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Қоршаған орта және біз
Сетербаева Айгерим Женисовна, ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі, ШҚО, Үржар ауданы, «Көктерек орта мектеп-бақшасы» КММ
Мазмұны Күні/Уақыты
Сабақтың атауы Қоршаған орта және біз
Сілтеме Тақырыптық күнтізбелік жоспар, сабақ жоспары, оқулықтан алынған материал (папка: ресурстар)
Тапсырмалар Сабақ барысы
Checking up the home task What was your home task? Do have any questions?
Who is ready? Is there any volunteers?
Warm up What is the title of the lesson?
What words can you associate with this title?
Key words Look at the words and use dictionary and you may check their meaning
A Vocabulary quiz: Give your partner a vocabulary quiz. Follow the stages.
Stage 1 Think of ten words and write quiz questions like these:
The first letter is…/How do you spell…? /What is …in English?
Speaking Strategies
When you are speaking you need time to think;
Use hesitation words, fixed expressions;
Make sure you understand the subject, collect enough information;
Give your opinion and ask what the others what they think;
Grammar Real Conditional
Practice Additional task from grammar
Before reading, look at the title, pictures and the first couple of lines of the text;
Predict what kind of text it is and what it is about;
Try to work out the meaning of important new words, use dictionary;
I am dying, and I want to take one last opportunity to tell you how much I love you and how much your actions have hurt me. I gave life to your parents and their parents before them. I provided you with the food you needed, with fresh water and with clean air to breathe. The rivers and seas are my life blood. You have clogged my arteries with your untreated sewage and with chemicals from your factories. This has killed so much of the sea life which was there for your benefit. You have been greedy. You have overfished and overhunted, putting at risk your food supplies and endangering some of my most beautiful creatures - the whales. I can no longer breathe because you have cut down so many of my life-giving trees. Without their vital oxygen we will all die, but you put profit before our very lives, and my tears have now turned to acid rain. My face is marked and scarred by your bombs and guns and my body is the burial ground for the victims of your wars. I have said good bye to the many old friends who will soon be joined by others: the tiger, the elephant, the rhinoceros and the panda. Unless you act now to mend your ways, they will be joined by you and me.
Please help me!
Feedback Please, write down your homework.
Use the following the plan.
We’ll have to stop now. I’d like to thank you for good work at the lesson. All of you worked very well. I give excellent marks to..., good- to :, etc. I wish you good luck.
The lesson is over. Goodbye!
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