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План-конспект урока по страноведению в 9 классе
Nauryz is the holiday of spring
9Б класс, 2 урока.
Учитель: Хрестяновская Е.Н.

Класс предварительно условно разделён на три тематические группы:
1. Обычаи и традиции праздника
2. Одежда
3. Блюда
Дома каждая группа готовила презентацию по своей теме, которую они представят в рамках урока.
Все предложенные задания выполняются в группах или представителями групп.

I. Постановка целей и задач урока.

На доске слова: a big meal, a beautiful dress, invite friends, play music, dance, an enormous birthday cake.
The topic to discuss is CELEBRATION.

II. Подготовка к основному этапу занятия. Введение в тему:

TASK1: Listen to the text and decide what holiday we are going to speak about today. (Nauryz)

There is a legend in Central Asia that every year during the night between the 21st and 22nd of March (the spring equinox), the wise elder Kadyr-Ata walks across the Earth. Kadyr-Ata brings people happiness and wealth, and he also possesses special magical powers. At three o.clock in the morning, Kadyr-Ata opens the door to the sky and lets Spring come to the world. At this time, he breathes life into the earth; he renews the earth from its death-like winter state, and brings it back to spring.
For the Kazakh nomads, the arrival of spring was a time for great celebration. Life was hard for nomads on the Kazakh steppes, and Nauryz marked the end of the difficult winter season and the beginning of spring renewal. With spring came the beginning of a new year’s cycle of life, the time of year when the nomads happily said goodbye to harsh winter weather, welcomed warm weather, and rejoiced in the birthing season of their valuable livestock upon which they depended for food and their very livelihoods.

TASK2: Read the text and match the definitions with the underlined words:
1. Cruel, severe;
2. Show signs of great happiness;
3. Member of a tribe that travels about;
4. Animals kept for use or profit;
5. Time of the year when day and night are of equal length;
6. Being useful or desirable;
7. Need, rely on in order to exist;
8. Means of living;
9. Having or showing experience, knowledge, good judgement;
10. Make new;

III. Усвоение новых знаний

На доске цифры: 3, 7, 21, 1988, 2009,6, 1926
How do the numerals refer to Nauryz?
• Nauryz was cancelled in 1926. It was first recreated in Kazakhstan only in 1988 and was extremely popular.
• In 1988 - 3 days of Nauryz holiday, starting 21th of March, were officially announced bank holidays in Kazakhstan.
• September 30, 2009 – Nauryz was included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO; since then, 21 of March is announced International Day of Nowruz (Nauryz).
• The Kazakhs attached special importance to the number of seven during the Nauryz celebrations because it symbolized the seven days of the week, which was considered to be a time unit of the universal eternity. Seven bowls with the Nauryz-kozhe drink (made from seven sorts of seven types of herbs) would be put in front of the aksakals (respectable old people). The meals were composed of seven components, usually meat, salt, fat, onions, wheat, kurt (a type of cheese) and irimshik (a kind of cottage cheese).
• 6 stands for the number of letters in the word NAURYZ

TEACHER: What associations come to your mind when you hear Nauryz?
Possible answers: traditions, costumes, dishes. Make a cluster on the board.

GROUP1: TRADITIONS (Выступление Группы)

IV. Первичная проверка понимания

TASK4: Fill in the gaps
Nauryz is a very important 1____ for Kazakhs, which marks the 2_______of a new year. It is 3¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬______ several days starting from 21st of March, the day of the 4_____ equinox.
Nauryz means ‘5____ day’, it is celebrated in the Great Steppes from 6_____ times.
During the Nauryz holiday7______ nomad houses feltyurts -are erected in city centres and rich dastarkhan (table) is laid down in each of them. You can find people wearing beautiful national 8____,9____ to Kazakh songs and play of musical 10_____.

Nauryz is a very important 1holiday for Kazakhs, which marks the 2beginning of a new year. It is 3celebrated several days starting from 21st of March, the day of the 4spring equinox.
Nauryz means ‘5new day’, it is celebrated in the Great Steppes from 6ancient times.
During the Nauryz holiday 7traditional nomad houses feltyurts -are erected in city centres and rich dastarkhan (table) is laid down in each of them. You can find people wearing beautiful national 8clothes, 9listen to Kazakh songs and play of musical 10instruments.

GROUP2: COSTUMES (Выступление Группы)
TASK5: Match the names of pieces of clothes with the description.
Ton Coat
Shash Fur coat
Takiya Skull cap
Borik Warm hat
Saukele National bridal headwear
Kalpak Summer hat
Tymak A warm winter hat with earflaps and neck flaps made from fox
Bashlyk Headwear made from camel cloth, worn on top of other hats to protect from dust, sun, rain, snow

GROUP3: DISHES (Выступление Группы)
TASK6: Match the missing parts with the gaps.
In nomadic cookery, the amount of equipment is minimal because 1 _____. In addition, there are no luxuries such as electricity or running water. The iron kazan is the most indispensable piece of cookware—it is used for cooking pilaf, soups, and even bread—if the kazan is shallow, it can be turned over to cook flatbread on the back. Many parts of the sheep and goat are used 2 ____.
The host of the meal cuts the meat himself (or herself) and gives the best cuts to more honored people,3 _______. This meat is most often eaten with thin boiled pieces of pastry. A guest is always given the place of honor and a special welcome in Kazakh practice.
Kazakhs traditionally eat at a low table called a Dastarkhān. Kazakhs also maintain a tradition of using beautiful dishware when possible. Kumys is served in wide bowls 4 ____, and meat is often served on wide platters. Tea is steeped in ornate teapots and served in lovely cups. Bigger and deeper bowls are used to serve dairy products, and small wooden basins are used for making dough. Further more, each family has their own wooden spoons,5 _______, showing their importance in food culture in Kazakhstan.
A. which are cared for and transported in felt and wooden cases
B. decorated with silver or in painted cups
C. it must be transported from location to location to follow the grazing herds
D. with the worst cuts going to children
E. for holding milk products or for making cheese


V. Подведение итогов занятия:

Choose true (T) or false (F):
1. Nauryzis has been celebrated since 21st century.
2. The holiday is celebrated for 3 weeks.
3. Nauryz became an official holiday in 1926.
4. Kazakhstam is the only country to celebrate this holiday.
5. Nauryz means ”bye, old day”.
6. Nauryz isn’t a public holiday, people stay at home with their families for celebration.
7. Nauryz is a religious holiday, there is no place for feast and games.
8. Beshbarmak is the most important dish at Nauryz.
9. Traditionally there are 7 ingredients in Beshbarmak.
10. City squares are full of Altybakan.
11. Traditional nomad houses are called Altybakan.
12. Nauryz Kozhe is special for its beautiful decoration.
13. There was a great amount of equipment in nomadic cookery.
14. Main ingredients in traditional Kazakh cuisine are fruit and vegetables.
15. During Nauryz past offences are forgotten, debts are forgiven and everybody makes a wish to leave all the badness behind.(T)

ДОМАШНЕЕ ЗАДАНИЕ: Написать сочинение на тему: “Nauryz is a popular Kazakhstani holiday”

1. Активно работал, предлагал свои идеи.
2. Вёл обсуждение: выражал согласие/несогласие, добавлял.
3. Внимательно слушал.
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