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The essay “My Motherland - The Independent Kazakhstan”
The essay “My Motherland - The Independent Kazakhstan”
(dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

Homeland is the most important, most expensive and all favorite word. Each person has their own homeland. Under this word we understand our home, our school, our family, our beautiful village, all of our great Republic. My Homeland is a beautiful country, the Republic of Kazakhstan.
This is a great state with a rich history, ancient culture, traditions and unique nature. When the North is still snow at the foot of the mountains in the South already blooming fruit trees. Mighty pine forests of Borovoye, golden fields of virgin territory, the gray grasses of the great Steppe, the high mountains of Alatau and Tien Shan mountains – all is my Kazakhstan. These pictures amaze me with its incredible beauty. I will never cease to admire them. Kazakhstan is rich in natural resources: gas, oil, coal, ferrous and nonferrous metals. All this heritage of the people of Kazakhstan, who went to him for a reason.
If you delve into history, Kazakhstan took over two hundred years to gain its independence. Thousands of people fought for the freedom of our country and many died for the future of their homeland. Since ancient times, the ancestors defended our lands from the raids of the Jungars. In the period of tsarism people saw death and injustice, sorrow and misery.
Also the people of Kazakhstan took an active part in the Great Patriotic War, as a part of a single country. Tens of thousands of heroes from Kazakhstan have shown the courage and the will to total victory. Thanks to these people we live in the state, free and independent. All this thanks to the unity and solidarity of the people and the shared belief in a brighter future. We must remember these people and be proud of true patriots of our country.
Every citizen of Kazakhstan remembers a memorable day, December 16, 1991 when we gained independence. Twenty-five years have passed from that day. Kazakhstan will celebrate this large event. Indeed, it is not just a holiday, but the result of hard work and friendship of all nations living in Kazakhstan.
I am grateful to my homeland for my family, friends, and a peaceful sky overhead.
Modern Kazakhstan is an independent, sovereign, democratic state with a stable economy and a win-win plan for the future. Today Kazakhstan declares itself boldly, about their rights and purposes.
The President of our nation is truly a wise man, a subtle politician and strategist, a true patriot. Thanks to N. Nazarbayev, we have achieved stability and prosperity. Since independence began to develop the economy, science, culture and sport. Of course, it was not easy for our country to start to “build” their own state, to overcome the crisis, to overcome unemployment, but we went through these difficulties. We stood up, and now our country continues to move forward. During our independence we have done a lot: we have built a strong state, created one of the most dynamic economies, improved the standard of living of people.
Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of our country, always puts people on the first place. People believe him and love this man. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the guarantor of the Constitution.
The Constitution is the basic law of almost any modern state, as well as the guarantor of stability of tomorrow. The first article states that Kazakhstan is a democratic, secular, legal and social state whose highest values are its people. Our country is multiethnic, and this is another advantage, because we are all one, and we are united by our Motherland, friendship, respect, mutual support and common culture. In Kazakhstan, more than fifteen million people live as one family, more than a hundred nationalities and ethnic groups. And all this is accompanied by a good attitude and sympathy to each other. Books and newspapers are published in Kazakh, Russian, Uighur, German, Korean, Tatar, national theaters work. Pop ensembles, national programs are broadcast on radio and television. Kazakhstan has its own state symbols: its flag, emblem, anthem. The state that does not have at least one of these characters, cannot be considered an independent country.
Our emblem is a symbol of the integrity of the world and the first member of the family, is the personification of winged dreams and flight of creative imagination, it is the guiding star of the state.
Our flag is a symbol of the unity of all peoples of Kazakhstan. It is a symbol of life and the development of the country. It is a symbol of the soul of the steppe people, ready to open their arms to all friendly peoples and nations, respecting the proud, freedom-loving spirit of our multi-ethnic sovereign state.
Our anthem is a solemn song reflecting the whole life of the Kazakh people. It is sung about the difficulties he has experienced throughout its history, its heroic struggle for independence. It sounds the greatness of the people, proclaimed peace and friendship, faith in a happy future.
The peace-loving policy of the state, the development of intellectual and economic potentials is the key to future prosperity. A symbol of Kazakhstan can be found in our new beautiful capital Astana. It, in a short time, became a unique, modern metropolis, symbolizes the power and strength of Kazakhstan. Our capital is changing every day. We don't have time to monitor the new changes that occur in life of Astana, especially on the background of the construction of grand objects of the new century: “Baiterek”, “Duman”, the Palace of Peace and Accord, the capital circus. The main attraction and landmark of Astana is a magnificent building on the left bank of the Ishim river – Baiterek. According to the legend, Baiterek symbolizes a fabulous tree growing on the mountain Kok-Tobe. Every year, the sacred bird Samruk laid the golden egg - the sun - in the foliage. Every year the dragon ate the sun, which symbolized the change of Day and Night, Summer and Winter. A beautiful legend! Astana is a symbol of the prosperity of our country, it is a symbol of hope and confidence of the people in the future. This is a beautiful and peaceful city with an architectural landscape and unique sculptural symbols. I'm sure our capital will become even better in the future. I sincerely wish the most beautiful city Astana further growth and prosperity.
XXI century - the century of the new generation, which will become a pillar of the young state. I think I should pay great attention to learning, try to acquire the maximum knowledge. The state of the new millennium needs educated, active people. The future of the state depends on us. I and my peers look to the future with confidence and optimism, because our government and our President are doing everything that we should be good citizens, educated, meets international standards, and live in a free, peaceful, friendly country that respects the traditions, customs and the languages of all the peoples living here.
And I , as a conscious citizen of the Republic, a patriot of my country, I understand that I must meet the expectations of our state. After all, a lot depends on my knowledge, hard work, sense of responsibility for everything that happens in the country. This is my position in life, my credo. I'm sure all this will help me to finish high school successfully, to go to a college, to get a profession and to work for the benefit of the Motherland – the Independent Kazakhstan. My Kazakhstan! When I hear these words, I feel strong, courageous and confident in the future. And I say: "Live and prosper my Kazakhstan!"
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