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Учитель: Ларичева Н.И.
КГУ «Средняя школа №10
им. Н.К. Крупской»

Петропавловск, 2016

American and kazakh holidays and traditions
Эпиграф: “ He who loves not his country can love nothing”. Byron
The aim of the lesson:
- To teach the pupils to work in the group, to help each other;
- To enrich, improve pupil’s habits in speaking, reading, understanding, translating and writing, to make quick decisions and to express themselves in English;
- To develop the respect in relationship between pupils.
The type of the lesson: Nontraditional lesson.
The form of the lesson: Competition lesson
The visual aids: The theme of the lesson, the names of two teams, riddles, proverbs, “Verbs” for a game, cards (tasks), balloons, puzzles.
Methods: Competition between two teams.
Procedure of the lesson.
I. T – Good morning. Today we’ll speak about our country. Knowing a foreign language gives you a chance to exchange information with people from other countries. Naturally we want to know as much as possible about each other. Kazakhstan has always been a country of free people.
Let’s begin our lesson. Look at the blackboard and read the saying. What do you think about these words? Do you agree or disagree?
II. T – Let’s work with the cards. T – Describe our state flag.
P – The sun as the symbol of peace is depicted against a blue background. You can see The Eagle – the symbol of freedom under the sun. There is traditional Kazakh ornament on the left.
T – What do you know about the state Emblem?
P – There is ”shanyrak” – a circle on the top of yurt in the center of the state emblem on the blue background. Its two beams lying across symbolize the four parts of the world.
T – What do people often call the American flag?
P – The American flag is often called The “Stars and Stripes”, it has 13 stripes (one for( each first colony) and 50 stars (one for each state)
III. T – You are welcome to enjoy our next round “POLIGLOT”. Answers should be given in 3 languages.
Complete the proverbs.
- In what month is Kazakh New Year celebrated? (March, Наурыз, Март)
- Better late than ……. (never, ешқашан,никогда)
- So many countries, so many ……(customs, дǝстур, традиция)
- East or West …… is best. (home, үй, дом)
- Speech is silver but silence is …… (gold, алтын, золото)
- Knowledge is ….(power, куат, сила)
IV. T – Our next round is “Magic cards”. Here are some riddles and questions to answer.
1. I am black and red and blue and in many of the colours I draw pictures for you (pencil, қарындаш, карандаш)
2. What has hands but no fingers? (a watch, сағат, часы)
3. The teachers write on me with chalk. My face is black, I cannot talk(a blackboard, тақта, доска)
V. And these riddles you should translate into Russian and English languages. Listen to the Kazakh variant.
VI. T – Now our students will recite poems, sing songs and dance. (Abai Kunanbaev)
P – Oh my luckless Kazakh
An unkempt moustache hides your mouth and chin,
Blood on right cheek, fat on your left.
When will the dawn of your number is vast.
Yet why do you change your favours so fast?
You will never listen to sound advice
Your tongue in its rashness is unsurpassed.
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