life).
2. Is, monkey, the, cleverest, the, animal, wild
(The monkey is the cleverest wild animal).
3. Elephant, the, is, the, largest of all, animals, land
(The elephant is the largest of all land animals).
4. Runs, a, faster, than, kangaroo, a horse
(A kangaroo runs faster than a horse).
5. Is, the, giraffe, the tallest, the animals, of, all
(The giraffe is the tallest of all the animals).

Describe one of the animals. You must tell about the animal, where it lives, what it looks like, what it likes to eat, what it can do.
При составлении рассказов команды опираются на кластер.

12.The crossword puzzle. Now let`s see, which team will guess the crossword quicker? Find animals and birds. Do the crossword puzzle. Write the words down: camel, cow, hen, zebra, rabbit, duck, snake, elephant, dolphin, crocodile, rhino. (Какая команда быстрее и правильно разгадает кроссворд о животных?)
13. Work with the sayings.
T: As you know each animal has got its peculiarities and characteristics. Do you know the animal well? I’ll give you some cards. You must find suitable word.
Card 1
As busy as а (bee) As strong as a (horse)
As hungry as a (wolf) As fat as a (pig) As brave as a (lion)
Card 2
As quiet as a (mouse) As wise as an (owl)
As stubborn as a (donkey) As sly as a (fox) As clumsy as an (elephant)

14.Working with the text ``Have they got a future?``
Many animals and birds on the Earth are disappearing nowadays. Many of them are in danger. Indian tigers and African elephants are among them. People have hunted and killed many tigers in India and a lot of elephants in Africa. Why? Tigers and elephants are often dangerous animals. Tigers can kill cows, sheep, other domestic animals and sometimes they can also kill men. Some people are afraid of tigers and kill them to save their domestic animals and their lives. But some people have often hunted tigers for fun and for their beautiful skin. They can easily sell the skin and get a lot of money as the prices are high. The result is very sad. There are few Indian tigers on the Earth now. Many of them are usually old, sick animals. Most tigers don’t hurt people nowadays, but hide from them in deep, dark forests. There aren’t many forests for tigers nowadays. People have cut down many trees.

3.Find out from the text:
- the names of the animals;
- reasons of extinction of animals;

Look at the picture. Which animals are wild/domestic/endangered? Write them in three columns (осуществляется взаимоконтроль)

T: Now, I will finish our lesson with the poem "My dream" by Billian Brown.
"My dream"
I love all kinds of animals
Dogs and cats and rabbits
I love all kinds of animals,
Despite their little habits.
If I had tons of money,
Do you know what I would do?
I would buy lots of animals
And have my own zoo.
But they wouldn't begin cages, They would be free to run around.
And there's one thing they could feel And that is safe and sound.
T: I think, that our today's lesson was useful for you, you will save, help, care of animals. Thank you for the lesson.
You have worked hard today. … get excellent marks. … get good marks. … get satisfactory marks.
Giving the hometask.
Open your diaries and write down your homework: learn the poem by heart, find equivalents of these sayings and proverbs.
The lesson is over. Good bye, my dears.
P: Thank you, goodbye our teacher.
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