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English in Mind
Lesson Plan
9th grade
Theme : English in Mind
Objectives: 1.SWBAT use idioms with “mind” in their speech
2. SWBA make up a dialogue using known expressions
3. SWBAT answer the questions related to common knowledge
4. SWBAT create a picture using their imagination
5. SWBAT analyze 3 situations.
Equipment: Smart board, Cards, Drawings, Markers, a Tape recorder.
1 slide

T: What is depicted in the picture? - Brain- You are right.
The theme of the lesson is “English in mind”. It was not chosen accidentally. A human cannot live without brain. It is the most interesting field of science.
T:What do you do with your brain?
a) think b) have ideas
c) remember d) calculate
e) create f) dream
g) invent h) fantasizes
i) analyze j) memorize
k) push thoughts l) imagine
2 slide (the same words. The task- to compare)
T: Today we’ll try to demonstrate some abilities of our brain.
Let’s start with remembering! Open your books on page 9. Draw your attention to the expressions around the picture. Do you understand all the word combinations?
S1( 6 grade)- I am not sure about the expression “ to pick someone’s brain”
S2 I don’t understand the word combination “a brainchild”
The 9th graders answer the questions
3 slide ( brain with expressions).
Work over the ex. 7 a p.9
T: Let’s continue with creation!
I’d like you to make up a dialogue using expressions from exercise 4 a) p.8
After handing out the cards with numbers, the 9th graders choose the students of the 6th grade.
Game “ Bang-bang” ( 2 teams)
Самый умный, открытие, поменять решение, колебаться, озарение, воспользоваться, чьими- то знаниями, помнить, забыть, мозговая атака, быть вне себя ( сумасшедший), говорить , что думаешь, открытие, мозг, ум, воспользоваться чьим-то умом, беспокоиться.
T: It’s time for analyzing.
The questions will be asked by the cleverest man who has come to our lesson today Albert Einstein. (What’s the explanation?)
1. Everyone around him knew who he was but no one knew his name.( He was a new born/ He has just born).
2. The man was injected with a deadly poison- but it didn’t kill him. (He was already dead)
3. She made an injection in my arm and drew out some blood. But I knew the results would do me no good. (She was a mosquito).
Relaxing ( a song “ Three little birds”)
T: There is already a lot of knowledge in your brain. I’d like you to demonstrate it during a brainstorm. Your goal is to choose the theme and the number. The cleverest win a prize!
Brain Medicine Geography Symbols Politics
1 1 1 1 1
2 2 2 2 2

1. Whose brain is bigger ( a man or a women)?
2. What “ food “ does the brain use?

1. How fast do the messages in your brain travel?
2. How much of your brain is water?
1. Which is the biggest country the UK, France or Spain?
2. Which are the winter months in the Southern Hemisphere?
1. Name at least three countries in Europe which have red, white and blue flags.
2. What is the symbol of Great Britain?
1. How many branches does the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan consist of?
2. Who was the Iron lady?

T: It is possible to develop your mind with drawings. The following task of the lesson is to create more impressive picture from the given one.
The students are handed out a sheet of paper with drawings.

T: What did you know at this lesson ? ( A chain I know….. S-S-S-)
Extra task.
What are they talking about?
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