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план-конспект урока по теме Reported Speech
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Сабақтың тақырыбы: Reported speech
Сабақтың мақсаты:reported speech: statements and questions Reading: a report of an interview
Checking absentees
• Just for fun, have a game of 'Chinese whispers' as a whole class or in two groups if the class is large.
• Explain the game to the students - that they need to listen to a student whisper a sentence to them and then pass it on by whispering it to the person next to them.
Whisper a sentence to the first student e.g.Sometimes information gets changed when passed from person to person.
Негізгі кезең:
Exercise 1 page 50
• Students complete the sentences. Tell them to go by instinct
for this exercise and they will analyse the rules later.
2 he enjoyed; past simple D past simple
3 was going; present continuous D past continuous
4 hadn't been; past perfect D past perfect
5 would be; will D would
Exercise 2 page 50
• Read the Learn this! box together. The students find
examples in exercise 1.
Sentence 2 is an example of rule 1 Sentence 4 is an example of rule 2
Exercise 3 page 50
• Students answer the questions individually then check in
They change to reflect the new subject of the sentence.
Tomorrow becomes the next day, yesterday becomes the daybefore, etc.
This and those become the.
That after say can be omitted e.g. He said (that) he was coming.

Exercise 4 page 50
Do the first sentence together as a demonstration, then students continue the exercise individually or in pairs.
1 Mike says he hasn't finished his homework.
2 Liam said he would see Nick the next day.
3 Dave said he had never met Sarah before.
4 Mary told me that I'd better put on a nice suit for the interview.
5 Morris says he's going out to buy a paper.
6 Ian said that that time the next day he would be arriving in Spain.
For more practice of Reported speech, go to:Grammar Builder 5.1: Student's Book page 121
1 1
4 5 6 7
2 1
'I visited China last summer.'
'I'd like to study maths at university.'
'I don't want to go swimming because I haven't beenfeeling very well.'
'I'm not coming to the theatre with you this evening.'
'I've been waiting for two hours.'
'I'll bring my new boyfriend to the party.'
'I hadn't lost a single match until last Saturday.'

Exercise 5 page 50
Ask a student to read the report aloud. Deal with any vocabulary questions then ask students to match the questions with the sentences.
1 I enquired when she would be appointing his successor. She said she didn't know.
2 I asked her why she had sacked the Finance Minister. She said he had been disloyal.
3 I asked the Prime Minister if I could put a few questions to her. She said I could.
4 I asked whether she had decided who she was going to appoint. She said she hadn't.
Exercise 6 page 50
Students answer the questions by analysing the report and
the sentences in exercise 5.

1 Yes 3 If and whether
2 Yes 4 Yes and no are omitted, the tense changes
Exercise 7 page 50
• Students work alone or in pairs. Check answers by asking individual students to write sentences on the board.
Ben asked Pat if he had heard about the new shopping centre.
Pat said he hadn't and asked what was happening.
Ben said that the council had decided to build it in SouthfieldParks. Pat asked if he was sure.
Ben said yes. He said that a sign had been put up outside thepark the previous week / the week before. Pat said that hishouse is next to Southfield Parks.
Ben said it would soon be next to a shopping centre. Pat saidthat it was terrible and he didn't want to live next to a shoppingcentre.
Ben asked him what he was going to it about and Pat said hedidn't know.
Ben said he could start a campaign. Pat said it was a great ideaand he would e-mail the local newspaper right away.
For more practice of Reported questions go to:Grammar Builder 5.2: Student's Book page 122
1 Jill asked me where David was going.
2 Jill asked me whether/if I'd like a cup of tea.
3 Jill asked me what I had been doing.
4 Jill asked me whether/if she could borrow my car.
5 Jill asked me why I had been smiling.
6 Jill asked me whether/if I would be eating at home that evening.
7 Jill asked me whether/if I like going to the beach in summer.
8 Jill asked me why I hadn't done the washing up.

Ask students:What have you learned today? And elicit: Ican report sentences and questions.
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