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Lesson- game
The team of the 21st century . The theme of the game is ‘Seasons and holidays’
The aims of the lesson: -revision of lexical material
-To develop speaking on the theme “seasons”, dialogue speech and monologue speech and writing
-To bring up pupils’ memory, love to the English language, love to every seasons and nature.
Aids: slides, posters, crosswords
Prosedure of the lesson:
Organization moment
Good morning children. I am glad to see you.
How are you?
Is anybody absent today?
What date is it today? What season is it now? Name winter month (spring)
Say me please What season October is ?
Today we `ll have a lesson- game The team of XXIst century on the topic “Seasons”. Today we have 3 teams. But now our juries
They are: 1––––––––––––––––––––––––––
2 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––
3 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Every team: Name your teams. Introduce yourselves
The first team is called... The captain is....
The second team is called ...
The third team is called...
Listen to me attentively and give your right answer ,please!
For every right answer you`ll get 5 points.
The first task : Riddles. Who will be the first?
Who will be the best?
1 This is the season
When fruit is sweet
This is the season
When school –friends meet. (autumn)
2 This is the season
When children ski
And Grandfather Frost
Brings the New Year Tree. (Winter)
3 This is the season
When snowdrops bloom
When nobody likes
To stay in the room
When birds make their nests (Spring)
4 This is the season
When vegetables grow
I come to the garden
And make water flow.(Summer)

5 This is the season
When night are short
And children have plenty of fun
When the children swimming
All the day on a sunny day. (Summer)

6 In autumn they are good
Yellow, red and sweet
And they are very good to eat
Says my brother Pete. (Apples)

7 days are cool, apples are ripe
What season is it? Do you know? (Autumn)

8 In summer it is grey, in winter it is white
We call it Brother... (rabbit)

9 It`s red or rosy
In summer it grows
It`s a beautiful flower What is it? (Rose)
10 Higher than a house, higher than a tree
Oh, what can that be? (the sky)
The second task : Look at the picture ,Name as many words as you can on the topic “Seasons, holidays”
The third task : Speak about your favourite season and make up a dialogue on this theme. It was your hometask
- Juries, your points.
Let`s have a rest:
Breathe in deeply through your nose
Stand a little on your toes
Put your hands on your chest
Thank you have a rest
(Once more do it all together)
The fourth task I`ll give you a crossword you need find the answers. Who do it without mistake and who will be the first , our jury will give a point
Do it please I`ll give 2 minutes

1. 1 мектеп 2 появляться 3 морковь 4 африка 5 вокруг 6 бокс

2. 1 окно 2 колготки 3 воскресенье 4 сестра 5 ластик 6 зеркало

3. 1 третий летний месяц 2 гитара 3 бутылка 4 вокруг 5 осень 6 сад
The fifth task for captains : How many words can you find in this word of chain? SPRINGREENICEEVENINGAMEEIGHTAG
The sixth task: (Listen to the text)
Look at the slide and put the missed words in the text.
Another, presents, coloured, important, consists, called, cheaply, eat, a lot of , holiday.
Christmas Day
Christmas Day is a public ... . Families usually spend the day opening their ... which are often under the Christmas tree decorated with... toys. The most ... meal is Christmas dinner. The typical meal... of turkey with potatoes and other vegetables. ... traditional food in Britain is Christmas cake. Americans make special biscuits called Christmas cookies which they ... over the Christmas season.
In Britain , the day after Christmas is ... Boxing Day and is also a public holiday. ... sports take place on Boxing Day . In the USA there are many special sales, where things can be bought ..., on he day after Christmas.
The seventh task : Find this word instead of the numbers.
19,1,14,20,1, 3,12,1,21,19 (Santa Claus)
The eighth task: Match A and B colomn
A) cool
Summer december,25
October the fifth day of the week
Winter the hotest season
August the second month of the year
Christmas Day the tenth month of the year
Spring the coldest season
July the eighth month of the year
Friday it is after winter
The nineth task: Find 11 words
N f e b r u a r y o w G
o u w k l s n p z p i K
v b j a n u a r y c n T
e l f c d m o w p s t S
m a u t u m n l a u e E
b j k u w e a t h e r A
e y m s p r i n g q b S
r o p b e c a u s e d O
d e c e m b e r y f i n

Draw a funny snowman and your wishes to each other .

Your hometask: make a dialogue about the weather and seasons crossword
Stand up my sudents
Raise your head!
Jump up high!
Wave your hand
And say Good- bye
Good bye children Thank you.
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