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Разработка урока по теме "A dialogue of two cultures: Great Britain and Kazakhstan"
PROCEDURE 1. Organizational moment Good afternoon! I’m glad to see you today. Sit down, pls. Welcome to our teleconference between students from Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan and from the City of Bradford, England. 2. Aiming Now watch a video presentation and guess what we are going to speak about. (watching the video presentation). ch.: We are going to speak about Great Britain and Kazakhstan, we’ll compare them. 3. Exchange of greetings Now, please, groups, greet each other: -Good afternoon! – Afternoon! -I’m glad to meet you.- Hi there! -Glad to see you. – Glad to see you, too. -How do you do? – Hello, nice to meet you. - What a pleasant surprise, …!It's a long time since I saw you last! – Oh, hi, …!Haven’t seen you for ages! 4. Presenting a visit card First of all, we’d like to see your visit card. It’s the best way to know each other faster and better. Visit_card1: Good afternoon! We are a delegation from Kazakhstan. We study at the First lyceum in the fifth grade. We study a lot of subjects such as Maths, Kazakh, Russian, English, Self- cognition, etc. We participate in different competitions and like our lyceum very much. We have different optional lessons in different subjects. Visit_card2: Good afternoon! We are a delegation from Bradford, England. We study at the 5th form of Bradford Grammar School. We are an independent co-educational day school with a long history of educating bright boys and girls in West Yorkshire. Every year we participate in activities: Sport, Music, Drama, Clubs. At Bradford Grammar School we have Wednesday afternoon as a time for activities. All pupils must take part in something. Pupils are able to choose from 53 clubs and societies, from climbing, rowing and orienteering, to war games, debating and chess. Many of our departments also run clubs for pupils: the Chemistry Club and the Internet Club are examples. The Art and DT Clubs also enable pupils to continue with their interest without taking a formal examination in the subject. Our School offers an exciting programme of outdoor activities. 5. Geography of the regions En: We are from England, from foggy Albion. Our country is a part of the UK. It is situated on the British Isles. Our capital is London. The symbol of our country is a red rose. And our patron saint is St George. And this is our flag – a red cross on the white field. And our city is in West Yorkshire. It is the third largest in the United Kingdom after London and Manchester. Kz: Our country is large. It takes the ninth place in the world by area. We are situated in the middle of Asia. The symbol of our country is a snow leopard.Our capital is Astana. It’s a very big and beautiful city.And we live in the very North of Kazakhstan. Our city stands on the bank of the Ishim river. 6. Political outlook En.: Our country is a kingdom. The Head of our country is the Queen. The power is given from a parent to a child. But the real power belongs to the Parliament and to the Government with the Prime-Minister. The Parliament has two Houses: the House of Lords (its members are selected) and the House of Commons (they are elected). Kazakhstan is a republic. The first and only President is Nursultan Nazarbayev. He is also the commander in chief.He is elected by people. The prime minister chairs the Cabinet of Ministers and serves as Kazakhstan's head of government. Kazakhstan has a bicameral Parliament, too. There is the lower house (the Majilis) and the upper house (the Senate). 7. Checking homework To sum up our knowledge let’s see what is different and the same in both countries. Two of our members communicated through the Internet and prepared for us a presentation of comparison between English and Kazakhstani people. 8. Table manners And in every country you must behave yourselves. And table manners are not an exception. Now let’s see who is more qualified in table manners. What modal verb will help us in it? (should) Cards with the task: 1. Meals should be put onto the fork. 2. You shouldask. your neighbour to pass it. 3. You should be polite. 4. You shouldsay "thank you" for every favour or kindness. 5. You should use a knife, a fork and a spoon. 6. You should use a napkin at the table. 7. You shouldn’t chew with your mouth open. 8. You shouldn’t lick or put your knife in your mouth. 9. You shouldn’t pick food out of your teeth with your fingernails. 10. You shouldn’t take food from your neighbours plate. 9. Tea traditions and customs After meals in both countries people drink tea. Now, please we have two representatives from both countries who spoke about tea. Please, the floor to you. 10. Holidays group1: Name me the holidays that are celebrated in both countries: St Valentine’s Day, New Year, Easter, Christmas, Fool’s Day. group2: Name me the specific holidays. And now, you had to prepare a telling about one specific holiday of your country. 11. Feedback Three types of faces are given to children: At the end of the lesson children choose one of the faces. So, soon we’ll have a holiday Nauryz. Please, tell to each other some good words. 12. Summing up. Giving home task H/t: 1) Make up a crossword “England and Kazakhstan” – for extra mark 2) Write a composition: “My heart is in Kazakhstan / England”
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