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Ways of living
School Bolashak school 4
Teacher Mauliyeva S.S. The English language teacher

Class Grade 9A
The theme Ways of living
Book English in mind 2

New approaches to teaching and learning
Learning to think critically
Assessment for and of learning
Using ICT in class
Management and leadership in learning

Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing to:
organize and present information clearly to others

Language aims
To develop skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading through doing exercises by the theme “Ways of living’’
Tasks of the lesson:
To use the key words to talk about events
To use indirect questions in speaking, written form and describing the event
Lesson objectives:
All learners will be able to understand main point of the video .
Most learners will be able to understand the details of the video of the lesson
Some learners will be able to filling the gaps correctly.

Up-bringing objective is to teach students to express their own opinions and work in pairs, and in the groups

Form of the lesson: Practical lesson.

Type of the lesson Developing and Mastering Skills Lesson
The result of teaching: Students can use indirect questions in the sentences, can discuss and give their opinions in written, oral forms.The procedure of the lesson Teacher’s activity Students’
I. Introduction

5 min. Org.moment
Good morning dear students.
How are you? I’m fine, thank you.
-What’s the date of today? Who’s absent today?
Revision vocabulary Students sit in the pace where they want

Ss check each other’s home task and answer them

Ss evaluate themselves in the assessment paper
II. Main stage



They ask each others in oral form.
Then do the next ex.on the computer.

2.Block of flats
Writing task
7-6points 5-4points 3-2points
5 4 3

(do this test under the music Beethoven)
check the answer ourselves).
Then I give them the sheet of papers with 2 tasks.

Watch video about the house
Answers:1. Utility room, 2. The kitchen 3. The living room 4. Conservatory 5. Bedrooms 6. Bathroom 7. Study
7-6points 5-4points 3-2points
5 4 3

Task2 Answers:
I’m going to talk to you about my house.
My house is in London.
It is a detached house.
We eat in the kitchen.
Upstairs there are two big bedrooms.
5 points 4-3points 2points
5 4 3

Present their project

 1. Students tell me about the colours in their house, outside and inside. Write words the students cannot find but needs on the board.

 2. Another student tells the group about noise, sound and silence in their house. He thinks of noise coming from outside as well as sounds from inside. Again, fill the board with the vocabulary the students needs.

 3. Ask the third student to tell the smell in his house.

 4.The place they like best in their house
The student describes his house.
5. How smell the house
(do this test under the music Beethoven)
check the answer ourselves).
Running dictation
I st group
Our new house is smaller than our old one but it’s really nice. It hasn’t got a garage, but there’s room for Mum’s car in the drive. It is semi-detached, you know, joined to another house. But our neighbours are nice, they don’t make much noise. It’s got a garden at the front with a fence round it.

II group
There are a lot of people who maybe wouldn’t want to live where I do, but for me it’s perfect. Just one floor, and it is quite small inside but I don’t want a big kitchen or anything anyway. And the great thing, the really good thing about it, is that it’s mobile. I’ve been in this place for more than two years now. But I can go somewhere else whenever I want to.
Check each other. They do individual work
Ss evaluate themselves in the assessment paper

They give points themselves

During watching video they do tasks

The give points to their partner because they exchange the answers test.

They draw the pictures and present them

II. Conclusion Check each other, explain the quality of the job and put down the marks in the feedback
Talented and gifted students

III. Assessment Motivation self-assessment Self-assessment and leader’
IV. Reflection Describe their felling and emotion about the lesson and show ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ using the thumb finger. Share with opinions
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