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The Theme of the Lesson: Environmental protection
Ш.Қ.О. Аягуз ауданы. Тарбағатай ауылы.
"Тарбағатай жалпы білім беретін орта мектеп"К.М.М.
Ағылшын пәнінің мұғалімі
Майжанова Акмарал
Form: 8 “A”
The Theme of the Lesson: Environmental protection
Aims of the Lesson: Жаңа сөздерді енгізу оларды қолдана отырып, қоршаған
ортаның проблемалары туралы сөйлеуге сұраққа жауап
беруге үйрету. Сөз құрамына байланысты жаттығу орындата отырып грамматикалық сауаттылығын арттырып оқу жазу ауыз сөзі іскерлігін дамыту.
Brining – up: Шет тілін үйрене отырып, өз елін тілін құрметтеуге өзін
Қоршаған ортаны таза ұстауға, табиғатты қорғап қамқор болуға тәрбиелеу
Equipments :Сөз құрамына, таблица , диаграмма, экологияға байланысты суретті слайд, аудио жазба
1 Organisation moment -Good morning pupils!
-Who is on duty today?
-What date is it today?
-Who is absent today?
-Thank you! Sit down!

2. Hometask Revision- OK. pupils, at the last lesson we have learnt about
Wildlife of Kazakhstan. What can you say about the
flora and fauna of Kazakhstan?

3. Phonetic drillListen to me and repeat after me
The woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep

3.The new Theme Today we have the new lesson. The name of our les-
son is “Environmental Protection”

There are some words for new theme. Listen to me
and repeat after me
environment- қоршаған орта
pollution – ластану
pollute - ластау
die from – өледі
salt desert – тұзды шөл
reduction – азаю кішірею
a salt desert – тұзды шөл
a petrol station – жанармай бекеті
Irrigation – суландыру
shrinkage – құру
disaster – бақытсыздық
cause – себеп
pour – құю құйылу
damage – шығын шығу
сontain – бір нәрсенің ішінде болу
nuclear explosion – ядролық сынақ
appear – пайда болу
disappear – жоғалып кету
3- 2. The new theme:
1. Ex.1. Read this diagram

Soil is polluted water is polluted meat
pollution animals are killed for oil
air is polluted skin
The Earth fur
Mother Naturedie from
Food is not healthy pollution
die from
forests are destroyed
[Trees are cut] for
For building
There are many environmental problems in Kazakhstan. One of the most acute is the problem of the Aral Sea basin. The excessive use of water resources of the Amudarya and Syrdarya rivers resulted in a rapid shallowing and drying up of the Aral Sea. The adjacent area has turned into lifeless saline desert.Thise entailed negative concequences for the natural environment economic activity possibilities and human health
Now listen to the text about the Aral sea (тексті тыңдату)
2. Ex 2 Are the sentences true or false ? a) true
b) true
d) true
3. Ex 3 Complete the table


Next look at the blackboard. I ll show you some pictures of ecology problems of Kazakhstan (slide)

4. Home assignment
OK pupils now open your diaries and write the
Hometask1. Learn the new words
2.Completethe table in your notebook
4. Conclusion of the lesson:Today… The lesson is over. Good bye!

The Aral Sea was the fourth largest lake in the world. The former sea bed is now
a salt desert. It was once the home to 24 species of fish. More and more water is
used for irrigations and this may cause a reduction of water pouring into the Aral
Sea. As the result of the shrinkage of the Sea a lot of fishermen lost their jobs.
The dying Aral Sea is one of the world`s environmental disasters. The environ-
ment around the lake and health of the people have been damaged. The Sea has
changed the climate of the region greatly. The fertile soil is covered by the salt
blown from the dry sea –bed. The air contains salt. dust and pollutants blown
from the sea – bed. The air pollution and water pollution cause the serious health
problems. A lot of people suffer from different seious diseases.

a) Aral Sea was one of the largest lake in the world
b) The Aral Sea was the home to 24 species of fish before
c) The Aral Sea was the problem of only Kazakhstan
d) The Sea hasn`t influenced the climate of the region
e) The air contains salt dust and pollution blown from the
sea bed
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