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методическая разработка урока английского языка для 2 класса по теме "Revision"
Short-term plan

Long-term plan:
“The world around us” School: №11 Semey
Date: 28.12.2017
Teacher name: Ivanchenko L.A.
Grade: 2 Z Number present: absent:
Theme of the lesson: Revision lesson
Learning objectives(s) 2.L2, 2.S2, 2.UE2, 2.UE11

Lesson objectives All learners will be able to:
- practice with teacher’s support
- use spoken form of a limited range of everyday and classroom words
Most learners will be able to:
- practice with little teacher’s support
Some learners will be able to:
- practice without teacher’s support
Success criteria Leaners will practise and revise most topics from the unit “The world around us”
Learners can match numbers and words
Learners can recognize school words
Learners can recognize rhyming words
Learners can ask and answer questions about their abilities
Learners can use prepositions of place
Learners can describe rooms and flats
Value links Values are instilled through the tasks of pair and group work
Cross curricular links Humanities
ICT skills Videoresources
Previous learning Summative control work on the term
Planned timings Planned activities


3 mins

1.Warm up
Teacher and learners greet each other.
(Learners sing a song “Good morning!”)
2.Learners are supposed to introduce LO.
Teacher explains the lesson scheme.



3 mins

5 mins

1,5 mins

1,5 mins

5 mins

3 mins

5 mins

3 mins

3 mins

5 mins
T: The New Year is coming. There’s a lot of snow everywhere.
Children, look, our familiar snowman needs a help.
You should help him to load the sledges with appropriate
(Learners name the numbers and match them with the words)
T: Well done, the snowman thanks you all for help.
And now, boys and girls, look at my picture.
It’s a little boy Johnny and he goes to school.
What is there in his schoolbag? Let’s find it out.
For this we are to divide into groups: find your pair.
(Learners are divided into 2 groups according to the halves
of the New Year toys)
Now listen to Johnny carefully and fill in his schoolbag.
(In groups learners listen to the tape and choose the items
the boy puts into his schoolbag)
T: And now let’s take a look into Johnny’s schoolbag and check
if you’ve done the task properly. Which group has done the
task the most correctly?
(Learners compare the sample with the results of their work)
T: And now it’s time for rest. Will you stand up and move?
(Learners act out an action song “What can you do?”)
T: And what can you really do? Choose a partner and talk.
(Learners choose partners and make dialogues
“-Can you climb a tree?
- Yes, I can. I can climb a tree.
- No, I can’t. I can’t climb a tree.”)
T: Let’s sing a song together!
(Leaners sing a song “Yes, I can”)
T: Children, look at our beautiful fir-tree. There are wonderful
Christmas toys on it, but there aren’t any Christmas
decorations. You see, I’ve got some Christmas garlands,
but they’re broken. Can you help me to repair them?
(Leaners match rhyming words)
T: Good job! Now we can decorate our fir-tree with these
marvellous garlands!
(Leaners sing a song “On, in, under”)
T: I see that you know the prepositions of place. So I want you to
do the next formative task: each of you has to colour the
picture following my instructions.
(Leaners listen to the teacher’s comands and colour the picture)
T: And now, friends, we’ll check if you can describe a room.
Let’s read the sentences and you’ll act as interpreters.
(Leaners read sentences There is... and translate them.
Some words in the sentences are missing.
There are pictures instead of the words.)
T: Well, it’s time to summarize. At the beginning of the lesson
you were given evaluation worksheets.
It’s time to complete them.
(Leaners complete self-evaluation worksheets)






FA worksheets

evaluation worksheets

2 min T: Let us see, how well you’ve understood different things during
this term and today at the lesson: show me, please, which traffic lights for you:
1. Counting from 11 to 20.
2. Recognizing school words.
3. Talking about abilities.
4. Recognizing rhyming words.
5. Understanding prepositions of place.
6. Describing a room.
(Leaners show their self-evaluation worksheets and discuss
(Learners sing a song “Jingle bells”)

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