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out of lesson activity "Brain-ring"
The theme of the activity:Brain-ring
The aims of the activity: To enrich students' knowledge; to consolidate their active vocabulary; to develop communicative skills and group work; to bring up respect and love to country studying states and to their Motherland.
The type of the lesson:Intellectual game.
The form of the lesson: group work, competition.
The methods of working:Warm-up, question – answer, reflection.
Inter subject connection:Kazakh, Geography, Literature, History.
The visual aids:Computer, IB, presentations, questions.
Expecting objectives: the pupils will be able to:
• answer the questions about Great Britain, the USA and Kazakhstan.
• use thematically vocabulary in oral speech.
• develop their speaking and listening skills.
enlarge their knowledge.
Org. moment:Greetings.
Warm – up:
I wish good luck in everything and everywhere.
Учащиеся поочередно касаются одноименных пальцев рук своего соседа, начиная с больших пальцев и говорят:
• желаю (соприкасаются большими пальцами);
• успеха (указательными);
• большого (средними);
• во всём (безымянными);
• и везде (мизинцами);
• Здравствуйте! (прикосновение всей ладонью) How do you do!
With the help of flags of three countries students are divided into
Great Britain, the USA and Kazakhstan.

The 1st round:Policy.
a) Great Britain:
The full name of GB - The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
What is the capital of GB? – London.
Who is the head of the country? – The Queen Elizabeth II
Who is the Prime – Minister of GB now?- David Cameron
Who lives in Buckingham palace? - The Queen Elizabeth
b) the USA:
In which state is Washington situated? - DC
What is the residence of the president of the USA? – The White House.
How many rooms have the White House? - 132
How many states are there in the USA? – 50+
The American President during the World War II? – Franklin Roosevelt
c) Kazakhstan
The official name of our state? – The Republic of Kazakhstan.
How many regions are there in our KZ? - 14
Name the outstanding Kazakh statesman who had been the first secretary of the Communist Party for many years? – D. Kunayev.
What events in KZ we consider as the 1st sign of democracy? - The national emblem, anthem and flag.
Who is the head of our West Kazakhstan Region? – N.Nogayev.

The 2nd round:Geography.
Great Britain:
Name the three parts of GB – England, Scotland and Wales. Name the capitals of these three parts - London, Edinburgh, Cardiff. Name the river on which London stands – The Thames.
Name 5 English-Speaking countries – The UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, new Zealand. Name a mountainous part of GB – Scotland.
The USA:
What is the largest river in the USA? – The Mississippi.
Which is the biggest state in the USA? – Alaska.
In which city is Hollywood? – Los Angeles, California.
What is the name of the American flag? – Stars and Stripes. Where was Coca-Cola invented? – Atlanta.
Where is our state Kazakhstan situated? – Eurasian continent or Central Asia. Name 5 main zones in Kazakhstan? – Northern, Eastern, Central, Western, Southern. Name the national resources of West Kazakhstan – oil, gas, ores and minerals. When was the presentation of Astana? – In 1998.
Name the total area of Kazakhstan – 2,724,900 sq. km.

The 3rd round: History.
Great Britain:
Name the British admiral, who won victory over the French squadron – Lord Nelson.
What kind of state is the United Kingdom? – a constitutional monarchy.
A red dragon is the symbol of which country? – Wales.
The Great Fire of London took place in … - 1666.
When did Scotland join to England and Wales? – 1707.
The USA:
Name the American presidents who were killed – Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, James Garfield.
Who discovered America? – Christopher Columbus.
What city is famous for its skyscrapers in the USA? – New York.
What is the seat of the US Congress in Washington, DC? – The Capitol.
What was the name of the ship which left England for America in 1620? – Mayflower.
Who united the Kazakhs in one nation? – Abylai-khan.
Who was a scientist, traveler and poet? – Ch. Valikhanov
Name the outstanding 3 judges of the Kazakh steppe – Tole-bi, Kazbek-bi and Aiteke –bi.
Name Kazakh batyrs who fought for independence and freedom? – Makhambet Utemisov, Esatai Taimanov.
When do we celebrate our Independence Day? – December, 16.

The 4th round: Literature.
Great Britain:
A legendary hero of English literature – Robin Hood.
She was the great master of detective stories – Agatha Christie.
“To be or not to be?” that is the question of – Hamlet.
The birthplace of William Shakespeare – Stratford – upon – Avon. Robinson Crusoe met his friend … on the island – Friday.
The USA:
A famous American writer who wrote a book about a very clever dog – Jack London, “Brown Wolf”
Tom Sawyer had to whitewash the – fence.
The author of “Last leaf” is – James Aldridge.
Uncle Tom, the main hero of the novel “Uncle Tom's Cabin” was – a slave.
The American writer whose surname is the name of the capital – Washington Irving.
Name the author of the novel “Az i A- O. Suleimenov.
Who wrote the epic novel “Abai zholy”? – M.Aueyzov.
Who translated Pushkin's novel “Dubrovsky” for the Kazakhs? – Sh. Kudaibergenov.
Our Uralsk writer, who writes his novels in Russian? – Gabbasov.
Name the well-known Kazakh writer, poet, interpreter and philosopher – Abai Kunanbayev.
Basket of ideas: Students will write on the stickers their opinions about the game, then they put them into the basket. Teacher will read some of it.
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