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eating in Britain
ШҚО, Көкпекті ауылы
Ж.Шайжүнісов атындағы ОМ
Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Темербекова Алия Советбековна

Grade: 7 ‘’A’’
Theme: Eating in Britain
A) Educational: Fixing grammatical theme ‘’Countable and uncountable nouns’’ and words concerning to the food.
cool Developmental: To enrich learners vocabulary, improve learners speaking, reading, writing skills, develop their outlook.
C) Bringing – up: To bring – up learners to respect our country`s and other country`s traditional food and eat only useful and healthy food.
Teaching aids: Interactive board,cards and a ball.
Type of the lesson: Untraditional,fixing lesson
Method: Competition between teams, some elements of teaching by 7 modules of Cambridge University.
Procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment
A) Greeting 2 min
cool Checking – up home task. 8 min
II.Practice: 15 min
III Five minute activity 2 min
IV Feedback 15 min
V Giving hometask 1 min
VI Evaluation 2 min
I Organization moment
a) Greeting 2 min
- Good morning, boys and girls!
- How are you?
- Who is on duty today?
- Who is absent today?
b) Speech – drilling: - What`s your favourite food? What`s your favourite subject? What`s your favourite sport ? How are you? How old are you?
c) Checking – up home task. 8 min
- What was your hometask?
- Let`s check it up! ( To learn by heart the rule of grammar and make own example)
- (Teacher puts questions to learners they have to say in English).
II.Practice: 15 min
- Let`s divide into two teams. Team “ Big Ben” and team “Baiterek”.
Task for team “ Big Ben”
a) Pre – reading task: Ex:12,p: 70.You are going to read the text about food and drinks in Britain.What do you think what do they eat?
b) While – reading task: read the text and translate
c) Post – reading task: Answer the questions
1. What is the traditional food in Britain?
2. Do British people eat a lot of meat?
3. What is the most popular drink of British people?
4. What do British breakfast consist of?

Task for team “Baiterek”.
a) Pre – reading task: Ex:17 b ,p: 72 . You are going to read the text about food and drinks in Kazakhstan .What do you think what do they eat?
b) While – reading task: read the text and translate
c) Post – reading task: Answer the questions
1. What is the traditional food in Kazakhstan?
2. Do Kazakh people eat a lot of meat?
3. What is the most popular drink of Kazakh people?
4. What other Kazakh dishes do you know?
d) True or false

1. British people eat Kazy-karta
2. British people don`t eat a lot of meat.
3. They like tea very much
4. British breakfast consist of pudding, kazy, shubat.
5. Kazakh people eat mutton and horse beaf.
6. Kazakh people eat a lot of meat.
7. They don`t like tasty creamed tea.
8. Other dishes of Kazakh people are : plov,kuimak,,zhal-zhaya.

e) Find out 2 countable nouns and 2 uncountable nouns from the text and write down in your copybooks.
III Five minute activity:
The song ‘’ If you are happy” (2 min.) Video

IV Feedback:
a) Teacher: 2 min
- Let`s do exercise 19 at page 72.You have to complete the Venn diagram.

b)Odd one out. 3 min

Bananas Grape Apples Milk
Bread Meat Juice Butter
Spoon Fork Bowl Beaf
Mutton Beaf Sausage Tea
Milk Sugar Juice Coffee
Shubat Salt Fish Tomato
Kazy Pudding Book Baursak

Beshbarmak Plate Fork Knife
Cheese Milk Kuimak Kymyz
Cake Bowl Buiscit Shelpek

C)One people from team “Big Ben” says 5 words throwing a ball to team “Baiterek”, they must say if it`s Countable or Uncountable. Then in contrary. 3 min
For example: apple – countable
Butter - uncountable

c) Teacher gives out cards. 2 min
Digital dictation. There are words written on the board. Pupils have to find Countable and Uncountable nouns.
1.Grape 2. Juice 3. Book 4. Rain 5. Sugar 6. Fish 7. Tea 8. Cheese 9. Snow 10. Box 11. Tomato 12. Milk 13. Salt 14. Pen 15. Butter 16. Plate 17. Soup 18. Bread 19. Meat
20. Knife
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
C + + + + + + +
U + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Peer checking (teams exchange cards with each other and check).
Card #1
(Қабілеті жоғары оқушымен жұмыс)
Асты сызылған зат есімдердің көпше түрін жаз.
1. There was a man behind us. C
2. Dad never eats meat. U
3. Do you play tennis? U
4. He asked me to wait for 10 minutes. C
5. He told me one strange thing. C
6. Love makes people happy. U
7. I wish you good luck. U
8. We must save energy. U
9. She has lost her best photo. C
10. Would you like an apple? C
Card #1
(Қабілеті төмен оқушымен жұмыс )
Бос орындарға тиісті әріптерді жаз

Card #2 5 min
Fill in the diagram about eating in Kazakhstan

Card #3
Fill in the diagram about eating in Britain

V Home task: Writing an essay about `` My favourite food” 1 min
VI Evaluation: - Let`s count your scores.Now, listen to your marks! I`ll give you card and you fill what you knew, know and want to know. 2 min
Conclusion: - Today you were very active. My congratulation for winners! You see that people in Kazakhstan & in Great Britain have something in common. We’ve done a lot of work today. I want to thank you. Lesson is over. Good bye.

Источник: http://eating in Britain
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