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разработка урока по теме:"Films"
Plan (7-th class)
Theme: “Films”
The aims of the lesson: 1) Learning: a) to teach the students
talking about films, famous people;
b) to teach the students listening and
understanding the text;
c) to teach the students reading and
understanding a fairy tale
2) Developing: to develop oral and
writing speeches;
3) Educational: to engraft the interest
to English language through English
and American films
Visual aids: interactive board, pictures, cards
The structure of the lesson
I. Organization moment. 1) Greeting
2) Marking the absentees
3) Acquainting the students with the theme
and the aims of the lesson

II. Phonetic exercise:
Кто видел художественный фильм «Москва слезам не верит», тот наверняка помнит, как главная героиня, которую сыграла Ирина Муравьёва, каждый день учила и несколько раз проговаривала скороговорки, чтобы поступить в театральное училище. Скороговорки развивает память и речь, а это очень важно для артиста кино и театра. Мы же начнём наш урок со скороговорок, чтобы поговорить с вами по теме «Films».
Patters (on cards #1)
1) Let us pronouns the sound “f”, “r”. Now listen please:
Fried fresh fish, Fresh fish fried,
Fish fried fresh Oh, fish, fresh fried.
Fresh fried fish.
Translate the patter. Repeat it after me…. Read with me together. Now a little quicklier…. Read the patter as quickly as possible.
Learn this patter at home by heart. It will be your first home task.
III. Presentation of the new theme.
A) So, children, tell me please what kind of films do you know? There are: comedies (комедии), dramas (драмы), thrillers (триллеры), westerns (фильмы о ковбоях), adventure films (приключенческие фильмы).
Now write the date and the theme of our lesson in your copybooks. Today is the 13-th of April. Our theme is “Films”. Write new words from cards #2 in your copybooks.
comedy ['komedi] - комедия
drama ['dra:ma] - драма
thrillers ['θrilәs] - триллеры
westerns ['westәn] - фильмы о ковбоях
adventure film [әd'vent∫ә] - приключенческий фильм
to laugh [la:f] - смеяться
exiting – [ik'saitiη] - волнующий
We make exercise 1 on page 156. Write definitions for these different kinds of movies using the phrases below. Read the word combinations and translate them. Write the sentences bellow to the end.
has a serious story
has cowboys in it
makes you laugh
often has an exciting story about crime and police
has lots of exciting action
An adventure film is a movie that has lots of exciting actions.
A comedy is a movie that --------------------------------------------
A drama ------------------------------------------------------------------
A thriller -----------------------------------------------------------------
A western --------------------------------------------------------------
Let us check up this task. 1 – c, 2 – e, 3 – b, 4 – d, 5 -a
cool Answer the next questions:
a. Do you like going to the cinema?
b. What do you prefer, going to the cinema or watching films on TV?
c. Who is your favourite actor (actress)?
d. What do you know about him/her?
e. What’s your favourite film? Why?
C) Guess what films or cartoons are these songs from?
Listen to the 1-st melody. Where is it from? Etc.

D) Look at the fragments of different artistic and animation films. Tell the titles of these films. Be attentive!

IV. Listening
Now you’ll listen a text about the famous American actor Jean –Claude Van Damme. But at first listen and repeat after me the words from the text: Brussels, Belgium, Los Angeles, encourage to [in'kΛridз] - вдохновлять, поддерживать, support [sә'pot]–помогать, поддерживать, delivery man [de'liveri 'man]-доставщик, appear [ә'ріә] –появляться.
Listen the text and try to understand it.
Jean – Claude Van Damme
Jean – Claude Van Damme was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1961. His father encouraged him to learn Karate. At the age of eighteen he opened his own gymnasium. He won the European Professional Karate middleweight championship title. In 1981 he went to Los Angeles. He decided to work in films.
He spoke no English and supported himself by working as a taxi driver and pizza delivery man. In 1985 he appeared in his first film.
Let us check up how you’ve understand the little biography of Jean - Claude Van Damme. Choose the right answer:
1. Where was Jean - Claude Van Damme born?
a) In Los Angeles
b) In Brussels
c) In New York
2. What kind of sport did he learn?
a) Boxing
b) Wrestling
c) Karate
3. When did he open his own gymnasium?
a) At the age of18
b) At the age of 20
c) At the age of 25
4. When did he go to Los Angeles?
a) In 1985
b) In 1981
c) In 1990
5. What job did he do to support himself?
a) He worked as a taxi driver and pizza delivery.
b) He worked as a professional actor.
c) He worked as a teacher.
6. When did he appear in his first film?
a) In 1990
b) In 1981
c) In 1985
Well, now who can retell us about Jean - Claude Van Damme. (To ask 1-2 students.)
V. Reading
1. Tell me please have you seen the cartoon or read the book of Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) “Alice in Wonderland”? Did you like it? Why?
2. Today you’ll read a fragment of this story. Here there are some unknown words from the text:
voice- голос
hole - дыра, нора
heap of dry leaves - куча сухих листьев
Read the text:
Alice in Wonderland (of Lewis Carroll)
One hot day Alice and her sister Loreen sat on the grass in a field near the river. Alice didn’t know what to do. So she decided to pick some flowers, but it was very hot and she wanted to sleep. She lay down on the grass.
Suddenly a White Rabbit ran near her. Alice heard a little voice which said: “Oh, I shall be late.” It was the rabbit. “I didn’t know that a rabbit could talk”, thought Alice. Then the Rabbit took a watch of its pocket. Alice crossed the field after the White Rabbit. Then, before her eyes, it jumped down into a large rabbit hole.
Alice went after the rabbit. She fell down the hole very slowly, so she had time to look around. It was very dark there but she saw many cupboards and bookcases, maps and pictures on the walls of the hole.
As Alice fell down and dawn she thought, “It’s interesting to know how far I’ve fallen now. It must be near the center of the Earth. Shall I fall through the Earth? And when I come out of the hole, shall I see people who walk on the heads?” suddenly Alice fell on to a heap of dry leaves. She quickly jumped to her feet and looked around her.
Look at the text again and find some things that surprised Alice.
Read the following sentences. Are they true (T) or false (F)?
1. Alice and her sister were near the river. -
2. Alice saw a Black Rabbit. –
3. The Rabbit took some money out of its pocket. -
4. It jumped down a large rabbit hole. -
5. Alice went after the Rabbit. -
6. It was light in the hole. -
7. She fell on to a heap of dry leaves. –
VI. Home task: 1. to learn new words and the patter;
2. to write a short biography of a famous actor/actress. (Use ex. 3 p. 156)
VII. Reflection.
So, children, tell me what we have done today on the lesson?
We’ve talked about English and American films and cartoon, about different kinds of movies. We have listened a text about the famous actor Jean – Claude Van Damme and read an interesting story (a fragment) of Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”.
VIII. Giving marks
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